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GoDaddy VS ixWebHosting – Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Mar 27, 2016
GoDaddy VS ixWebHosting – Shared Hosting Comparison GoDaddy and ixWebHosting are 2 of the well-known shared hosting providers with a fairly large user base. While obtaining a number of compliments, they have also received increasing criticisms on support and performance.

For this comparison, we will analyze the 2 companies' Linux-based shared hosting and figure out their advantages and drawbacks. As they both provide 3 plans, the focuses are on GoDaddy Economy plan and ixWebHosting Expert Plan. All analyses are based on our editors' experience, monitoring, and the user reviews.

Now you can read the ratings below.

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About GoDaddy and ixWebHosting

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar all over the world, trusted by millions of users for reliable and affordable domain registrations. At the same time, it is also a large web hosting provider offering a full range of Linux and Windows hosting services including shared hosting, VPS, cloud servers and dedicated servers. Thousands of webmasters are relying on GoDaddy for website hosting.

However, since the first day the company began offering hosting services, complaints about the speed have been severe. This is also an important reason why it usually gains low ratings from users.

ixWebHosting started to serve hosting customers in 1999. With 17 years' experience, the company has now grown into a hosting company with clients in dozens of countries. But unfortunately, a long history does not always mean good quality. It seems that ixWebHosting is no longer devoted to the improvement of its service nowadays because the security and reliability have been criticized heavily.

What Do They Both Do Well?

GoDaddy and ixWebHosting have been offering satisfactory uptime and ticket support.

99.9% uptime

Just like most other shared hosting providers, GoDaddy and ixWebHosting guarantee 99.9% uptime for all users. We have gone far to the uptime records of them and found that they were able to keep their promise in more than half of the months in 2015. These results are excellent for shared hosting.

GoDaddy, with over 50 million domains and websites under management, has reliable facilities with proper power supply, quality hardware and a well-connected network. Also, there is a large team of technicians monitoring the facilities and addressing unexpected issues. Though no much information about the data centers is offered, GoDaddy is undoubtedly a reliable web host. Below is the latest uptime statistics of this web host.

ixWebHosting has a dedicated data center which is built and operated by their own staff. Designed with a large capacity, the data center is under full control and comes with quality servers with auto-balanced storage, a high level of network connectivity, and 24x7 constant monitoring. That's why it delivers good uptime.

Responsive ticket system and helpful support resources

Both web hosts offer a ticket system to enable customers to contact support when needed. Being available 24x7, their ticket systems are easy-to-use, and more importantly, responsive. For our trials, the first reply of GoDaddy was usually offered within an hour, and that of ixWebHosting was about 1.5 hour. The support representatives were kind.

Besides, in the two companies' help center, there are some self-help resources which are well-made for beginners. These include FAQs and a knowledgebase. Some video tutorials are also available.

GoDaddy Edges over ixWebHosting

What GoDaddy wins its competitor are the control panel and security.

cPanel control panel

The most significant edge of GoDaddy is the utilization of cPanel. As is known, cPanel is easy-to-use, functional, and great for both beginners and experienced users. It makes account management a breeze. Besides, the interface looks modern. Below is a screenshot of cPanel.

GoDaddy cPanel

In addition, GoDaddy has developed its own 1-click app installer and integrated it with cPanel. Therefore, within the control panel, you are able to access the installer easily and install 125+ scripts without any technical problem. The installer is quite easy-to-use and it supports Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

ixWebHosting uses a control panel named H-Sphere. While this control panel includes most of the features available in cPanel, it lags behind much in design and ease of use. What's worse, ixWebHosting 1-click installer named EasyApps Collection includes approximately 30 scripts only. Popular scripts like Drupal, MyBB, PrestaShop and Magento are not supported, so if you need any of them, you have to install it manually.

The interface is kind of out-dated and disordered.

ixWebHosting H-Sphere

Longer refund period

GoDaddy offers refund within the initial 45 days, which is a little bit longer than the 30 days allowed by ixWebHosting. Regarding the refund policies, you have to pay attention that:
  • GoDaddy 45-day refund applies to annual billing only. Monthly billing users can only ask for a refund if the account is cancelled within 48 hours of signup.
  • When asking ixWebHosting for a refund, customers will be requested to explain the reasons of account termination.

