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Host4ASP.NET VS Lunarpages - Windows Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Dec 19, 2014
Host4ASP.NET VS Lunarpages - Windows Web Hosting Comparison Both Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages offer Windows hosting services widely discussed among webmasters. To give a judgment to the quality of the 2 companies' services and to put an end to the controversy which is the better option, we have conducted all-round reviews and real performance monitoring in the past months.

To make the result of Host4ASP.NET VS Lunarpages straightforward, we make the following table which includes our editors' ratings on pricing, feature, speed, uptime and support, as well as verified customers' rating on the overall performance. Evidence for this conclusion is presented in detail subsequently.

Plan in ReviewAdvanceWindows Hosting
Loading Speed
Customers' Rating
Read ReviewHost4ASP.NET ReviewLunarpages Review

Pricing & Refund

Host4ASP.NET has a wide variety of products based on Windows platform, among which the 3 plans of Basic, Advance and Business are designed for the needs of individuals, developers and businesses. Being fully upgradable, the plans are now available from $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo for webmasters signing up through the promotional link below, 40% off the regular price.

Host4ASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

In terms of Lunarpages, there is only one plan for Windows hosting with a price starting from $9.95/mo. This rate is quite high compared to that of its competitor. Besides, the company charges $4.95/mo for one dedicated IP which costs only $2/mo from Host4ASP.NET.

There is one thing in common between Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages that both companies clarify on their official website that a 30-day full refund guarantee applies to all accounts. The guarantee helps to ensure a good using experience.

Resources & Technologies

Both of the 2 Windows web hosts have been trying hard to provide powerful tools to create a solid foundation for users to build websites and achieve growth. Their similarities lie in the offering of sufficient server resources, and the support for various Windows technologies including ASP Classic, MSSQL server and Silverlight.

Windows Hosting Features One of the most significant differences, however, is the control panel. Host4ASP.NET offers WebSitePanel for account and website management, while Lunarpages utilizes Plesk panel. Both control panels are well-known and easy-to-use, allowing users to get complete control through a simple interface.

Another big difference is the version of Windows technologies. Host4ASP.NET states clearly the versions of Windows server, MSSQL server, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, IIS and Silverlight, while its competitor only presents vague information about the Windows hosting features. For example, Lunarpages neither makes clear of the version of the technologies mentioned above, nor explains whether it offers isolated application pool and Full Trust.

The table below is a comparison of the features included in Host4ASP.NET Advance Plan and Lunarpages Windows hosting plan.

Plan in ComparisonAdvanceWindows Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Windows Server2012 R2Unspecified
MSSQL Server2012/2014Unspecified
Site Memory512 MBUnspecified
Custom Error Pages
Email Accounts30Unlimited
Isolated Application Pool
ConclusionRecommendedNot Recommended

Uptime & Speed

Host4ASP.NET has achieved an excellent result in our uptime monitoring due to the use of high criteria and advanced technologies for power supply, problem detection, fire suppression and security check. High server quality and the utlization of first-rate network facilities also contribute much to the 100% uptime in most months. The statistics of the recent 30 days is displayed in below.

Lunarpages has an uptime blog. We expected to figure out some statistics about the company's server status in the blog, but we were disappointed to find that there are only general tutorials about servers and software, without any specific information related to the company itself. The data center tour page tells us the company manages one data center and also uses collocation services.

For the comparison of Windows hosting speed, we have been monitoring the server response time of the 2 companies and finally get the result that Host4ASP.NET wins in this competition. Both companies are using cutting-edge switches and router, and partner with multiple ISPs, but Host4ASP.NET just does much better.

Technical Support

Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages differ much from each other in technical support. The main differences are the professionalism of support representatives and communication channels. We have tried all the available support channels offered by the 2 companies and find that Host4ASP.NET shows more respect to customers.

Host4ASP.NET allows people to seek help via email and live chat. According to our experience, both ways are responsive because we waited for an average of 30 seconds only on live chat and 4.5 hours for email. The representatives, especially those on live chat, helped us out quickly without messing anything up.

Lunarpages support is provided in 2 ways too, including email and phone. There is a live chat button indeed, but it does not apply to technical support – for sales only. The phone support was convenient, but the representative online was hesitated to give an answer when being asked about the configuration of IIS.

Conclusion – Host4ASP.NET Is Better

Here is our final judgment: Host4ASP.NET is more recommendable as it has done a much better job in the process of testing. The company has clearer statement about features, better speed, lower price and more professional support service. In addition, it wins over the competitor in customer satisfaction.