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HostDime VS HostGator – Who Wins in Managed VPS Hosting?

updated on Feb 15, 2017
HostDime VS HostGator – Who Wins in Managed VPS Hosting? HostDime and HostGator are among the top web hosting providers around the world. As both of them offer a wide range of services, we have made a comparison on their Linux based managed VPS hosting to find out which company is the better choice for high traffic online businesses.

The comparison mainly analyzes the 2 companies' similarities and differences in price structure, VPS features, uptime, speed and technical support based on comprehensive editorial review and customer reviews. To get brief information about the limitations and advantages over each other, read the following table for ratings.

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Price & Package

Price & Package HostDime has 4 fully managed VPS hosting packages named VPS 1, VPS 2, VPS 3 and VPS 4, the regular price of which is $50/mo, $60/mo, $75/mo and $90/mo regularly. The company allows monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually billing cycles and offers discounts to annual billing only. For annual billing customers, 1-month hosting fee will be deducted from the total cost. However, for those getting any other choices, there are no special preferences.

HostGator has a total of 3 VPS hosting packages which all can be fully managed or semi-managed. Named as SNAPPY 2000, SNAPPY 4000 and SNAPPY 8000, the fully managed packages come with a regular price starting at $79.95/mo.

Now for visitors going through the following promotional link, there is a limited-time 75% off promotion which enables them to subscribe to the packages at a much lower price of $19.95/mo, $29.95/mo, and $39.95/mo. The discount is valid for all annual billing cycles.

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Features With different price, HostDime packages are packed with different amounts of server resources: disk space ranging from 30 GB to 90 GB, bandwidth ranging from 1000 GB to 3000 GB and RAM ranging from 1 GB to 4 GB. 2 IP addresses are included in all the packages by default.

Generally speaking, the packages from HostGator come with more server resources than those of HostDime. For example, with the similar effective price, HostGator fills its packages with CPU core(s) ranging from 2 to 4, RAM ranging from 2 GB to 8 GB, disk space ranging from 120 GB to 240 GB and bandwidth ranging from 1.5 TB to 3 TB. 2 IP addresses are also covered.

The 2 companies utilize the same control panel cPanel which is the most popular product in its field. This control panel is easy-to-use, providing nearly everything that is needed to host websites and web applications. Besides, both of the 2 companies offer full root access, which enables their customers to get full access and control over their server and operating system.

To make things clearer, we have selected HostDime VPS 1 and HostGator SNAPPY 2000 for the comparison of some more features. Read the following table for detailed information.

Plan in ComparisonVPS 1SNAPPY 2000
Operating SystemCentOS 6CentOS 6
Disk Space30 GB120 GB
Bandwidth1000 GB1.5 TB
IP Addresses22
Root Access
Automated Backups
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Hosted DomainsUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Regular Price$50/mo$79.95/mo
Current Price$50/mo$19.95/mo
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Uptime & Speed

Uptime & Speed HostDime operates several data centers designed with stability, reliability and a high level of uptime standard in mind. All of the data centers are equipped with complete redundancy in power, network connectivity and security. Performing routine system testing and maintenance, the company promises to offer the maximum uptime without the interruption of unexpected issues like power outage.

HostGator also houses servers in multiple first-rate data centers which feature seamless kernel updates using KSplice Uptrack, advanced IP Tables Firewall, backup power generators and HVAC units. Furthermore, the Dell servers utilized all run with fully customized hardware specifications, AMD Opteron 6000 series CPUs, RAID 10 disk arrays and DDR3 ECC RAM.

As we have been monitoring, the uptime of the 2 companies' basic packages in the past 30 days is as following.
  • HostDime: Averages 99.90%.
  • HostGator: Averages 99.99%.

In terms of speed, both of the companies use fully redundant network, multiple layers of network security and multiple bandwidth providers. According to our monitoring statistics, HostGator surpasses a little in this aspect, as its server response time averages 330ms in the past 30 days, approximately 50% faster than that of its competitor. Read the following chart for real-time statistics of HostGator.

Technical Support

Technical Support According to our investigation, HostDime and HostGator both offer convenient and easy-to-reach ways for troubled customers to seek for helpful assistance. With the availability of 3 communication channels including live chat, phone and email, webmasters can choose any one to get problems resolved.

In addition, HostGator has maintained a large support portal which includes forums, video tutorials and knowledgebase to offer self-help solutions. Being the same as it, HostDime also provides customer resources and community forums.

Which Company Wins?

The winner should be HostGator as it has the same rich features and helpful support service but the better price, uptime and speed. For webmasters searching for a VPS hosting package with the combination of affordability and reliability, going with HostGator should be a good decision.