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How to Get Facebook Insights for Your Website

updated on Dec 15, 2016
How to Get Facebook Insights for Your Website Due to the vast popularity, Facebook is an important part of any social media marketing strategy. To make full use of Facebook, you may have already integrated Facebook with your website in multiple different ways, such as adding a like button, inserting a sharing option, integrating Facebook comments, allowing Facebook logins, etc.

Facebook provides great tools for you to combine its power with your own website. And if you are using some of the tools, you may wonder what kind of achievements they have made for your website. That's where Facebook Insights come from.

Why Use Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights provide detailed analytics for domains, Facebook pages, and Facebook apps. After getting Facebook Insights for your website, you are able to see various statistics, including which posts/pages on your site have the most likes and shares, the most popular posts/pages for comments, and the insights of your audience on Facebook. More information like the country, gender and age of the audience is also presented.

With such data, you can easily see how your content performs on Facebook, and find the best time to post as well as the most popular content type. Based on the results, better content strategies and Facebook marketing plans are also expected.

However, you have to complete some steps before you can access the data. Of course, we will show how in below. To make things clearer, we only take a WordPress-based website as an example here, since WordPress is the most popular CMS powering millions of sites.

Get Facebook Insights for Your Website

The simplest way to configure Facebook Insights for a WordPress site is by using the special features offered in the Yoast SEO plugin. As one of the most popular WordPress SEO solutions, Yoast SEO not only provides rich SEO features, but also enables you to connect your site with multiple social networks including Facebook effectively.

If you have already installed and configured Yoast SEO properly, you can start setting up Facebook Insights immediately. In the WordPress dashboard, find the "SEO" menu item, and then click Social > Facebook.

Under the "Facebook" tab, there is a section of "Facebook Insights and Admins". From the explanations here, you can learn that a Facebook admin is required. This can either be a normal Facebook user, or an app for your website.

Facebook Insights and Admins

So now, you need to click on the "Add Facebook Admin" button. This will bring you a popup in which you can enter the admin's name and user ID.

Add Facebook Admin

If you don't know your user ID, you can access your profile, and the numeric ID you need is included in the URL. After finishing the required information, add the Facebook admin.

Find Facebook Use ID

For any other in your team that should also be able to access the Insights, you can also add him/her as another admin as you like.

Add Another Facebook Admin

Next, log into your Facebook account and access the Insights page from the menu in the left sidebar. In the Insights dashboard, find the "Add your domain" button, click on it, and then enter your domain and link it with your account.

Add Domain

After saving the information, you will see that your website is listed under Websites. Clicking on the domain presents you with the impression statistics.

Domain Insights

Make Use of Facebook Page Insights

Many websites and businesses maintain a Facebook Page, so that they can share sentences, links, videos and images with their audience to gain likes and re-shares. For such Pages, Facebook now offers useful detailed insights to help you analyze the post views, reactions, engagement, and more. Also, it provides an easy way to promote your posts. These features allow you to monitor what content is working, and to find the best ways for you to connect to your audience.

Recently, Facebook upgraded the Page Insights, and currently, the following sections are available.
  • Summary – This page offers up to 28 days' statistics for the page views, page likes, post engagements, actions and ads reach. Detailed analyses of the recent posts are also available.
  • Likes – The graphs tell you the likes you have got and lost, and where the likes are from (paid ads, page suggestions, and the natural audience).
  • Reach – This section shows the post reach and the engagement, helping you find out which posts drive the visitors away.
  • Page Views – This section tells you the total daily views, the views for a certain section, the total people who have viewed, as well as the referrals to the Page.
  • Actions on Page – This page shows who have clicked the action button, the get directions button, your phone number, and website.
  • Posts – This is all about how your content performs. You can see the visits per hour, the impressions per post, the engagements, and more.
  • Events – Here you are able to check the performance of your events, including the people they have reached, the event views, the engagement, tickets, and audience.
Facebook Page Insights

Since the statistics are stored for the maximum of 28 days, we'd suggest you export them at least once per month for more careful analyses. The export feature offered by Facebook is quite straightforward.