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GoDaddy VS JustHost - The Comparison Your Need

updated on Dec 26, 2016
GoDaddy VS JustHost - The Comparison Your Need As GoDaddy and JustHost both offer rich-featured web hosting services, we have made a comparison between them based on pricing, features, reliability, performance and technical support, aiming at helping bloggers and personal website owners find the better one that can fully meet their hosting demands.

Primarily, GoDaddy has 3 shared web hosting plans named Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. However, as affordability matters for personal web hosting, we have only compared GoDaddy Economy with JustHost Basic plan.

Plan in ComparisonEconomyBasic
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews22311
Customer Rating
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Company Background

GoDaddy was started as a domain registrar in 1997, but as the business expanded, they began offering web hosting several years later. The company is the largest domain registrar in the world, but the legend has not come to the web hosting industry. Now GoDaddy has over 55 million domains under management and runs several facilities. However, only a small portion of the domain owners also use the web hosting service offered by this company.

JustHost has been dedicated to web hosting since its establishment in 2008. Now it is a reputed hosting provider in the US, and one of the largest providers in the UK. Besides these two countries, this web host also has headquarters in Australia in order to guarantee the best possible customer service. The highlights of this company's services are the cheap price and outstanding reliability.


GoDaddy Economy is starting from $3.99/mo, coming with free $100 Google ads credits, $50 Bing/Yahoo search credits and $50 Facebook ads credits.

JustHost Basic plan is on sale now. The readers going to JustHost website through the promotional link below can get 64% discount for $3.49/mo. This plan also offers beneficial extras including a free domain and free website builders.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

The price we mentioned above is the lowest one applicable to the two company's annual plans. GoDaddy and JustHost also allow short billing cycles, but the short-term plans cost much more than annual ones, thus we highly recommend readers subscribing to an annual one, whether with GoDaddy or JustHost. Here is the detailed price information.

Plan in ComparisonEconomyBasic
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation


Although GoDaddy Economy is more expensive than JustHost Basic plan, it has no advantage over the latter in features. Both of the plans allow hosting 1 website on 1 account, and they are quite rich-featured to provide unlimited bandwidth.

One thing special for GoDaddy Economy and Deluxe is that customers can choose the operating system they like between Linux and Windows. That could be seen as a surprise.

For more features included in GoDaddy and JustHost plans, please check the following table.

Plan in ComparisonEconomyBasic
Operating SystemLinux/WindowsLinux
Free Domain
Hosted website(s)11
Disk Space100 GB50 GB
Money Back Guarantee30 DaysANYTIME
PHP & Perl
Ruby on Rails
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
24x7 Support
Special Price$3.99/mo$3.49/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation


GoDaddy is secure, but not among the most secure web hosts. There is no huge attack reported in the recent years. However, domain hijacking and server hack are founded now and then. For example, in July 2015, some WordPress users on GoDaddy servers got their sites hacked, which resulted in inaccessibility.

JustHost has been quite secure, with no serious attacks reported. This should attribute much to the advanced firewalls and the technicians' constant monitoring and optimization.

In fact, both of GoDaddy and JustHost are doing something to keep customers' websites safe and secure.
  • They use SSL secure server to help protect all online transactions. A shared SSL certificate is included in each web hosting plan, and private SSL certificates are available for purchase.
  • They provide SSH to secure customers' remote connections to their servers and make sure all remote commands are executed securely.
  • They offer several other security tools, such as multiple encryption methods, password protected directories, hotlinking protection, Leech protection, etc.
Besides, if your websites are built with open source CMSs, always remember to keep the core files, themes and plugins updated for the sake of security.

Reliability & Performance

Performance We have monitored GoDaddy and JustHost for several months. We believe that both of the two web hosts are excellent, but in fact, GoDaddy uptime is not very satisfactory. In the past 4 months, GoDaddy failed to fulfill its commitment of 99.9% uptime in up to 3 months except for January. Our uptime monitoring results show that the average uptime of GoDaddy was 98.27%, while in April, the uptime was as low as 93.99% with a serious downtime lasting for 1 day 19 hours 10 minutes from 26 April, 2013 09:37:28 PM to 28 April, 2013 04:47:28 PM.

Different from GoDaddy, JustHost has shown its great stability in the long monitoring period. The average uptime of JustHost in the past 4 months was 99.92%, much better than the guaranteed 99.9%. We have never stuck into any serious downtimes with JustHost. JustHost web hosting services are completely reliable.

We have monitored the performance of GoDaddy and JustHost. The page loading speed of the sample WordPress site hosted with JustHost has been proved to be much faster than that with GoDaddy. On the average, it takes 336ms to get a server response of the WordPress site, which is 114% faster than GoDaddy.

Technical Support

Technical Support GoDaddy offers 24x7 customer support via email and phone call with a long waiting time that is expected to be 9 minutes. The support staff are knowledgeable, but we don't think GoDaddy customers can receive prompt answers from them. Another disappointment with GoDaddy should be that the company doesn't support live chat, so customers outside the US asking for support via phone will be charged high ISD rates.

As for JustHost, the company allows customers to contact the support team at anytime via convenient live chat, phone as well as email. Besides, customers can seek for solutions by searching answers in the knowledgebase, following video tutorials or communicating with other users and JustHost technicians in the forum. No matter which way is picked, customers always have their problems resolved quickly.

GoDaddy VS JustHost > Conclusion

Taking all the factors we discussed into consideration, JustHost has far surpassed GoDaddy in personal web hosting services. JustHost cost-effective shared web hosting plan could be one of the best choices for bloggers and personal website owners demanding wonderful online presence backed by a responsible support team.

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