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GoDaddy VS A2Hosting - Which Is a Better Choice for Hosting Blogs?

updated on Sep 14, 2017
GoDaddy VS A2Hosting - Which Is a Better Choice for Hosting Blogs? GoDaddy and A2Hosting are both experienced and reputed web hosting companies that are devoted to offering top-notch web hosting services for a variety of customers such as bloggers, small business owners, web developers, and so on. But as there is always one that wins when we make a comparison between 2 things, you may wonder which one is the better in some certain aspects. The GoDaddy vs A2Hosting will give you an exact answer.

To reveal the fact, we mainly compare the 2 web hosts in the blog hosting services on the supported software, ease of use, reliability, performance, technical support, price, features, and more. The details are as following.

Customer Rating
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GoDaddy is a large company with more than 12 million customers, 4,000 employees and 55 million hosted domains. Over the years, what makes people remember the company is the excellent domain registration service, but not web hosting which is a fairly new service for GoDaddy.

A2Hosting, however, has been in the web hosting field for more than 12 years. Offering a wide range of products, the company is well known for the blazing fast web hosting service powered by Solid State Drives (SSDs). Thus this web host is featured with increased popularity among those bloggers who desire a fast loading speed.

Control Panel

If you have the experience to manage your website with cPanel, you are likely to become a fan of it. As the industry leading control panel, cPanel gains popularity among webmasters who run their website on the Linux operating system. To guarantee the easy hosting, both web hosts include cPanel with the plans. The intuitive interface, useful tools, and rich features make cPanel the most popular control panel for Linux users.

With cPanel, it is much easier for you to control your website and account. cPanel simplifies the process to make changes without the requirement for the technical skills. Even if you are newbie to this control panel, you can learn how to use it effortlessly. In detail, you can manage your databases, create Cron Jobs, check website statistics, change the file permissions, and more without many efforts.

Supported Blogging Software

There are several ways to build a blog. For web developers, they may choose to get a unique blog with their own codes, but for most common people without much knowledge on coding, using a blogging software is the most commonly adopted way.

The most widely-used blogging software, as is known, is WordPress which also gains support from GoDaddy and A2Hosting. This means that the customers of both companies can get WordPress installed on their account easily and freely. However, there are still a large number of people who prefer some other software rather than WordPress, such as b2evolution, Textpattern and Chyrp. The softwares GoDaddy and A2Hosting support are as following.
  • GoDaddy: WordPress
  • A2Hosting: WordPress, b2evolution, Chyrp, Open Blog, Nucleus CMS, etc.

1-Click Blogging Software Installation

Auto-installer has already been an important checkpoint for the users of some certain kinds of applications to rate a company's service quality, as most common users are easy to get troubled in manual installation if they don't know how to use SFTP or configure the server.

In this case, GoDaddy provides free installation service for some popular blogging software like WordPress and b2evolution. But the problem is that some other ones, like Chyrp and Nucleus, require manual installation by the users themselves. Honestly speaking, the service offered by this company is a little bit limited.

A2Hosting, however, gives every customer free access to Softaculous which is one of the most widely-used 1-click script installers. Softaculous supports the easy installation for 312 scripts at present (the number is still growing), including 13 PHP-based blogging software and 1 that is Perl-based. In most cases, the installation of any one included takes no more than 2 minutes and requires no technical knowledge.

Features & Price

GoDaddy has 3 shared web hosting plans for bloggers named Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. The plans are upgradable, coming with different prices and different amount of server resources. The common things among them are that they all include unlimited bandwidth and $100 Google AdWords credits. The discounted price of the plans starts from $3.49/mo.

