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Host4ASP.NET VS ASPHostPortal – The Better Choice for ASP.NET Hosting

updated on Dec 03, 2014
Host4ASP.NET VS ASPHostPortal – The Better Choice for ASP.NET Hosting As 2 widely known ASP.NET hosting brands, both of Host4ASP.NET and ASPHostPortal are trusted by a large number of business owners and web developers. While they share some similarities in features and reputation, there are indeed more differences between them that you should pay attention when making a choice.

To figure out all differences, we have personally tested the services from the 2 companies in a range of more than 3 months. Below are the ratings made based on our results of the pricing, .NET library and other features, uptime, speed, as well as technical support. Details are explained thereafter.

Plan in ReviewBasicHost One
Loading Speed
Customers' RatingN/A
Read ReviewHost4ASP.NET ReviewN/A

Pricing & Refund

Host4ASP.NET has altogether 3 ASP.NET hosting plans for users in the US, which are priced at $6.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $14.95/mo regularly. However, if you sign up through the promotional link below, there is an up to 58% discount available that lowers the price down to $2.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $14.95/mo. $2.95/mo is really an affordable rate for ASP.NET hosting.

Host4ASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Comparatively, ASPHostPortal has 8 shared plans for ASP.NET users. The prices range from $1/mo to $70/mo for different plans and billing terms. We were quite surprised to see the price is as low as $1/mo at the first glimpse, but when we took a look at other details about the price and the included features, everything was quite clear. The extremely low price of $1/mo is only applied to the 2-year subscription of Host Intro plan, and for the 1-year signup, the fee raises to $2/mo. Besides, how could be a shared plan priced as high as $70/mo?

Both companies give a guarantee of 30-day money-back, which is reasonable because newcomers need time to decide whether they should stay with the services or not.

ASP.NET Hosting Features

ASP.NET Hosting Features Host4ASP.NET and ASPHostPortal have a lot in common in terms of ASP.NET technologies and other hosting features. For instance, they both support Windows server 2012, Full Trust level, dedicated application pool, 24x7 firewall, daily data backups, and the latest versions of ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and more. However, some significant differences differ them apart and give Host4ASP.NET more edges in the competition.

According to our review, the Host Intro plan from ASPHostPortal is not practical at all because it includes no MSSQL or MySQL database usage and no email storage. Only 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth are available, which is not sufficient even for running a personal blog with several complex pages. We have reasons to suspect that the plan is only used for the advertisement of cheap price.

For a detailed comparison, we have selected the Host4ASP.NET Basic plan and ASPHostPortal Host One plan to make things clearer. Just check out the following table to see their main differences.

Plan in ComparisonBasicHost One
Disk Space10 GB5 GB
BandwidthUnlimited60 GB
MSSQL 201212
Control PanelWebSitePanelPlesk
URL Rewrite
Current Price$2.95/mo$5/mo
ConclusionRecommendedNot Recommended

Uptime & Speed

Both of Host4ASP.NET and ASPHostPortal utilize top-level data centers in multiple locations to serve customers with different needs. All of their data centers feature uninterrupted power supply, advanced cooling system and fire suppression system to ensure that service is not interrupted by unexpected issues.

Host4ASP.NET surpasses its competitor in uptime, according to our testing and monitoring. The company promises 99.9% service uptime, and has kept the commitment well by delivering nearly 100% uptime in the past months. ASPHostPortal performs well, but still lags behind a little. Read the chart below for real statistics of Host4ASP.NET.

To ensure fast data processing and transfer speed, both the companies are partnering with some of the world's largest telecom providers and utilizing cutting-edge speed-acceleration technologies including smart routing and switching. As statistics are the best evidence for the real situation, we have been monitoring the services from the 2 companies for a long time. Results tell us that the server response speed of Host4ASP.NET is averagely 50% faster than that of its competitor.

Technical Support

Both Host4ASP.NET and ASPHostPortal offer human-powered support through live chat and email. The former way is for customers enjoying a direct chat in emergent issues, and the latter method is prepared for people with some puzzlement about their websites or accounts. Host4ASP.NET promises that its support is available 24x7, while we fail to find further information for the availability of the support from its competitor.

When we contacted the 2 companies' support representatives via live chat, we got responses from Host4ASP.NET within an average of 25 seconds. The holding time of ASPHostPortal, however, was almost 4 times that of its competitor. We do believe that Host4ASP.NET has a more responsive support team.

Which Is the Better Choice for ASP.NET Hosting?

Judging from the combination of high performance, responsive support and reasonable pricing, we conclude that Host4ASP.NET is better in serving both individuals and businesses. Actually, the company has a good reputation among its users all the time. Check out the following chart for satisfaction rates.