Easy purchase of resources

Another advantage of going with GoDaddy is that the company allows you to add extra resources to your shared server, including memory, CPU, I/O and processes. When you are close to the limit of a certain kind of resource, you don't have to upgrade the entire hosting plan, and instead, just purchase the resource you need. The flexibility is great. And this capability is not commonly seen in shared hosting.

CloudLinux with CageFS

All of GoDaddy shared servers are installed with the CloudLinux operating system which is known for security and high performance. CloudLinux comes with many features, among which CageFS protects users' files from other users on the same server, and HardenedPHP secures servers and applications by patching PHP with known vulnerabilities.

ixWebHosting Edges over GoDaddy

The only advantage of ixWebHosting is the low cost.

Cheaper hosting plans

GoDaddy and ixWebHosting have the similar pricing strategies and both of them are offering discounts. However, when the resources included in the shared hosting plans are considered, ixWebHosting Expert Plan is more cost-effective than GoDaddy Economy.

Expert Plan is priced at $7.95/mo, but now the price is reduced to $3.95/mo for new customers. Economy is priced at $6.99/mo, while the discounted rate is as low as $4.99/mo. These special prices can be claimed by visiting the web hosts' official sites directly. No coupon or promotional link is required.

To show the cost-effectiveness of the 2 plans, we have listed the resource information of them in below. For a better judgment, InMotion Hosting, a reputed hosting provider, is also mentioned here.

PlanEconomyExpert PlanLaunch
Hosted Domain(s)1Unlimited2
Disk Storage100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL Databases10502
Email Accounts1002500Unlimited
FTP Accounts50UnlimitedUnlimited
Regular Price$6.99/mo$7.95/mo$7.99/mo
Discounted Price$4.99/mo$3.95/mo$3.49/mo
How to Claim--Link Activation

More freebies

Both Expert Plan and Economy include free extras, while the former comes with more. See what they have in below.
  • Expert Plan: 1 free domain and 2 free dedicated IPs.
  • Economy: 1 free domain for the first term (annual plans only).

Common Shortcomings Between Them

Neither of GoDaddy and ixWebHosting has done a great job in web hosting features, speed and support.

Lack of important features

Compared with the shared hosting plans offered by leading web hosts, Economy and Expert Plan are not feature rich. For example, Economy does not support Ruby on Rails, while Expert Plan does not include SSH access. For more information, read the following table. Again, we have taken InMotion for further comparison.

PlanEconomyExpert PlanLaunch
PHP & Perl
Ruby on Rails
1-Click Scripts15030310+
Free Website Builder
ConclusionNot RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommended

Fairly slow speed

Slow speed is a major shortcoming of both GoDaddy and ixWebHosting. During the past years, they have been delivering constantly slow speed and have not made big improvements. Neither of them uses technologies like SSDs and CDN for speed boosting. Currently, a server response takes almost a whole second. It seems that they put much more emphasis on uptime than speed.

Our long-time monitoring shows that the server response speed of the 2 web hosts is stable but slow. The evidence is in the chart below.

Not-so-perfect technical support

Both of GoDaddy and ixWebHosting possess some limitations when it comes to technical support. Although their ticket systems are good, users must pay attention to the following facts.
  • GoDaddy does not offer support via live chat. The company has planned this support channel for months, but it is not available yet.
  • ixWebHosting does not offer support forums.
  • Recently, ixWebHosting has encountered frequent issues on phone support which usually result in several days' unavailability of this communication method.

Which Web Host to Go with?

Concluding from what analyzed in this comparison, we suggest those shared hosting users who are starting out or seeking fast services not choose either GoDaddy or ixWebHosting. These 2 web hosts are reliable indeed, but their shared hosting solutions are too slow and not rich-featured, not to mention the incomplete support.

Among the web hosts reviewed by us, there are some great ones offering reliable and fast cPanel hosting services at low rates. The ones in below are among the leading providers. If you are interested in any of them, read their reviews to get more information.