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Is HostGator a SCAM or Sucking Company?

updated on Jun 12, 2017
Is HostGator a SCAM or Sucking Company? There are some negative comments on HostGator over the Internet indicating that this company scams and sucks. Is HostGator really a scam or a sucking company? As the web hosting industry has always been the target of many scammers and spammers, everyone should find an answer for this question before paying for any HostGator web hosting plans.

In below, we have made an answer based on in-depth review and analysis on the web hosting service offered by HostGator.

Who Is HostGator

Founded in 2002, HostGator is one of the top 10 largest web hosting companies in the world. So far, the company has over 850 full-time employees and 12,000 servers serving more than 9 million domains.

Known for reliability and high quality, HostGator has received an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) - a widely recognized non-profitable organization concentrated on advancing marketplace trust. Besides, this company is topping the list of many web hosting review sites - many positive reviews, such as this HostGator review page.

The main focus of HostGator is shared business web hosting, while at the same time, the company also provides excellent upgradable solutions as VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. As the main complaints are about the shared web hosting service, we have picked some of them and carried out analyses to see if they are the proof that HostGator sucks.

Complaints About HostGator

After searching "HostGator complaints" on Google, we found the following main complaints about HostGator.
  • The web hosting plans are more expensive than those from its competitors as there is no free domain provided.
  • HostGator throttles the performance of accounts when the 45-day money back guarantee has expired.
  • The technical support is slow on email ticket and live chat.
To make it clear whether these complaints are really serious problems of HostGator, we have collected detailed information about HostGator web hosting price, performance and technical support.


HostGator has 3 shared web hosting plans named Hatchling, Baby and Business designed for different kinds of businesses. When people subscribe to any one of the plans, usually a 20% discount is applied by default. Now the company offers a special coupon code HG45PERCENT with which the effective price of the 3 plans starts from $3.82/mo. For detailed price information, please check the following table.

1 Month$6.02$6.57$9.32
3 Months$6.02$6.57$9.32
6 Months$6.02$6.57$9.32
1 Year$4.92$6.57$9.32
2 Years$4.37$6.02$8.77
3 Years$3.82$5.47$8.22

HostGator Promo Link Activation

Unlike many other cost-effective web hosting plans, none of the 3 plans of HostGator includes a free domain, which might be the main reason why some people think they are expensive. In fact, the price is quite reasonable. As we reviewed, the Hatchling and Baby plan come with free $100 Google AdWords credits and shared SSL certificate which values $5.99/mo, and the Business plan include a dedicated toll-free phone number, free dedicated IP and private SSL certificate. Taking these extras into consideration, the plans are definitely not expensive.


To optimize the performance of customer' websites, HostGator partners with some of the world's best collocation providers, and places factory-tested Dell servers in the state-of-the-art data centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas, ranging from 22,000 to 78,000 square feet. The data centers are equipped with fully redundant certified Cisco network, and utilize fibers from 9 large companies including AT&T, Global Crossing, Level3, Time Warner and MCI.

In addition, every customer of HostGator can take advantage of CloudFlare content delivery network to speed up their websites to visitors by distributing the data to 23 data centers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We have been hosting several websites with HostGator for more than 2 years, and we find that the average loading speed of last month is about 25% faster than that of 2 years ago. Maybe that is because HostGator keeps developing new technologies in this area. As we monitored, the server response time of HostGator averages about 340ms. Read the statistics of the past 30 days.

Technical Support

HostGator provides 24x7 premium support via phone, live chat and email. The company only hires professional engineers with 5+ years' experience for technical support and guarantees the representatives are responsive and patient. When we called them at the toll-free number 1-866-964-2867 and typed questions in the live chat screen, we got a response in 1 minute on average, and when we sent emails, we always received solutions in 5 hours.

HostGator has also prepared an online support portal for customers to refer to the articles and video tutorials, or ask questions and make suggestions in the forums. The portal is a good way to share experience and interact with other customers and experts.

Is HostGator a Trust-Worthy Company Or a SCAM?

Based on the facts discussed above, it can be conclude easily that HostGator is a 100% trust-worthy web hosting provider. There are some complaints indeed, but considering that no company can satisfy every single customer, we believe these complaints are not factors affecting HostGator's worldwide reputation. Actually, HostGator has had a high customer satisfaction rate – up to 99.4% are satisfied with the web hosting service they receive from HostGator.