A2Hosting has 3 web hosting plans, too. By default, the company offers 17% discount, but subscribers going through the promotional link below can enjoy an exclusive 51% discount for each hosting plan, with which there could be a low price of $3.92/mo. Besides the features listed in the table below, A2Hosting gives full flexibility for purchasing, allowing customers to pay via credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, 2CheckOut, Check or Mo, and Bank Transfer.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

The comparison of the features and price between GoDaddy and A2Hosting are as follows. In the below table, you can see that A2Hosting is in a slightly advantageous position in the competition due to the support for more features. However, when the following features are considered, the advantage becomes more apparent. Note that these features are exclusive to A2Hosting users. GoDaddy does not offer them at present.
  • WordPress, the most popular blogging application, can be installed automatically on your account during the checkout. The installation is free of charge.
  • Softaculous is also available for the installation of 310+ other scripts.
  • A ManageWP account is included in each web hosting account, with which users are able to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single place, update themes and plugins with 1-click, add two-factor authentication easily, etc.
  • WP-CLI, the command-line tools, is available for advanced WordPress users to set up multisite, update plugins, etc. quickly.

In addition, A2Hosting provides a number of security tools and services which help secure your blog, including:
  • Free HackScan that offers proactive protection against potential security threats and hacks.
  • Perpetual Security with brute force detection, server hardening, dual firewalls, virus scan, and automatic kernel updates.
  • Patchman security tool which finds the outdated software and infected files and notifies the admin. It also applies patches to WordPress automatically.

Hosted Domains1|1
Disk Space100 GBUnlimited
Email Addresses10025
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days
Regular Price$7.99/mo$7.99/mo
Discounted Price$3.49/mo$3.92/mo
How to CalimLink ActivationLink Activation

Reliability & Performance

Due to the utilization of first-rate data centers and servers, both of GoDaddy and A2Hosting are reliable web hosting providers that not only guarantee 99.9% uptime but also are able to deliver it in the real world. We have monitored the servers in their data centers personally for more than 6 months, and the real uptime of them averages:
  • GoDaddy: 99.92% in the past 6 months & 99.93% in the past 30 days.
  • A2Hosting: 99.96% in the past 6 months & 99.99% in the past 30 days.

When it comes to performance, A2Hosting wins GoDaddy undoubtedly. Over the years, we have consistently received complaints from our readers that their blogs hosted with Godaddy always load slowly. As we monitored, the server response time of GoDaddy averages 600ms in the last month.

A2Hosting, as mentioned above, is best known for super fast web hosting speed which is backed by the high-quality infrastructure in its 2 data centers as well as the cutting –edge technologies. The company offers SSDs at $3/mo with which the hosted websites are expected to run 300% faster. Besides, bloggers can take advantage of CloudFlare CDN, Railgun Optimizer and the high performance SwiftServers to speed up their blogs dramatically.

Green Web Hosting

GoDaddy has not claimed any contribution to the environment protection, while A2Hosting was established as a green web hosting provider. Since its inception, A2Hosting has been trying hard and investing heavily in neutralizing their carbon footprint.

Besides cooperating with non-profit organizations in the production of renewable energy, the company also keeps green by planting trees for each sold package, and recycling the old equipment for internal use. Being green is a good selling point of A2Hosting. And due to the continuous efforts, the company is awarded as one of the best green web hosting providers this year.

Technical Support

As for this point, we firstly have collected the reviews from their verified customers. According to the survey, the customers of A2Hosting are more satisfied. GoDaddy, however, has received some complaints about the support efficiency and reply speed.

Also, we have tried their service personally. Here, we have found that A2Hosting offers the phone support, live chat support, email support and ticket support all the times. No matter when we contact their support team, we can have someone talk about our questions within a short time.

When it comes to GoDaddy, they also offer the 24/7 available technical support. To claim it, you can open a ticket, send the email and call for the hotline number. However, we have to mention that their phone support is not available all time rounded for any country, and they do not offer the live chat support, resulting in the inconveniences for some webmasters. Also, as compared with A2Hosting, their reply speed is not fast.

Which Is the Better Choice for Hosting Blogs?

Based on the discussion above, we personally recommend bloggers using the web hosting service from A2Hosting instead of GoDaddy. Price, feature and performance are the concerns for most bloggers, after all. But for those who just want to purchase a domain name for a new blog, GoDaddy is still a good choice.