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HostGator VS Dot5Hosting – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Feb 15, 2017
HostGator VS Dot5Hosting – Shared Web Hosting Comparison HostGator and Dot5Hosting are 2 popular web hosting providers, both of which have been trusted by millions of webmasters. But which is the better shared web hosting provider? To make it clear, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison between them, which is written from several aspects, including price, feature, control panel, reliability, performance and technical support.

This comparison is based on our personal hosting experience and a large amount of real customer reviews, so it is promised to be unbiased. In addition, we have made a ranking table on the overall services, price, feature, support, etc.

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HostGator VS Dot5HostingAs one of the most popular web hosts, HostGator has been offering reliable hosting service for more than 10 years, offering 3 shared web hosting plans, the price of which starts from $6.95/mo. Now, the company is offering a 45% discount for visitors activating the HG45PERCENT coupon code with the promo link below, with which the price is low to $3.82/mo. All of the 3 plans are integrated with $100 Google advertising credits.

In addition to the considerable discount, the company offers 45 days full money back guarantee, which enables customers to put the money in safe. Besides, HostGator accepts both credit cards and PayPal. So the purchase is totally convenient and safe.

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Unlike its competitor offering multiple hosting solutions, Dot5Hosting just offers 1 shared plan, the regular price of which starts from $11.95/mo. Now, visitors who subscribe this plan are able to get a discount and cut the price down to $5.95/mo. This cheap rate is only valid for 2 years billing plan, and it renews at the regular rate.

Control Panel

HostGator offers cPanel, the most popular control panel widely used by numerous web hosting providers. As a rich-featured control panel with an easy-to-use interface, cPanel enables webmasters to manage every aspect of their accounts with the least effort being made. Moreover, webmasters are able to install a large amount of famous CMS with just a few clicks in minutes by using cPanel.

On the contrary, Dot5Hosting offers vDeck control panel in their hosting package, with which users are able to manage their domains, databases, websites, files and some other aspects in a very simple way. But it is a little hard for customers who are used to using cPanel to get started and manage their accounts.


Both of the 2 companies offer unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer for their customers to run websites smoothly and stably. To show readers the detailed feature information of the shared hosting service they offer, we have made the following table to list some other important features.

Plan In ReviewHatchling PlanUnlimited Plan
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelcPanelvDeck
Shared SSL
FTP Access
Free Backups
Money Back Guarantee45 Days30 Days
Regular Price$6.95/mo$11.95/mo
Discount Price$3.82/mo$5.95/mo
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Reliability & Performance

HostGator VS Dot5HostingDot5Hosting utilizes 2 data centers located in Boston, both of which are equipped with thousands of high performance Dell servers, multiple petabytes of storage, N+1 power, 24x7 security, and the same network architecture and equipment. In addition, the 2 data centers are occupying more than 2,400 square feet. All of the cutting-edge facilities enable this company to offer solid 99.93% uptime.

HostGator houses thousands of Dell serves in multiple world-class data centers ranging from 22,000 to more than 78,000 square feet, all of which contain industry-standard technologies to ensure that all servers stay cool, secure and on service all the time. In addition, all the data centers are featured with redundant power, HVAC, and fire detection/suppression system.

What's more, HostGator and SoftLayer technicians and engineers are monitoring the data centers 24x7, so that they are able to find and resolve any issue before it becomes serious, which protects the hosted websites from any sudden interruption. According to our monitoring result, HostGator uptime is always better than 99.98%. Check out the following chart for real-time HostGator uptime of the past 30 days.

HostGator offers much faster hosting speed because all the websites hosted with it are accessible via a fully meshed and redundant certified Cisco network and other 9 backbone and fiber providers. As we monitored, the websites hosted with HostGator run 30% faster than that hosted with Dot5Hosting on average. To learn HostGator server response time of the past 30 days in the following statistics chart.

Technical Support

HostGator VS Dot5HostingBoth of the 2 companies offers 24x7 US based technical support powered by hundreds of professional and knowledgeable support staffs via toll-free phone call, email and live chat. In addition, technicians and engineers of HostGator and Dot5Hosting have developed a large amount of articles and video tutorials to teach customers how to deal with common issues dependently.

The difference is that HostGator support is much faster than that of Dot5Hosting. As we tested, the waiting time of HostGator phone support and live chat support is less than 30 seconds, while that of Dot5Hosting is more than 5 minutes.


From the aspects we have discussed above, it can be seen that both of the 2 companies offer rich-featured, reliable and fast shared web hosting service, but that offed by HostGator is much affordable than that Dot5Hosting provides. In addition, the faster technical support HostGator offers makes customers can get instant and effective help to protect their business from being badly affected. So we sincerely recommend our readers to go with HostGator to get the service at $3.82/mo.