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Facebook Marketing - How to Drive Traffic to a Website at Facebook?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Facebook Marketing - How to Drive Traffic to a Website at Facebook? If you want to make a success out of your blog or website, social media marketing cannot be ignored. Popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are maintaining millions of users, which should be great resources for your website. Among all platforms, Facebook has been recognized as the most popular one although it is not the first one.

With successful Facebook marketing strategies, it is more than easy to drive thousands of visits and sales to your website. However, do you really know how to do that? We have explored efficient ways for a long time, and in this article, we have listed several things that you should do to achieve a success.

Complete your profile carefully
When you sign up with Facebook, you need to fill in your profile information and add profile pictures. While you are doing that, you should take your goals into account, and carefully deal with the types of photos, videos and personal interests to make sure that they match your business or the main content on your website. This will show people that you are serious about your business, thus help build your reputation.

Add links to your website
It is important to add links on your Facebook which will certainly direct people to your website. You should add the link of your website when you set up your profile, and use a custom tab to write a short description which also includes the link. Besides, remember to always offer a link to your website when you are posting even if the post is not about your products or blog posts. This allows more people who are interested in your website to get to your website easily.

Use Facebook groups to promote your website
There are many groups on Facebook, and it is probable that you may find several ones that are related to your business or the topic of your blog. You can join them, share information, and promote your website there. If you cannot find one that matches your website, you may need to create your own group and invite people to join it. The advantage of creating a group is that you can find out who are the target customers or readers that are interested in your ideas and products.

Post regularly
No matter how interesting your profile and posts are, if you don't add new things for a long time, it's likely that people seldom visit your page, thus less traffic comes to your website. Therefore, you should write posts to both your website and Facebook regularly to show your friends and potential customers that your contents are well organized and you know what you are doing and talking about. This will also make others think that you are professional.

Keep interacting with others
To maintain people' interests on your profile and website, keeping interacting with others is a necessity. You can visit the profiles of your supporters, participate in their groups, join their conversations, visit their websites, create a creative timeline for your profile, or even create a Facebook page to get in contact with your audience and customers. If you have created a Facebook page, be sure to link your website or blog' RSS feed to your status updates.

Provide special offers for customers from Facebook
In the case that you have a business website and use Facebook to boost sales, it is a good idea to provide some incentives to motivate people to buy your products. For example, you can post on Facebook that you provide some products or services for free or free trial if they visit your website.

Or you can also create a special coupon code to allow for certain discount for Facebook users. People love free things and discounts, and once they have a good experience, they are more willing to make purchases on your website or even recommend it to their friends.

Use Facebook Social Ads
If you have sufficient budget, making a marketing campaign by using Facebook Social Ads is also a way to drive traffic to your blog or business website. Using ads is a fast and efficient way to get your profile, your website or anything else noticed by a large number of people. Promoting your website in this way is both time-saving and energy-saving.