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How to Get Targeted Country-Specific Traffic for Your Website

updated on Jan 17, 2017
How to Get Targeted Country-Specific Traffic for Your Website There are various effective ways for driving traffic to a website, but most of them are the general ideas that are not helpful enough for you to get country-specific traffic. If your audience is highly geographically targeted (for example, the US, UK or Australia), you need to make extra efforts to reach the potential consumers and encourage them to pay a visit to your site.

The most effortless way to get traffic from your targeted country is to buy traffic from that country from a reliable reseller, of course. However, this is not the best solution for everyone. Buying good traffic little by little is of some help, but if there is bad traffic, you may be caught in negative SEO or even a DDoS attack. Therefore, we'd recommend some more natural traffic growth methods instead of this one.

Below are some of the best tips that you can try to target country-specific website traffic. Most of them are quite effective, and what's better, some are costless.

Tip 1: Use a Country-Specific Domain Name

The TLDs like .com, .net and .org are very popular among various types of websites targeting the world-wide traffic. It is undeniable that they are good for ranking in the global search engines. However, they are not always the best if you target the traffic in a specific country because it is relatively hard for them to rank in the country-specific search engines.

In this case, the country-specific domain extensions, such as .au, .us and .in are better choices. If you have paid attention, you may have found that blogs using .au rank well in Google Australia. Similarly, is a great domain option for a website targeting the traffic from the UK.

As long as you are very clear about your goal, you can go to GoDaddy or another reputable domain registrar to find the country-specific domain extension you need, and then buy a proper domain.

Use a Country-Specific Domain Name

Tip 2: Host Your Website on a Server Located in the Country

To gain as much traffic as possible from a country, you'd better use a server in a local data center. For example, if your target country is Singapore, you should buy a web hosting plan from a provider which locates its servers in that country. Keeping your server close to your potential visitors not only makes sure better user experience with faster page loads, but also contributes to higher search engine rankings.

In the case that your target traffic is from the US, we'd recommend the following web hosting providers to you.

Tip 3: Launch PPC Campaigns Targeting a Specific Country

Paid advertising might be the most effective way to generate a lot of highly targeted traffic in a short time. Those big names like Google and Facebook all provide advertising services for you to buy, and they allow you to customize the ad display so that the audience is targeted.

Also, there are some other ad networks online like BuySellAds and EZanga, but getting started with them is not as easy as being with Google, Facebook or Bing. So if you are fond of paid advertising and have enough budget to carry out campaigns, we'd suggest you begin your journey with these big names, not only because of the ease of use, but also the effectiveness that has been proved.

Tip 4: Set Up a Geographic Target in Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free yet powerful webmaster tool that helps with many issues including traffic-driving. It offers a feature that enables you to set a country for your website to target, so that you can get traffic from that country more easily.

Assumed that you have already got an account for Google Search Console and have configured your site for it, you need to access Search Traffic > International Targeting from the dashboard, and then open the "Country" tab. There you will see an option for you to target a specific country. Simply click the checkbox before "Target users in", and then select a country from the dropdown. After saving the change, Google begins to value the traffic from your geographic target.

Target a Country in Google Search Console

Tip 5: Improve Your Website Content for That Country

As content is always the most important part of a website, you should always optimize your content to let search engines as well as your potential visitors know that you are targeting a specific country. Below are several suggestions in regard to the website content.
  • Add the country name in the meta title and meta description of your posts if you are using a generic domain like .com, so that people will know that you are targeting the country.
  • Find the popular keywords in the target country with Google Trends, and then write about those keywords to attract traffic.
  • Improve the readability by writing content with the language of your target audience. If you are not experienced in the grammatical skills required for your task, hire writers who are. This will help improve the search engine rankings as well as the reading experience.

Tip 6: Build Country-Specific Backlinks

Backlinks are used by Google to evaluate the popularity of your website and content. By building backlinks from the popular websites in the country you target, you can not only expect higher rankings, but also get more referral traffic from those sites. To find the top websites in a country, you can make use of Alexa.

There are some good backlink building strategies for you to try, for example, submitting guest posts on other sites, trying PR releases, and participating in the popular forums in your niche.

Build Backlinks

Also, you are suggested to make close associations with the local bloggers. To enhance the relationship and increase your popularity in the target country, you can highlight some popular bloggers on your website, run interviews for them, and share their good posts to your audience. Joining the country-specific blogger groups is a good idea, too. The association will get you naturally mentioned on others' websites and shared to their audience.

Tip 7: Get a Local Google My Business Listing

Google My Business provides a good chance for your website and business to get great search visibility. Being listed on the service, your business is featured in Google search, and it is visible on Google maps. When people do a local business search, your website will be founded on Google more easily. Besides, the business profile submitted by you helps a lot with your communication with the audience, too.

Adding your website to Google My Business is quite easy since only a few minutes are enough to complete the setup. What's better, you don't have to spend additional time to make improvement unless there are some changes with your business information.

Use Google My Business Listing

In fact, Google My Business is not the only thing you can take advantage of for local business promotion. To maximize your website's presence in a specific country, you should also try to submit your website to various local web directories and multiple local search engines. These deeds are very effective in driving traffic.

Tip 8: Build a Presence on Social Media

Due to the massive power of social media marketing, you should never ignore the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube when promoting your website for traffic from a specific country. For this part, we still have several suggestions.
  • Fill out your social media profiles with care and highlight the target country, which increases your local citations a lot.
  • Make your Twitter account only get supporters from a particular country, so that your activities will be highly attached to the target region.
  • Join the communities and groups of local bloggers on those social media to be keen on activities from specific zones.
  • Add country-specific tags (for example, the country name or popular keywords for the country) when posting new content.