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GreenGeeks VS DreamHost - Green Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 12, 2017
GreenGeeks VS DreamHost - Green Web Hosting Comparison GreenGeeks and DreamHost are 2 big names in the web hosting industry. Now we make a comparison between them mainly for the purpose of making the differences of their web hosting service clear, and figuring out which company is better in keeping the hosted websites reliable and eco-friendly.

Based on our professional editorial review and thousands of customer reviews, this comparison is carried out in several aspects including web hosting price, features, control panel, green strategies, performance, and technical support. In below, we have presented details on those aspects one by one.

Web Hosting Price – GreenGeeks Is Cheaper

One of the few common things between GreenGeeks and DreamHost is that they both offer an all-in-one shared web hosting plan that is suitable for individual online needs and small businesses. Even though, their pricing policies are quite different from each other's.

GreenGeeks web hosting plan is priced from $9.95/mo regularly, while the company is now offering a 60% discount for new customers going through the promotional link below. So the effective price actually starts at $3.95/mo. The plan includes a free domain for life and free marketing & SEO tools.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

The plan from DreamHost is regularly priced from $10.95/mo. Now purchasing the plan, you can gain up to 20% discount for $7.95/mo. The plan comes with a free domain name for your first year with the annual hosting plan, free domain privacy protection, and free SSL certificate.

Control Panel – GreenGeeks Offers Better

GreenGeeks VS DreamHost - Control Panel GreenGeeks utilizes cPanel as the control panel. As is known, cPanel is the recognized #1 control panel in the market that comes with a large number of user-friendly features and tools. The graphic interface is well-organized so that users can easily find what they need. Besides, cPanel covers the management of every aspect of users' web hosting accounts and their websites, allowing them to take a deep look into the server resources, website statistics, installed apps, website security, etc.

DreamHost, on the contrary, has been using a unique self-developed control panel which also supports the management of many things, such as accessing the billing information, creating & modifying MySQL databases, and configuring the hosting accounts. According to real DreamHost customer reviews, the web panel is also easy-to-use, but the 1-click installer integrated with it supports about 20 applications only.

Web Hosting Features – Both Are Good

Nowadays, most web hosting companies provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts within their shared web hosting plans. GreenGeeks and DreamHost are not exceptions. Their plans are both rich in feature, having a lot of similarities. Read the following table for their main features.

Hosted DomainsUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL DatabasesUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom Cron Jobs
Nightly Backups
ConclusionRecommendedNot Recommended

Green Web Hosting – Both Are Good

When it comes to the ability to be green, there should be no denying that both companies are good because they are so far among the best green web hosting providers around the whole world.

GreenGeeks claims that all the hosted websites are 300% greener than others. To fulfill the commitment, the company has taken many measures, such as purchasing 3x wind energy credits to compensate the power pulled from the grid, reconfiguring all servers, and paying high attention to recycling. DreamHost also purchases renewable energy certificates and partners with multiple organization to offset carbon emissions.

Web Hosting Uptime – Both Are Good

To show their confidence in the hosting reliability, GreenGeeks makes a 99.9% uptime guarantee while DreamHost makes a public commitment to 100% uptime and credits you a day's service for every hour of interrupted service. To be honest, it is hard for a hosting provider to make the hosted websites encounter no downtime. With the goal to reveal the fact, we have hosted our websites of the same content on the web hosting platform and kept monitoring them for more than 6 months.

To make things clear, we'd like to present you with our record in the past 30 days. According to the below charts, you will learn that both GreenGeeks and DreamHost are reliable web hosts who have no problem to deliver more than 99.9% uptime. However, it is worthy of being mentioned that DreamHost cannot make the commitment come true with the average of 99.92% uptime.

Web Hosting Performance – GreenGeeks Delivers Better

As statistics are always the best evidence for a fact, we have monitored both GreenGeeks and DreamHost to see which company does better in keeping their servers stable and fast. According to our monitoring statistics in the past half a year, GreenGeeks has done a better job than its competitor whether in hosting reliability or in hosting performance.

Averagely, the servers of GreenGeeks take 370ms for response, approximately 30% faster than those of DreamHost. Read the following chart for their server response speed in the past month. With GreenGeeks, there are more than one data centers available for you to choose from: two in the US, one in the Netherlands, and another in Japan. In this way, they can better serve the webmasters from North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to the quality servers and cutting-edge technologies, GreenGeeks has no problem to outperform the competitor.

Technical Support – GreenGeeks Provides Better

Just like many other web hosts, GreenGeeks provides 24x7 technical support. The highlighted part, however, is that this company guarantees that its support is 100% US based and all handled by a team of on-site staff. The ways to get in touch with a support representative are varied, including email, live chat, and phone. Which to choose absolutely depends on personal preference.

For DreamHost, technical support is also a highlight that attracts thousands of people to subscribe to its services. By default, DreamHost accepts support requests from emails and live chat for free. The 2 ways are both responsive as DreamHost offers one of the best ticket response system in the industry. Live chat is recommended to address simple issues, and email is for relatively complicated problems. However, no free phone call support is still a large demerit.

Our Recommendation - GreenGeeks Is the Winner

Based on the point-to-point comparison above, we would personally recommend GreenGeeks more to environmentalist and bloggers. If you want a trust-worthy shared hosting solution which is affordable, reliable, and fast, then try the offerings of GreenGeeks.