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FatCow VS A2Hosting - Comprehensive Hosting Comparison

updated on Oct 16, 2017
FatCow VS A2Hosting - Comprehensive Hosting Comparison The FatCow VS A2Hosting tries to show you a comprehensive hosting comparison so that you will be worry-free to go with your choice. Though most web hosts ensure you a refund policy, you still cannot stop your steps to explore more factors to take a lower risk. On one hand, you need to pay for the domain fee if you do not want to lose your data. On the other hand, it takes your energy to transfer from one web host to another. Therefore, you'd better know more so as to select a proper home for your site.

If you have the experience to shop on the Internet, you may naturally combine the official words with the using experience. During the judgement, you may also take the brand, price, material, quality, and many more into consideration. Based on the same principle, we review the two web hosts on the similar aspects including the resources allocation, hosting performance, etc.

Technical Support
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Company Information

FatCow is not a young company because it has worked on the hosting business since 1998. At the beginning, it only provided a single shared hosting solution for all the users. Due to the lack of the scalability, they cannot keep users who have growing needs for more CPU and RAM. Considering that, FatCow has gradually offered dedicated hosting, VPS service, and more.

In comparison, A2Hosting is a younger web host who entered into the industry in 2003. However, it is received by more webmasters mainly due to the reliable and fast hosting environment. Besides, it is also able to provide you with more hosting solutions containing the reseller, cloud hosting, and more.

Though it is nice for the two web hosts to provide multiple hosting services, we still focus on the shared hosting which is designed for small/medium-sized businesses.

FatCow VS A2Hosting on Environmental Protection

In the case that our environmental issues become more and more serious, we have taken many measures to reduce our impact. The goal is to protect our environment for the future generation. Indeed, you can make more contributions when choosing from a wide selection of web hosts.

Both FatCow and A2Hosting take the initiative to have greener footprints, which highlights them from most competitors. In detail, we would like to show you what efforts A2Hosting has made. As a part of, A2Hosting tries to be 100% carbon neutral by powering with renewable energy, planting trees, and reusing older hardware, and more.

Both we hosts have shouldered their social responsibility to protect our environment, which is a piece of good news for webmasters who care much about global warming. Certainly, you must make sure that both web hosts do not compromise on the service quality.

FatCow VS A2Hosting on Cost-Effectiveness

The Original FatCow plan coming with a free domain name for the first year and $100 marketing credits is in support for flexible billing terms including monthly and annually one. Monthly billing term requires you to pay $5/mo for the plan and annual one cuts the price down to $4.08/mo. In other words, it costs you $49/yr to sign up for the annual plan via credit cards or PayPal.

There are 6 A2Hosting web hosting solutions which are based on the Linux and Windows operating system. At present, the regular prices ($7.99/mo, $9.99/mo, and $18.99/mo) for Linux Plans are reduced down to $3.92/mo, $4.90/mo, and $9.31/mo. And the Windows Plans' prices ($9.99/mo, $11.99/mo, and $21.99/mo) fall down to $4.90/mo, $5.88/mo, and $10.78/mo.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

To our surprise, you can enjoy an anytime money back guarantee if you go with A2Hosting, which proves that A2Hosting takes a high pride in its hosting service. Unlike A2Hosting, FatCow is far from being considerate because the 30-day money back guarantee is only available for credit-card payments.

All the plans are packed with rich features which are enough for you to host a site, such as unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. However, A2Hosting also offers cPanel or Plesk to help users with little skills to manage the account. We have worked out the below table based on the basic shared hosting plan.

PlanOriginal FatCowLite
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domain Name
Control PanelCustomcPanel
Free SSD
CloudFlare Free CDN
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FatCow VS A2Hosting on Hosting Environment

As we mentioned before, A2Hosting is renowned for the hosting reliability and performance. Though FatCow has done a good job, A2Hosting is still the winner via the achievement of 99.99% uptime and less than 400ms server response time. It spares no efforts to provide better and better hosting environment which is crucial to page views, conversion rate, and user satisfaction.

Being confident in the hosting reliability, A2Hosting guarantees at least 99.9% uptime and provides a service credit for an equipment or internal network failure. In addition, it deploys many tools to enhance the performance including SSDs, CloudFlare CDN, and many more. If you need a faster speed, you can purchase the Turbo Plan where your site will be hosted on the SwiftServer platform.

FatCow VS A2Hosting on Customer Service

Like most web hosts, FatCow and A2Hosting both claim to provide anytime customer service through email, toll-free phone, and live chat. What's more, there are rich online resources available for you.

In order to guarantee the quality of technical support, the two web hosts have been tried to shape a solid team by selecting experienced and friendly team members to be at your service. Therefore, you can find solutions to your issues from the support members or the helpful articles.

Final Thought – A2Hosting Is Your Choice

Through our comprehensive comparison between FatCow and A2Hosting, we recommend A2Hosting more. A2Hosting can not only provide you much better hosting performance but also make it risk-free to try the hosting service with an anytime refund policy. In addition, you can have a full control over your account thanks to the ease-of-use cPanel or Plesk control panel.

Note that the Lite plan is recommended for a single site, Swift is more suitable for unlimited sites, and Turbo is able to meet the high requirement on speed.