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How to Get the Maximum Referral Traffic from Pinterest

updated on Feb 01, 2017
How to Get the Maximum Referral Traffic from Pinterest Pinterest is currently the second largest source of social media referral traffic, just after Facebook. With the increasing importance of social media marketing, then, you need to consider seriously about leveraging the power of Pinterest to increase your website traffic.

It is not hard to build a presence on Pinterest. As the magic of this social media platform lies much in the quality visuals, you should always remember to make attractive graphics. Of course, there are some other tactics in the case that you want to harness the power better.

This post will introduce some tactics that are effective but simple to apply. But first of all, we would remind you to check your profile and make some customizations in order to build better connections between your website/business and your Pinterest account.

A Must-Do: Customize Your Profile

When starting with Pinterest, you can sign up for a new account with an email address, or create an account automatically by logging in with your existing Facebook or Twitter account. After getting the account ready, the first thing you should do is to access the settings and complete your profile.

If you are running the Pinterest account for your business, we suggest you use your business name and a keyword as the profile name, and then fill out the description by introducing your business. Besides, you'd better upload a logo as the profile picture, and offer your website URL to get your followers knowing the site.

Customize Pinterest Profile

To publish your website content on Pinterest, you will also need to create a board. However, if you have multiple categories of content, we suggest you create different boards with your website name and the category keyword so that your followers will find it easier to filter the content they want.

Pinterest Boards

Having got started successfully, you can now try the following tips to get more benefits from Pinterest.

Tip 1: Display a "Save" Button on your Website

The easiest way to share your website content to Pinterest is by displaying the official "Save" button (previously the "Pin It" button) on the images on your site. When you, or your readers, click on the button, the image will be shared to Pinterest automatically with a link back to the original content.

An easy solution for getting such a button is by visiting this page and completing the form. You can choose the button type, upload your custom button image, and select a style for the button. After making the "Save" button ready, you need to add a piece of Javascript code into your page template, and another piece of code into your page/post content. The code is offered by Pinterest, so you can simply copy and paste it according to the instructions.

Generate Pinterest Save Button

If your website is based on WordPress, you can also use the jQuery Pin It Button for Images plugin to make it easy for your readers to pin images from your website. This plugin is quite easy-to-use, and it allows you to customize the appearance of the button.

Pinterest Pin It

Tip 2: Make Great Shareable Pinterest Optimized Graphics

The appeal of Pinterest is the high-quality visuals. Therefore, if you want to get more traffic from this social network and receive more repins, you need to make great graphics that are attractive for the regular Pinterest users. Fortunately, there are some optimization tips that have been proven to be good, and below are several of them.
  • Pay attention to the image dimensions and try using longer pins (the height can be up to 2061 pixels).
  • Add a watermark to your images to protect them from image theft.
  • Add text overlays (the title and description) to encourage readers to click.
  • Make infographics with a mix of images, texts, instructions and more to serve as long visuals, which should help a lot in making your images more shareable.
  • Prevent using real faces.
  • Optimize your template to ensure a consistent layout for all the images shared on your Pinterest account.
Optimize Graphics

Tip 3: Automate Pins to Increase the Engagement

To keep your audience engaged with your pins, you should pay attention to the frequency and consistency that you pin. Studies show that 15-30 pins per day can help achieve the best results, which means a lot of manual works.

To simplify the job, you can schedule your pins with a service named Tailwind. This service is free to use, and you can log in easily with your Pinterest account. To make it as easy as possible to schedule pins, you will need to install the Chrome extension.

TailWind Chrome Extension

After installing the extension, you will be guided through the scheduling with a demo. The process is simple, as you only need to select a Pinterest board, fill in the description with the keyword, and enter the URL that you want to pin.

Schedule Pins

Then, set a custom time you should pin. At last, click the "Schedule" button.

Set Publish Time

TailWind makes it easy to check your scheduled pins and published pins. And for those scheduled pins, you can get them unscheduled at any time when you don't want them to be published.

TailWind Dashboard

Tip 4: Host a Contest on Pinterest

Contests provide a chance to encourage engagement and traffic. When hosting an active contest on your Pinterest account, you can get more followers clicking your website URLs by rewarding them with the potential to win a prize.

To run a contest on Pinterest, you can try creating a board for the contest with your business name, and then ask the participants to pin a photo from your site to the contest board. A comment about why they pin the photos they choose can also be required. Then, pick the winner(s) with the best comments.

To make the contest successful, make sure that you are offering an attractive prize that is really needed by your audience. Besides, you'd better promote the contest via other social networks, your email list, and your website.

Tip 5: Drive Engagement by Enhancing Interactions

In order to turn your Pinterest followers into valuable site visitors, you have to try various methods to enhance the engagement with them. Pinning consistently is especially important, and also, there are many other tips you can apply. Below are some good ideas.
  • Comment on the great pins of your followers and repin the good content with relevancy to your website.
  • Repin the content from those influencers. If they can do the favor, too, you will see a boost of the referral traffic.
  • Keep pinning creative content around a theme that many of your followers like.
  • Create or join group boards, and try to build an authority by pinning relevant and original content.
Etsy has set a good example of engaging followers. It has created multiple boards to showcase the products and pins of its followers.

Engage with Followers

Tip 6: Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are a business feature that adds extra features to the default pins. At present, there are six types of Rich Pins you can use, including Product Pins, Place Pins, Article Pins, Movie Pins, Recipe Pins and App Pins. Depending on your choice of the pin type, you will get different additional features.

For example, the Product Pins display the product pricing, and include a link to the product page on your website by default. Besides, when the price of a pinned product drops, your followers will receive email notifications, so they may come back to your website. Such pins contribute to better CTR and increased traffic.

Suitable for blog owners, the Articles Pins enable you to display the post headline, description and author when you pin the post. And the Place Pins include contact information and a map.

If you want to apply Rich Pins for your website, you will need to perform some tweaks to get them enabled. The code you will need to use is different from one pin type to another, but rest assured that Pinterest has prepared all the pieces of code on its website. You can read this page to get the detailed tutorials.

Use Rich Pins