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GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting - Which is Better?

updated on Jan 24, 2016
GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting - Which is Better? GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting is an in-depth comparison between these 2 companies on their shared web hosting service on Linux platform. The comparison is based on the review on the company background, industry reputation, web hosting features, speed, reliability, and price. As a conclusion, we recommend InMotion hosting for small businesses.

Who Godaddy and InMotion Hosting are?

GoDaddy is one of the largest international internet cooperation, started from domain registration and SSL certificate service. With millions of customers worldwide, GoDaddy expanded the businesses to almost all internet services in 2006, including shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting, web design, enterprise email, etc. So far GoDaddy has over 10,000 employees, 16 data centers, and several tens of thousands of servers, serving for about 20 million of customers worldwide.

Compared to GoDaddy, InMotion hosting is still a small web hosting company. It's founded in 1996. In the past 15 years, InMotion hosting only had one goal - offering the reliable web hosting service for small businesses at an affordable rate.

So, you can simply think InMotion hosting is more focusing on serving for small businesses while GoDaddy is a huge and comprehensive company offering all services which you may need for your online businesses.

As this tutorial comparing the Linux web hosting of GoDaddy and InMotion hosting, our editors think InMotion hosting is better than GoDaddy in this area, by its focus, profession, and experience.

GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting - Web Hosting Features

GoDaddy has 3 shared web hosting packages named as Economy, Deluxe and Unlimited. InMotion also has 3 business hosting packages named as Launch, Power and Pro. The following table compares the features of GoDaddy Economy, GoDaddy Deluxe, InMotion Launch, and InMotion Power packages.

Feature GD Economy GD Deluxe INM Launch INM Power
Hosting Domain 1 Unlimited 2 6
Disk Space 100GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage 100MB 500MB Unlimited Unlimited
Ruby on Rails
Control PanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanel
Refund Guarantee30 Days30 Days90 Days90 Days
Promotional Price$3.99/mo$4.49/mo$3.49/mo$4.49/mo
How to Claim--Link ActivationLink Activation

GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting - Web Hosting Price

GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting set different prices to their web hosting plans based on the resources included and the billing cycle. Their pricing policies are very similar to each other.

GoDaddy plans are starting at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo, but they are now priced from $3.99/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.99/mo for new customers during the intro promotion. Note that these low prices are for 3-year billing, and the shorter the term is, the higher the price will be. For example, if you buy the Economy plan for 3 months, you have to pay $6.99/mo.

InMotion Hosting is offering over 50% discounts for all of its web hosting plans, which reduces the rates of the 3 plans to $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $9.49/mo. These special prices are valid for subscriptions through the following link only. And the regular/renewal prices are $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

There are little difference between the two web hosts' pricing at the first glimpse. However, after considering carefully, we find InMotion Hosting wins in the cost effectiveness because its plans are actually cheaper on the basis of the same length of billing cycle, not to mention they include more features which you can see in the feature comparison.

In the table below, you should be able to get a clearer idea.

GD Economy GD Deluxe INM Launch INM Power
1-Year $4.99/mo $5.99/mo $3.99/mo $4.99/mo
2-Year $4.49/mo $4.99/mo $3.49/mo $4.49/mo
3-Year $3.99/mo $4.49/mo - -

GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting – Reliability

As uptime is one of the most important factors to judge the reliability of a web host, we have a dedicated team keeping monitoring the uptime of GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting. Without any surprise, the two web hosts have been performing well. We have seen many positive comments on their reliability, after all.

On the official sites, both of them promise an uptime of 99.9%, and fortunately, they have not let their customers down, although there are still small downtimes occasionally. Your website should always stay online no matter which company you go with.

Below is the uptime of GoDaddy.

And InMotion Hosting uptime is as follows.

GoDaddy VS InMotion Hosting - Web Hosting Speed

Our editors have done the performance tuning for a Joomla website hosted with both GoDaddy and InMotion hosting. As a result, the same web page hosted with InMotion hosting loads 200% faster than GoDaddy. The poor performance of GoDaddy is in the expectation, as we have heard some complaints about GoDaddy performance in the web hosting community.

We don't know why and how GoDaddy has very poor performance on running Joomla, but as the interview with the marketing manager from InMotion hosting, we know InMotion hosting doing the great job through their SSD drives, Max Speed Zone technology and 100% DELL powerful servers with 4x Intel XEON CPUs, 32GB RAM, and RAID 10 data storage.


InMotion hosting is a much better choice rather than GoDaddy if you're looking for a cost effective, reliable, and fast shared web hosting service.

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