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GreenGeeks VS HostGator on Price, Feature & Performance

updated on Feb 16, 2017
GreenGeeks VS HostGator on Price, Feature & Performance Both GreenGeeks and HostGator are 2 of the most famous green hosting providers in the industry, followed by numerous of webmasters around the world, but which is the better choice? To make it clear, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison between their shared hosting plans on price, feature, performance and technical support.

GreenGeeks is a privately-own company founded in 2008. And the company is now one of the green energy web hosting providers in the industry which has launched a complete series of products featuring by affordable price and satisfying performance.

HostGator is also a green-powered company which was established in 2002. Over a decade, the company has over 750 employees and several international offices over the globe. As for products, the company provides shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting and so on.

We have been hosting 2 WordPress websites of the same size on the shared platforms of the 2 companies for about 6 months, and kept monitoring the sites closely. Besides, we have collected a pile of customer reviews to figure out how other customers think about the solutions. According to our real experience and the verified feedbacks, we have developed the following table to show the ratings of some important factors.

Plan in ComparisonEcosite StarterHatchling Plan
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews203345
Customer Rating
Read ReviewsGreenGeeks ReviewHostGator Review

Plans & Price

GreenGeeks VS HostGator - PriceHaving been in the industry for a long time, GreenGeeks has released a green shared hosting plan, which is priced at $4.95/mo. Now, the company is offering a 20% discount for customer going through the following promotional link, with which the price is low to $3.96/mo. In addition, this plan comes with a free domain name for life and many advertising credits.

What's more, this company guarantees 30 days full money back and anytime prorated money back to enable customers to put their money in safe. As for payment methods, PayPal and credit cards are supported to ensure the purchase is secure and convenient.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

As one of the world's top 10 shared hosting providers, HostGator offers 3 different green shared hosting packages named as Hatchling, Baby and Business. The solutions are priced from $6.95/mo, but visitors who subscribe the plans by activating coupon HG45PERCENT with the following promotioan link are able to get 45% discount and cut the price down to $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo.

In addition to the huge discount, this web host provides a lot of extra benefits, such as 45 days full money back guarantee, anytime prorated money back guarantee, $100 Google Adwords voucher, 4,500 free website templates, and so on.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation


GreenGeeks VS HostGator - FeatureWhen it comes to hosting feature, the 2 providers share plenty of similarities in server resources like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases, etc. Furthermore, both of them use cPanel as control panel integrated with a 1-click installer, ensuring customers are capable of managing their accounts and websites easily and installing any of the most famous software with a few clicks, in less than 1 minute.

However, there are also many differences among the plans from the 2 companies. The most significant one is that the one from GreenGeeks is featured with unlimited hosted domains, while HostGator Hatchling plan comes with 1 single hosted domain. To help our readers know the detailed feature information, we have made the following comparison table. GreenGeeks plan and the basic plan from the other company are selected due to their similar prices.

Plan in ComparisonEcosite StarterHatchling Plan
Free Domain
Hosted DomainsUnlimited1
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Auto InstallerSimpleScriptsQuickInstall
Shared SSL
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
Regular Price$4.95/mo$6.95/mo
Current Price$3.96/mo$3.82/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

From the table above, you may notice that both companies are quite remarkable for their inclusive features. Almost all the crucial features are available in their packages especially for basic resources. What needs to be highlighted is that the two companies only charge you at such a low price for solutions with such powerful features.

With either GreenGeeks or HostGator, you can enjoy the following useful and competitive features to run and manage your websites effectively.
  • Server Resources – If you do not overuse the server resources, the allocation of disk space and monthly bandwidth is surely enough for supporting your blog or personal website.
  • Control Panel – You can leverage the power of user-friendly cPanel control panel to manage your website domains, emails, files, database, FTP and many other aspects with ease. The intuitive interface can be the great option for newbies who even only have the basic computer knowledge.
  • Ease of Use – To give you the easy process of website creation, these two web hosts support all the widely used online scripts that are used by you for website creation. The latest versions of MySQL and PHP are ensured for the 100% script compatibility and the 1-click installer is offered for the effortless installation.
  • Free Extras – In addition to the basic features, you can also get some free extras that include the free backup service, free domain names, free advertising credits, free website builder, free website templates and many more.
  • Security – To ensure you a secure hosting environment, they all offer some security related features that include SSL, SSH, Password Protection, IP Deny Management, Hotlink Protection, Firewall and some others.
  • Geek Features – If you are an advanced user, you can also get almost all the programming languages, such as Ruby on Rails, CGI, PHP, Fast CGI, Perl and Python.
  • Email Features – Both of them ensure you an unlimited number of email accounts, give you the WebMail Access, allow you to prevent the spam and junk emails using the Spam Assassin Service and help you easily set up the automatic responders, mailing lists, mail forwards and many more.


GreenGeeks VS HostGator - PerformanceGreenGeeks utilizes multiple peerless data centers located in Chicago, and Phoenix, all of which are equipped with raised floors, climate control, hundreds of quality Dell servers, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS and first-class generators. Besides, the company has equipped their servers with the latest generation processors from Intel and Juniper and Cisco network routing which is famous for fast data transfer. In addition, technicians and engineers are monitoring the data centers and servers to resolve any sudden issues immediately to protect the hosted websites from any unexpected interruptions.

As for HostGator, it houses hundreds of high performance Dell servers in several data centers. Ranging from 22,000 to more than 78,000 square feet, these world-class data centers contain industry-standard technologies to ensure that all servers stay cool, secure and on-line at all time, such as redundant power, HVAC, fire detection/suppression systems and 24x7 physical security.

According to our monitoring result, in these months, the uptime of GreenGeeks is about 99.95%, and that of its competitor is 99.98%. Learn the detailed information about their uptime of the past 30 days in the following statistics charts.

GreenGeeks uptime:

HostGator uptime:

In terms of hosting speed, Both of the web hosts have done a good job. GreenGeeks uses the latest generation processors from Intel. Moreover, Juniper and Cisco are adopted for network switching. On the other hand, HostGator allows all the websites hosted on its platforms to have the access to a fully meshed and redundant certified Cisco network and other 9 backbone and fiber providers. Read the following comparison chart to learn the companies' real-time server response time of the past 30 days.

Both GreenGeeks and HostGator are famous for their green datacenters, which leads the way in the industry. GreenGeeks is 300% powered by renewable energy so as to reduce the carbon emission.

HostGator also uses multiple datacenters. In order to decrease server emissions, the company has invested a lot in wind energy and purchases certified Renewable Energy Credits. Besides, the company utilizes Supermicro servers which are well-known for reliable performance. According to statistics, the two companies barely had any downtimes in the past year and their customers are satisfied with their service.

Technical Support

GreenGeeks VS HostGator - SupportBoth of the 2 providers offer a high level of US based technical support through toll-free phone call, email and live chat. All the support staffs are professional, experienced, well-trained and standing by 24x7, so that they are able to respond quickly and help customers deal with any hosting problems instantly and efficiently.

Additionally, In the Help Center, support consultants of the companies have developed a large number of helpful articles and detailed video tutorials with plenty of information about hosting, from which customers are able to find the answers of most frequently asked questions to resolve their issues.


After the comprehensive comparison between GreenGeeks and HostGator, it is not easy to see that both of them provide reliable shared plans and quality technical support. However, considering that the latter provides multiple choices and faster hosting speed, it should be the better option. Therefore, we sincerely recommend people who are looking for a reliable and fast green shared hosting provider go with HostGator for $3.82/mo.