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Ghost VS WordPress on Content Management, Design & Others

updated on Jan 08, 2015
Ghost VS WordPress on Content Management, Design & Others Ghost and WordPress are two publishing platforms used widely by people worldwide. They help you create functional, efficient and beautiful websites. They offer many features that make them quite appealing as CMSs.

Along the good, there is also the bad, and so they also have some issues not appealing to the users. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of WordPress and Ghost in relation to how well they do the content management. We also see the design and features offered by both in comparison to the other. Doing so can help you get a clear cut idea of which one is a better CMS.

Cost - WordPress Wins

WordPress is free and open source. You can download the WordPress software free of cost. A WordPress hosting package can be got by charging around $7/mo. On the other hand, though the Ghost CMS is open source, it is not free. You have to pay a certain amount of money every month depending on the number of blogs that you want to host. In this case, WordPress is a clear winner if you want to save your money while creating and hosting a blog.

Ease of Installation – WordPress Wins

Installation of WordPress is a very simple process. It can be hosted on all major web hosting providers with the use of a one-click installer. And if your hosting provider does not support WordPress, you can download the core files and run the installer. This can solve your problem. The server-side software requirements and memory limits needed for WordPress are quiet modest, and hence it can function on any server.

Ghost websites, on the other hand, cannot be hosted on any server because it is built with node.js. Although Ghost offers hosting solutions, you have to pay to avail that service.

PHP-based WordPress is much better than JavaScript-based Ghost in terms of installation.

Admin Features – WordPress Wins

Admin Features In WordPress, the admin features available are many in number. You can customize your content and make a website look and behave however you want. You can change colors, edit the layout, and add multimedia, etc. You can even modify the default editor if it is not to your liking. You can upload your theme files using the admin panel.

There are no such customization options available in Ghost admin panel. It only has the very basic features. You cannot change the colors or modify the layout of the template easily. You cannot modify the default editor in Ghost. The admin panel does not support the upload of theme files. You have to upload them via FTP.

Here, we see that WordPress offers a lot more features than Ghost and allows you to let your imagination go wild.

Ease of Use - Ghost Wins

WordPress user interface is complex and has many components to it. Once you enter WordPress, you are taken to your Dashboard where you can choose what you want to do next. There are many options, and a first-time user may get confused about what to do next.

In Ghost, the user interface is very simple and straightforward. Once you enter Ghost, you can directly start on creating a blog because that is the first page it shows. You get a two-columned editor, with which you can see the markup on the right and its preview on the left. It is a clean interface offering you the bare minimum editing functions. It is hassle-free.

Therefore, when it comes to ease of use, Ghost beats WordPress. But then it takes away a lot of features as well.

Customization - WordPress Wins

Customization There are thousands of WordPress themes and more than 28,000 WordPress plugins available, both free and paid. All the themes are customizable and plugins work seamlessly. There is also a large number of third parties to help you out of finding the add-ons.

Compared to WordPress, Ghost offers lesser number of themes and plugins. This means, users have fewer opportunities to customize the websites and add more functionalities.

We see that WordPress is better because it offers far more options to choose from than Ghost.

SEO - WordPress Wins

Search engines like WordPress and this is the main reason why WordPress is well known. Using this platform to rank your content is very easy. WordPress has already established itself in this regard. Compared to WordPress, Ghost is still a new platform. As such, the search engine rankings of Ghost websites cannot be predicted. Therefore, it can be better to stick with WordPress in case of getting better SEO ratings.


From the above points, we can clearly see which platform is the better one. Even though the user interface of Ghost is clean and simple, it offers a very limited number of options in comparison to WordPress. WordPress has better hosting capabilities, better features and also better goodwill. It caters to almost all types of websites whereas Ghost is only a blogging platform. Hence, we can say that WordPress is a better CMS than Ghost.

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