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GoMobi Review - Build Mobile Website in 5 Minutes

updated on Sep 14, 2014
GoMobi Review - Build Mobile Website in 5 Minutes GoMobi is designed for small and medium businesses to create a user-friendly website easily, which works on all smart mobile devices, without mobile web development knowledge required. GoMobi websites are designed particularly for businesses like click-to-call, LBS, coupon, e-commerce, forum, blogging, and mobile website of the PC website with automatic synchronization. GoMobi includes hundreds of professional mobile website templates and themes, and it integrates mobile website analytics and monitor program to help you extend your business to the new mobile area efficiently.

Watch through the following 1-minute video to see how a mobile website can help business owners to increase their revenues through the mobile web presence, from YouTube.

GoMobi Key Features

Essentially, with GoMobi, you can simple create a mirror of your existing PC versioned website for mobile, with the following key features.
  • Introduction - introduce yourself and your business for customers via mobile.
  • Products & Services - highlight either your products and services, and allow customers to make orders via their mobile devices simply.
  • Photos - showcase the photo of your products and business.
  • Blog & News - publish your blog and news to mobile customers. GoMobi allows to auto-sync the blog and news with your PC versioned website, as its integration with WordPress and Joomla.
  • Phone Call - one click for the customers on the mobile website to dial you, or call back your customers anywhere.
  • LBS & Map - help your customers find the geographic information by leveraging Google map.
  • Coupon - provide your special offers to the customers.
  • Social Network - allow the customers to contact with you via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How You Wins from Mobile Sites, with GoMobi

1) Build Mobile Website

GoMobi works for any domain suffix, but not only *.mobi. You can use GoMobi to create an either standalone mobile website or mirror website of your desktop versioned website. If your existing website is developed based on WordPress or Joomla, you can use GoMobi plugin to synchronize your content to the mobile website automatically. One publishing gets your content exposed to all clients. Additionally, GoMobi provides open RESTful APIs that you can easily integrate with your business and workflow system.

2) Convert Traffic to Sales

Mobile website users are not used to read a long web page full of text, images or videos. As GoMobi is designed for building mobile websites particularly, it emphasizes on the good mobile user experience and the exclusive ways to convert the website traffic to sales. Compared to the desktop website,
  • it allows users to one-click to call you, and allows you to call back any requests more efficient.
  • it allows you to offer the customers with the best offer nearby, based on the geographic area. The "short distance" helps the conversion rate usually.
  • it allows you to offer the customers with the best price. Take them back your website to buy the products when they have been being in the shopping store.

3) Automatic Device Adaptability

While your existing desktop website is targeting to provide full sized information of your business, a mobile website developed by GoMobi supports you to extend your audience base. The two websites are complete complimentary that ensures your customers get the best user experience in the right context at right time.

Start Mobile Website Today

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