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How to Find Out Which WordPress Theme and Plugins A Site Uses

updated on May 17, 2017
How to Find Out Which WordPress Theme and Plugins A Site Uses As a WordPress site owner, it is good for you to learn from your peers who are doing a good job so as to create a more popular site. When you pay a visit to their website, you may find that they have taken advantage of some tools to make their website unique for their readers despite that your Content Management System is the same as theirs.

When some fancy designs like the chat button attract your attention, a question may naturally arise in your mind that how to find out which theme and plugins they use so as to create a same or similar WordPress site. However, you need to know you cannot detect custom designs which are currently used on a site. Therefore, this article is practical for the available themes and plugins on the market.

How to Find Out Which WordPress Theme and Plugins a Site Uses

There are three ways available for you to find out the theme and plugins a WordPress site uses: online tools, Chrome Extensions or source code. In this article, we will show you how to adopt the three methods, from which you can select the best one to find the details you need.

Find out Themes and Plugins through Online Tools

Why you need to give priority to online tools? The answer is that free online tools will display the information about the WordPress themes and plugins being used by the address which you enter in the search bar without requiring you to install any application. What WP Theme is That and WP Theme Detector are on the list of our recommendations because you just need to look for the tools through Google Search to take advantage of the function.

In order to explore the difference between the two online tools, we have made tests for the effectiveness with a same WordPress site. According to our results, there is a slight difference that WP Theme Detector sometimes is able to detect more information in a faster way while they are equal in match in most cases.

Online Tools

Let us take BBC America, a popular WordPress site, as an example. What WP Theme is That and WP Theme Detector have listed out 15 plugins but no information about the theme. In this situation, the theme is not available for you since BBC American has created a custom theme.

Find out Themes and Plugins through Chrome Extensions

In order to reach the goal, you can also add an extension into Chrome on the Settings page: WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector, WpSniffer, or PageXray. When we review the feedbacks, we find some users have pointed out that these Chrome extensions do not work occasionally and even mess their WordPress site. If you are faced with the same situation, you are wise to uninstall it right away.

Chrome Extensions

Find out Themes and Plugins through Source Code

A great number of our readers know that they will find an answer with the help of source code, but not everyone has an idea about how to manage it. This method has advantages over the former two methods which may be unable to detect the updated plugins. However, you can still find all the information in the source code by following the below steps.

Step 1: Right click anywhere on a WordPress site and then select "Inspect Element" or to print "Ctrl+Shift+I" on your keyboard to access the source code.

Source Code

Step 2: Go to Sources > WP-Content page to find the style.css sheet and the plugins folder. If it is hard for you to look for them, you can also print "Ctrl+F" and then input the key words "stylesheet" or "plugins" to know what theme and plugins the site is using.

Search Plugins

Step 3: Find more information about the theme and plugins through Google Search, for example, whether the theme is a custom one.


So far, we have referred to at a total of three methods. We advise you to use online tools due to the ease of use though sometimes they cannot make a quick response to the latest version of themes and plugins. In view of the bad reviews towards the Chrome Extensions, you can stay away from them to avoid a waste of your time. If you want to get the complete information, you'd better search the theme and plugins via source code.

If you do not want your theme and plugins to be exposed to others, you are advised to use the Hide My WP plugin. However, you should know that it is impossible for you to hide all the information with a plugin. Such a plugin cannot protect your website from hackers. If necessary, you need to spend more time and money to improve the security of your WordPress site, for example, employing a developer to rewrite the code.