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Host4ASP.NET VS WinHost – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

updated on Mar 15, 2016
Host4ASP.NET VS WinHost – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison Built on a solid foundation of IT technology, Host4ASP.NET has devoted itself to tapping the best Windows hosting service for webmasters around the world. WinHost, as a reputable and award-winning hosting brand, sets a goal to provide people with incomparable ASP.NET hosting with passion and energy.

When it comes to ASP.NET hosting, both of Host4ASP.NET and WinHost are best in class. The 2 companies have their own edges over others, such as support and features. Among the differences, the former is cheaper in price and faster in server connectivity, while the latter has more reliable network. At this place, we will explain all those mentioned points one by one. Now, scroll down and know more details as follows.

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About Host4ASP.NET and WinHost

Since the inception, Host4ASP.NET has been dedicated to offering affordable and reliable Windows hosting services to individuals, developers and businesses. It is now a golden hosting provider certified by Microsoft, and is officially recommended at the ASP.NET website.

The company offers a variety of services to meet the most possible needs, including standard Windows hosting, SSD hosting, Windows VPS, and reseller hosting, so ASP.NET users should find enough room to grow.

WinHost is also a web host devoted to Windows hosting only. With the fast growth in the past 6 years, the company is ranked among the best Windows hosting providers around the world. The highlights of the company's services are the latest Windows technologies and the high performance self-owned servers.

Pricing & Packages – Host4ASP.NET Wins

Host4ASP.NET sets its Windows hosting plans – Basic, Advance and Business – at an affordable price level. This company fixes the plans at $6.95/mo, but after promotion, it slashes the initial prices down to be as low as $2.95/mo which is competitive in the current hosting market.

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In the same way, WinHost also has launched three ASP.NET-based solutions – Basic, Max and Ultimate. Note that each plan consists of 3/12/24-month billing cycles. For 3/12-month registration, the starting prices are $5.95/mo and $4.95/mo. And for 24-month hosting service, the starting price is down to $3.95/mo, which is still a little bit higher than that of its peer.

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In case that some people happen to dislike their services, both of Host4ASP.NET and WinHost guarantee an un-contractual refund within the first 30 days of domain registration. In this way, the two companies succeed in making users' money safe and sound.

Hosting Features – Both Win

One small difference existing between Host4ASP.NET and WinHost is their adopted control panel. To be specific, the former utilizes an enhanced WebSitePanel, while the latter puts a web-based control panel into practice.

In addition to a few differences, Host4ASP.NET and WinHost are similar to each other in terms of features. For the sake of fairness, we choose the entry-level Basic plan from the two web hosts and compare them from both core and development features. More information is available in below.

Plan in ComparisonBasic PlanBasic Plan
Monthly BandwidthUnlimited50GB
Disk Space10GB3GB
Email Accounts10250
Windows Server 2012 R2
IIS 8.5
Full Trust Allowed
Isolated Application Pool
ASP.NET 2.0/3.5SP1/4.5
ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5
Regular Price$4.95/mo$4.95/mo
Special Offer$2.95/mo$3.95/mo
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Network Uptime – Both Win

GoDaddy VS Host4ASP.NET Being conscious about the importance of network uptime, WinHost keeps monitoring servers all day long and makes its data centers be configured with top-level routing and switching technologies. In the meantime, this web host utilizes powerful redundant power supply and air conditioning systems to prevent site from being interrupted by power loss and being over-heat.

According to the test result on the performance in uptime for Host4ASP.NET and WinHost, we surprisingly find that both of the two companies have delivered a satisfying uptime, which averages up to 100% in the past month.

Server Performance – Host4ASP.NET Wins

Host4ASP.NET has invested a lot of capital on its servers and made use of a multi-layer network for a shorter path between visitors and people's sites. In addition, its servers are featured with dual quad cores and a security audit named SAS 70 Type II Authentication so as to level up response time and security for servers.

The performance chart below shows that Host4ASP.NET has an average server response time of 309ms, which is much less than its competitor whose average speed is 317ms.

Technical Support – Both Win

GoDaddy VS Host4ASP.NET Host4ASP.NET offers its 24x7 technical support through both online live chat and email ticket. Besides, their bilingual support staffs can not only handle sales support, but also deal with technical support with patience and respect. With this company, webmasters, be experienced developers or technical novice, can go well with their hosting with no worries.

Comparatively, WinHost has tailored its support to better service. For support tunnel, this company has its clients be prepared with a Support Portal, which is connected to the control panel. Furthermore, there is a batch of helpful resolutions and share answers in the knowledge base and forum areas for users' inquiry.

What Are Their Own Edges in the Comparison?

Host4ASP.NET and WinHost have many similarities, for example, the latest features including Windows Server 2012 R2, Full Trust, and isolated application pools. Besides, they both offer a 30-day refund guarantee to reduce the risk of trying their services.

However, as it is impossible to find two things that are completely the same, the differences between the two web hosts still make them the better choice for a certain group of users. Below are some details about their edges over each other.

Host4ASP.NET edges

  • It offers more resources at a cheaper price. Host4ASP.NET Basic plan is purchasable at $2.95/mo, packed with unlimited bandwidth and 10 GB disk space. However, WinHost Basic Plan is priced from $3.95/mo, including 3 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth.
  • The WebSitePanel offered by Host4ASP.NET comes with a better UI than the custom control panel of WinHost.
  • Host4ASP.NET delivers slightly faster hosting speed.
  • This web host offers live chat as a communication channel for support, which is quick and convenient.

WinHost edges

  • WinHost offers free website migration services.
  • It provides more email accounts in the primary plans. Its Basic plan includes 250 email accounts, while that of Host4ASP.NET comes with 10.

Final Verdict – Both Are Recommendable

In general, both of Host4ASP.NET and WinHost have excellent Windows hosting. And the former is a favourable option for people seeking for a low-cost and fast web host, while the latter is an ideal solution for webmasters desire a reliable and helpful ASP.NET hosting. Both of the two companies are recommendable, and you can choose to go Host4ASP.NET or go WinHost based on what you really need.