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GreenGeeks VS iPage – Find the Better Green Web Hosting Service

updated on Oct 17, 2017
GreenGeeks VS iPage – Find the Better Green Web Hosting Service GreenGeeks and iPage are 2 well-known web hosting providers that both claim to offer green web hosting services to keep customers' websites eco-friendly. To check out whether they have fulfilled the commitments and have done the same good in being green, we have worked out this comparison based on the detailed review on their green technologies and methods, web hosting price, features, uptime, speed and technical support.

Editorial & Customer Rating

Based on over 6 months' hosting experience with GreenGeek and iPage respectively, our editors have given out detailed ratings on their web hosting service's overall degree of satisfaction, performance, control panel, and technical support. The information of the ratings is listed in the following table.
Editorial RatingGreenGeeksiPage
Control Panel

For customer ratings, we have encouraged the customers of both companies to summit reviews including ratings on overall service quality, reliability, control panel and support. The results show that GreenGeeks enjoys approximately 10% higher customer satisfaction rate than iPage.

According to the 203 GreenGeeks real customers that have written reviews, 98.0% of them are satisfied with the web hosting service they receive from their host.

Web Hosting Price & Features

GreenGeeks web hosting service is priced from $9.95/mo regularly. New customers are entitled to get a 60% discount offered by the company by default, while those who subscribing through the promotional link below can claim the discounts off per order, which cuts the monthly fee down to $3.95/mo. A free marketing package is included in the service to help customers promote their websites and businesses.
GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

iPage has been offering one of the most affordable web hosting services in the market which is available at a low rate of only $1.99/mo in the current promotion. The package is indeed one of the cheapest considering the 75% discount. However, as the large discount is only valid for the initial term, customers have to pay $7.99/mo for the renewal of their orders.

Generally speaking, iPage wins in the price for the initial term, and GreenGeeks surpasses its competitor in the renewal fee.

Just like most other web hosts, GreenGeeks and iPage both provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, email addresses, FTP accounts and some other basic features. Despite this, they still have some differences in features, of course.

The availability of web hosting features in the 2 companies' packages is as following.
Free DomainYesYes
Control PanelcPanelvDeck
Auto Installer
Custom Cronjobs

Website management seems to be a difficult job for most users. However, a control panel will simplify the tasks in managing your accounts, databases, files, and more. Neither GreenGeeks nor iPage fails to provide you with a control panel. However, iPage choose to work with vDeck, which will bring some inconvenience to those who are satisfied with cPanel. In addition, iPage does not support some features, which should have your attention. With the combination of prices and features, GreenGeeks comes with a higher price value.

Green Web Hosting

Since its inception, GreenGeeks has been devoted to offering green web hosting service which is currently 300% greener than others. The company uses energy from the grid and then puts sufficient wind power that is 3 times the amount of the energy consumed back into the grid for compensation. Besides, all the servers of GreenGeeks are reconfigured with the latest green technologies to run more efficiently and cooler with less energy.

All of these facts make GreenGeeks the #1 green web hosting provider. And in 2009, the company was invited to join the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Green Power Partner program.

On the other hand, iPage claims that all the hosted websites are green because they are powered by 100% wind energy. The main strategy utilized by the company is to reduce the carbon footprint by purchasing RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to offset the energy consumption.

The green web hosting service from iPage is reputable, but it lags behind a little compared to that from GreenGeeks which is 300% greener.

Uptime & Speed

GreenGeeks VS iPage - Performance GreenGeeks uses 2 SAS 70 Type I certified data centers in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ, both of which are equipped with raised floors, climate control, fire suppression system, water detection system, 24x7 security, UPS power and diesel generators to ensure that customers' data is safe and secure. Besides, the company utilizes the latest generation processors from Intel and has been partnering with Juniper and Cisco for network routing and switching.

iPage also uses 2 data centers which are located in the Boston, MA area containing thousands of servers in total. Both the data centers are running on N+1 power to prevent power interruptions and have the same network architecture including redundant routers with BGP smart routing technology.

Thanks to the first-rate facilities and advanced technologies, both GreenGeeks and iPage are able to keep the hosted websites accessible and fast all the time.

We have monitored the uptime and server response speed of the 2 companies, and the statistics of the past 30 days are as following.
  • GreenGeeks: 99.96% uptime & 380ms server response time.
  • iPage: 99.91% uptime & 560ms server response time.

Technical Support

The common thing between GreenGeeks and iPage technical support is that they both have a professional support team available 24x7 to respond to customers' support requests via phone, live chat and email. The representatives are guaranteed to be patient and knowledgeable.

There is no big difference between the 2 companies' service quality, while a slight one is that the waiting time for the response from GreenGeeks is averagely 30 seconds shorter in live chat and phone, and 2 hours shorter in email.

In addition to the real-person help, GreenGeeks and iPage also include a great sum of articles and tutorials inside their knowledge base. This is helpful for those who want to learn some hosting experiences and try to solve the most commonly asked questions. Since there are some detailed procedures, you are advised to consult the knowledge base at first. As a whole, both web hosts have done a good job, providing good technical support.

Which Is the Better Choice?

The winner should be GreenGeeks. In terms of being green, GreenGeeks is approximately 300% greener, and the service from this company is more rich-featured, reliable and faster than that of iPage.

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