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GreenGeeks VS InMotion Hosting – Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Nov 29, 2016
GreenGeeks VS InMotion Hosting – Shared Hosting Comparison InMotion has been in the web hosting industry for 15 years. Now it is hosting over 200,000 websites. GreenGeeks was established in 2008, and it is a little bit smaller than the competitor in size. Both companies are independently owned and accredited by BBB.

In terms of shared hosting, GreenGeeks and InMotion have many similarities, which confuses beginners when making a choice. So we now make this comparison based on our long-term research and the consistent monitoring conducted by our specialized team. The comparison is divided into two main parts – the common points, and the two web hosts' edges over each other.

About GreenGeeks and InMotion

GreenGeeks is a web host focusing on green web hosting. The company has been known for its 300% green hosting packages which are backed by full power energy. Due to the continuous efforts made to improve its services, GreenGeeks has gained much recognition from the industry and now it is serving over 35,000 customers.

InMotion has a longer history than GreenGeeks. It was established in 2001 with the goal to offer affordable yet high-performance hosting services to all, and it has been a CNET certified hosting provider for 13 years. Besides, InMotion has received the A+ rating from BBB, a well-known consumer protection agency. Currently, the company is sponsoring multiple open source projects including Drupal.

Both GreenGeeks and InMotion are privately held hosting companies.

Similarities Between GreenGeeks and InMotion

The aspects in which the two companies can equal each other are web hosting features, uptime, technical support and green data centers.

Web hosting features

It is impossible that GreenGeeks and InMotion offer completely the same shared hosting features, but they do share a lot of common features, including:
  • cPanel control panel with Softaculous installer integrated.
  • Unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, email accounts & FTP accounts.
  • Secure IMAP email accessible through webmail.
  • Daily automated backups.
  • Google Apps Integration.
  • Programming languages: PHP, Perl & Python.
  • Advanced features: SSH, custom Cronjobs, .htaccess support.

Free marketing extras

Both of GreenGeeks and InMotion offer some marketing extras for free to help their customers promote websites and gain traffic more easily.

GreenGeeks web hosting plan includes a marketing package containing search engine submission tools and SEO tools. With these tools, you are able to submit your site to multiple search engines including Google without much manual effort, and improve your site rankings by following the company's instructions.

As for InMotion, it focuses on the advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing search marketing. This company provides $250 free advertising credits with which you can try paid search in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, you can enjoy free listings.

Server & network uptime

GreenGeeks and InMotion have the same 99.9% uptime guarantee. Both valuing customer satisfaction, they adopt the best possible power supply system and security system to keep servers running without interruptions. All of the two companies' data centers feature UPS, backup generator and battery, fire detection/suppression system, and climate control system.

As a result, GreenGeeks and InMotion have achieved great and stable uptime in the past year. See the records of the last 30 days.

GreenGeeks uptime

This web host achieves the uninterrupted website running using the great server machines, coming with the superior hardware, branded components and power-saving Intel processors. In addition, these servers are all coming with the great specifications, such as SSD drives, Fiber Tier 1 backbones, BGP4 connectivity and at least 64 GB of memory. Even, all of their data centers are the SAS Type 1 certified that come with the automatic systems for the power unit, cooling, security and many more.

InMotion uptime

This web host has achieved no downtime during our monitoring period. Also, after searching the web and surveying among some webmasters, we can rarely hear some complaints about their uptime or reliability.

In addition, InMotion Hosting states to utilize the DELL server machines so as to maintain the highest level of hosting reliability. Even, their hosting service is based on the most reliable and redundant network, along with the well-equipped data centers located at both the west and east coast of USA. All of these technologies achieve a 100% uptime for our tested website.

Secure hosting platform

Security is also a common highlight between GreenGeeks and InMotion. To guarantee the safety of the data on their servers, the two web hosts have taken many security measures. For example, they both have configured automatic backups and automatic malware scanning on their servers, and they provide enhanced protection against brute force attacks and DDoS attacks.

Technical support

24x7 toll-free phone call, on-site live chat, email and tickets are available for the customers of GreenGeeks and InMotion. The responses are all fast, less than 1 minute for phone and live chat, and approximately 20 minutes for support tickets. For most hosting problems, the support representatives know how to help.

Green web hosting

We have to mention that both of these two web hosts are surely the green hosting providers by adopting a lot of related methods.
  • Make some efforts in the offices to increase the recycling and reduce the waste.
  • Use the green data centers with the cutting-edge OAC technology to reduce the energy consumption.
  • Become a partner of some non-profit green organizations. For instance, InMotion Hosting has joined the Trees For The Future and GreenGeeks is recognized by EPA.
  • Purchase the wind credits for the energy compensation.

GreenGeeks Edge over InMotion – Price Value

GreenGeeks wins its competitor in price value. The company has been offering only one shared hosting plan with unlimited hosted websites, unlimited parked/sub domains and unlimited MySQL databases. One free domain for life is also included.

With so many "unlimited" features, the plan is priced from $4.95/mo regularly. But as a promotion is ongoing, the price is now $3.96/mo for subscriptions completed through the promotional link below.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

Comparatively, InMotion has three upgradable shared hosting plans prepared for beginners, small businesses and developers respectively.
  • Launch: priced at $2.95/mo (regularly $6.99/mo), including 2 hosted domains, 2 databases, 6 parked domains & 25 sub domains.
  • Power: priced at $4.49/mo (regularly $8.99/mo), including 6 hosted domains, 50 databases, 26 parked domains & 100 sub domains.
  • Pro: priced at $7.49/mo (regularly $15.99/mo), including unlimited hosted domains, databases & parked/ sub domains.
It is clear that GreenGeeks all-in-one plan is more cost-effective than Power, the InMotion plan which is on the same price level.

Pay attention that the discounted prices of InMotion shared hosting plans in the list are exclusive to payments made through the promotional link below.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

InMotion Edges over GreenGeeks

Firstly, InMotion offers more helpful features for WordPress users. The features include:
  • WordPress pre-install. InMotion offers an option in the checkout with which you can get WordPress installed on your account automatically once the payment is processed.
  • Safe application rollback. In the bad case that the upgrade of WordPress causes errors or damages to your website, you can roll the version back securely.
  • WP-CLI enabled. WP-CLI spares your time in managing WordPress multisite. It allows you to manage multiple installations and all plugins from the command line.
Secondly, InMotion shared hosting delivers much faster speed. The speed of InMotion is the fastest among the 200+ web hosts we have reviewed. Due to a combination of Dell servers, SSD drives, redundant network connections, Cisco routers and a dedicated management team, InMotion shared hosting is stably fast.

Below are the real-time monitoring results of the server response time of GreenGeeks and InMotion.

Thirdly, InMotion has better self-help tutorials for beginner and advanced users. InMotion support center is one of the best places to learn web hosting and the management of open source applications.

There are over one thousand written tutorials many of which now have more than 50,000 hits with high rankings in Google. The education channels, FAQs, web hosting tools and community have been trusted by thousands of webmasters.

Currently, GreenGeeks has approximately 300 written tutorials in its knowledgebase and 100+ video tutorials regarding site builder, cPanel, WHM, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

At last, InMotion offers the longer full refund period. This company guarantees 90-day full refund, while its competitor promises 30 days. Trying InMotion services should be more risk-free.

Which to Choose – GreenGeeks or InMotion?

Both web hosts are worth a try as they have great uptime and features, but we have the following suggestions for users with clear requirements.
  • To host several small websites/blogs with the minimum cost, purchase the GreenGeeks plan via this promotional link;
  • Desiring super fast speed or to host medium-sized websites, choose an InMotion shared plan through this promotional link.