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HostGator VS Fatcow - Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Feb 16, 2017
HostGator VS Fatcow - Web Hosting Comparison As HostGator and Fatcow have some confusing similarities in their web hosting services, we have made a comparison between them to provide references for webmasters who are making a choice between them and requiring details about the 2 companies' services.

The comparison is based on real customer reviews and ratings, and our editors' comprehensive reviews on the web hosting price, features, uptime, speed and technical support of both HostGator and Fatcow.

Editorial & Customer Ratings

Before working out this comparison, our editors have carefully reviewed and personally experienced the web hosting services from both companies, and then given out unbiased ratings for their overall service, performance, control panel, and technical support respectively. The detailed statistics are as the following chart.

Editorial RatingHostGatorFatcow
Control Panel
Read ReviewsHostGator ReviewFatcow Review

Besides editorial reviews, we also take customer satisfaction rate into the judgment of the service quality. So far, we have received 13 real customer reviews for Fatcow which reflect that 84.6% customers are satisfied and willing to recommend Fatcow to others. On the other hand, there are 345 HostGator customers having submitted reviews, among whom 99.4% of them think the web hosting service they receive is satisfactory. Read the following chart for HostGator satisfaction rates.

The Overall Information of HostGator and FatCow

As the leading hosting provider, HostGator offers a wide range of hosting solutions that include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Founded since 2002 in a door room of a university, HostGator now grows to be a large hosting company that has multiple international offices in Austin and Houston.

Focusing on offering the fast, affordable and reliable hosting service, HostGator got the first 100 customers in 2003, reached 200,000 customers in 2009 and millions of users since now. Even, this web host has over 500 experienced employees with the uninterrupted staff expansion. At present, they can handle hundreds of tickets and thousands of phone calls on a daily basis effectively.

When it comes to FatCow, this web host was founded in 1998, which aims at offering the reliable hosting service for small to medium sized personal blogs and business sites. They grow their business with a group of professional and talented guru bearing the belief that the truly quality web hosting should ensure the affordable charge, rich features, peak performing and helpful technical support.

Web Hosting Packages – Price & Features

HostGator provides a full series of products including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Among the services, the shared web hosting consists of 3 packages named Hatchling, Baby and Business which are priced from $6.95/mo. Now the company offers an exclusive 45% discount for new customers using the coupon code HG45PERCENT in the checkout, with which the effective price of the packages starts from only $3.82/mo.

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Being similar to HostGator, Fatcow also provides fully upgradable packages among which the main product is an all-in-one shared web hosting package designed for individuals and small businesses. The effective price of the package starts from $4.08/mo with the current promotion, and the regular price, however, is as high as $12.95/mo.

Just like most other web hosts, HostGator and Fatcow both offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email addresses and MySQL databases in their web hosting packages. Some other main features are listed in the following table. Do note that the package of HostGator selected for this comparison is HostGator Hatchling.

PlanHatchlingFatCow Plan
Hosted Domains1Unlimited
Control PanelcPanelvDeck
Ruby on Rails
Shared SSL
1-Click Script Installer
Data Backups
Google AdWords Credits$100$100
Money Back Guarantee45 Days30 Days
Claim ItLink Activation-

Uptime & Speed

HostGator and Fatcow guarantee 99.9% uptime, and both of them have been trying hard to fulfill the commitment by investing heavily on the maintenance of the facilities and development of advanced technologies.

HostGator has been partnering with reliable colocation providers for all primary data center and network-provider services. The several data centers HostGator utilizes all feature high performance Dell servers, outstanding security system, redundant power supply, and 24x7 server monitoring to ensure the hosted websites to run smoothly and consistently.

Fatcow uses 2 data centers in the Boston, MA area which are comprised of over 800 servers and multiple Petabytes of storage. Both of the 2 data centers are equipped with 24x7 security, and run on N+1 power (both A/C and D/C) for uninterrupted service.

According to our long-time monitoring, the uptime of HostGator and Fatcow is:
  • HostGator: 99.97% in the past 6 months, and 99.99% in the past 30 days.
  • Fatcow: 99.91% in the past 6 months, and 99.90% in the past 30 days.
Below are the uptime statistics of HostGator.

When it comes to web hosting speed, HostGator has absolutely outperformed its competitor because our monitoring statistics have shown that the server response speed of HostGator is approximately 100% faster than that of Fatcow. Maybe the reason is that HostGator leverages fully meshed and redundant networks from Cisco.

Technical Support

Both of the companies allow their customers to access their dedicated real human being powered support teams via various ways including live chat, email, and phone. Whenever the customers ask for help, whether in the day or the mid-night, they are sure to get a response from an on-site stuff.

We have personally tried all the ways to contact the support teams of the 2 companies. As a result, we find that the average waiting time of the support from HostGator is less than 60 seconds, and that from Fatcow is about 90 seconds. Both are quite good, and professional.

Knowledge Base

Only offering the on-staff technical support is not enough, especially for some new customers. In this case, both of these two web hosts also have set up the great knowledge base that contains the rich information for hosting service, FTP, domains, security, basic configurations, SEO, emails and many more. To be frank, by leveraging these easy-to-understand tutorials, you can deal with some basic issues on your own, without the need to wait for the response from the support staffs.

When comparing the knowledge bases offered by HostGator and FatCow, we have to admit that HostGator ensures a larger one with more valuable information. Even, this hosting provider has set up an exclusive Forum section that has a large number of active users each day, from which you can communicate with your peer bloggers and learn something from the experienced webmasters.

Which Is the Better Web Host?

To be honest, both HostGator and Fatcow are good web hosting providers, but considering HostGator is more feature rich, reliable and fast, this company should be a better option for businesses and individuals demanding the optimal online presence.

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