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How to Export a Blogger Blog to Self-Hosted WordPress

updated on Oct 13, 2016
How to Export a Blogger Blog to Self-Hosted WordPress More and more bloggers want to know how to export their blogs from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress, because they know if they need full control of their blogs, they would be better host their blogs with the self-hosted WordPress. In below, we have worked out a step-by-step tutorial to help you migrate your blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress.

Here are the easy and quick methods. Learn details in the following parts.

1. Find a Domain & Hosting provider

The first thing to get start with WordPress is that you need a WordPress hosting provider and your own domain name. In these years, we have tried more than 10 WordPress hosting companies and collected thousands of customer reviews to select the best ones, and found that BlueHost, JustHost and InMotion Hosting are 3 of the best offering domains reliable and fast WordPress hosting solutions. We have used the 3 companies' services for our own blogs for many years. Besides, we are not the only ones recommending them.

2. Install WordPress

As soon as you have signed up for a WordPress hosting and set up your own domain, you need to install WordPress on your own site. Luckily, each of the providers we selected uses cPanel control panel integrated with a 1-click WordPress installer, in this way, you are able to install this software with a few clicks, within 1 minute. Once you have installed the application, you can start to migrate all the content of your Blogger blog to WordPress.

3. Export Your Blogger Blog

In case something doesn't go right, you should protect your blog. In this case, we suggest you export your Blogger blog onto Blogger. It is very simple. You just need to go to your blog's settings and then you will see Basic tab. After this, you will see the Export blog link. Click this link, you will see a DOWNLOAD BLOG button, click it and you will be able to download your entire blog.

Export Blogger to WordPress - Export Blogger

4. Import Your Blogger Blog into Self-Hosted WordPress

After exporting your blog out of Blogger, it is time to import it into WordPress. At this time, you need to open to WordPress Admin Dashboard and under Tools ->Import, select the Blogger option, which will bring a popup asking you to install blogger importer. Next, click on the Install button and then all your Blogger blog posts, comments and plugins will be available on the new WordPress website.

Export Blogger to WordPress - Install Importer

Once it is finished installing all the plugins, you need to click the Activate Plugin & Run Importer link to go on.

Export Blogger to WordPress - Install Importer

5. Change the Permalink Structure

WordPress generates URLs like // by default, which enables users to configure the URL friendly to readers and search engines by changing the permalink structure. To changes the permalink structure, you need to back to your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings->Permalinks, and you can see the common settings options as the below. Next, click Custom Structure and enter the character of /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html.

In this way, the WordPress URL will match the structure on the older Blogger blog, ensuring that links works well and minimize the number of broken links.
Export Blogger to WordPress - Change the Permalink Structure

6. Redirect Blogger Visitors to New WordPress Website

After migrate your Blogger blog to self-hosted WordPress, you need to inform your visitors your new WordPress website and transfer them to your new site. In below, we have listed the steps of redirecting your visitors to the new sites.

First, login to the old Blogger blog, go to theSettings->Template, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Revert to Classic Template link.

Next, you can see the Edit Template HTML area, where you are asked to replace the entire content with the following code. In this part, you need to replace the // with your own domain. Then, your visitors from Blogger blog can be automatically linked to the new WordPress site.
Export Blogger to WordPress - Redirect Blogger Visitors to New WordPress Website