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GoDaddy VS HostMonster - Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 14, 2014
GoDaddy VS HostMonster - Cheap Web Hosting Comparison This GoDaddy VS HostMonster is an in-depth comparison between the 2 web hosting providers based on their worldwide reputation, price, features, reliability, performance and technical support. As the 2 companies both provide cheap web hosting service, it is important to know clearly about their merits and demerits.


Our editors have carried out a rating for each of the 2 companies based on the review on their overall service, reliability, control panel and support. Generally speaking, both of GoDaddy and HostMonster have got high ratings, but HostMonster slightly surpasses its competitor.

Plan in ComparisonEconomyDeluxeProfessional
Loading Speed
Control Panel
Technical Support

Besides the editorial review, we have also received real customer reviews of them. According to the comments of the customers, it seems that the web hosting service offered by GoDaddy is not as satisfactory as that of HostMonster because only 36.4% of those customers recommend the former one while 100% recommend the latter. Read the review chart of HostMonster as follows.

Price & Feature

GoDaddy has 3 shared web hosting plans named Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate which are priced from $5.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo. Sometimes Godaddy may allow up to 30% discount for the plans.

HostMonster, there is only one shared web hosting plan starting from $3.95/mo. Note that this low price is only valid for visitors going through this promotional link.

HostMonster Promotion Link Activation

Just like most other packages in the market, all the plans mentioned above come with unlimited bandwidth and supports PHP 5, MySQL 5 and various open source CMS including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. However, we do believe that HostMonster is a more cost-effective option, considering that the service of this company is cheaper but more rich-featured.

Plan in ComparisonEconomyDeluxeProfessional
Free Domain
Disk Storage100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosted Website(s)1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Boxes100500Unlimited
Ruby on Rails
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 DaysANYTIME
Regular Price$6.99/mo$8.99/mo$6.99/mo
Promo Price$4.99/mo$5.99/mo$3.95/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink ActivationLink Activation

Reliability & Performance

GoDaddy is a large company that operates several data centers in US and Europe. The company purchases high performance servers and high quality network equipments to guarantee that customers' websites run consistently. The monitored uptime of GoDaddy is 99.92%, a little better than the guaranteed 99.9%.

As for HostMonster, the 3 data centers are utilizing the first-rate infrastructure, too. Besides, the company has arranged a team of experts to monitor all of the servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to avoid the websites hosted being affected by any server-side issues. As a result, the average real uptime of HostMonster is up to 99.97%. Read the real uptime in the following chart.

When it comes to performance, Godaddy lags behind indeed. The slow speed is always the most serious complaint of GoDaddy customers. As we monitored, the server response time of Godaddy is 780ms on average, about 130% slower than that of HostMonster, just as the following chart indicates.

Technical Support

The support teams of the 2 companies are easy to contact via live chat, phone and email, and the representatives are friendly and professional. The only difference is that the response from HostMonster support team, which is promised to be average less than 30 seconds, always happens much faster than GoDaddy.

Both of the 2 providers offer an extensive knowledgebase and several discussion forums to help customers solve the common problems with written tutorials. Besides, HostMonster also prepares hundreds of video tutorials and ground level courses about the most basic aspects of the hosting accounts.


For readers who want to buy cheap domains, GoDaddy should be a good choice. The company is the largest domain registrar, after all. But for those looking for a reliable web host for their personal or small business websites, we would like to recommend HostMonster, given that this company is specialized in providing affordable high quality web hosting service.

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