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How to Embed Youtube Videos on a Joomla 3 Website?

updated on Apr 17, 2015
How to Embed Youtube Videos on a Joomla 3 Website? Displaying third-party content like YouTube videos and Google maps can be one of the most interesting things that you can do with a Joomla website, and here is a simple tutorial on how to insert such a video from YouTube into your Joomla 3 based template. Note that, the steps to embed a YouTube video to one article and module will be illustrated with screenshots as below.

Step 1 - Grab Your YouTube Code

To start with, go directly to and find out the video that you'd like to share on your Joomla site. Below the chosen video, just locate and hit the "Share" button. This will open a pop-up where there are several options for you to display this video. Just click on the "Embed" option and you will be displayed with a unique URL that can be embedded into your site.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Copy iFrame Code

As above, there is a line of <iframe> code that includes the width and height of your video. Before proceeding with the following procedure, you'd better reconfigure the default video size that you want to display by make a selection from the drop-down "Video Size" list. Beneath the "Preview" screen, you also have the ability to show suggested videos, player controls and video titles. By the way, it is also possible to enable the privacy-enabled mode.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Configure Size & HD Settings

After done with the above size, HD and privacy settings, you can copy this configuration code in the checkbox from <iframe> to </iframe>.

Step 2 - Disable Text Filters for Super Admin

As is mentioned earlier, there are two optional ways for you to embed a YouTube video – via an article and a custom HTML. However, Joomla 3 doesn't accept any types of codes including the mentioned iFrame code for security purposes. If you still want to embed your video code into a Joomla article or module without any handy extension or plugin, then you need to turn off the default text filtering setting. To do this, log onto your administrator panel and click on this "Global Configuration" option.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Enter Global Configuration

In the next screenshot, there are a couple of options across the top of the right-hand page, including "Site", "System", "Server" and "Permissions." Here, just enter the "Text Filters" tab so that you can check whether your "Super Admin" has been set to "No Filtering." By default, Joomla will consider the account holder as a "Super User", and it always filters the iFrame code from your YouTube video.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Global Configuration Page

Within this "Text Filters" section, just go down to the bottom "Super Users" option and set it to "No Filtering" as follows. Remember to press the "Save & Close" button from the upper-left toolbar.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Select No Filtering

Step 3 - Embed <iframe> Code to Your Joomla Article or Module

Now, it's time to paste your <iframe> code into a Joomla article by going to "Content" > "Article Manager." Just click "Add New Article" to proceed. If you have the need to insert the code to a custom HTML module, you can navigate to "Extensions" > "Module Manager." As is showed, just hit the green "New" button and set the module type as "Custom HTML." And then, title your module and choose a position for it. Beware that, the module editor is very similar to that of an article. In the following, we'd like to take the example of article editor.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Select Custom HTML Type

From here, name your article and choose a proper category. To have different view options from the editor, you'd better change the default "JCE Editor" into "None" from the "Global Configuration" section. Again, do not forget to click the "Save & Close" button to take effect.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Change Default Editor

And then, you can paste the <iframe> code into the following HTML editor. The only thing left to do is fill in the "Alias" section. Having done all necessary settings, you can check whether the embedded video is working as expected by clicking the grey "Versions" button. This will bring a new dialogue window where you should check the respective box and press the "Preview" button.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Choose Preview Button

If done correctly, you can see a preview of the selected video from "Field", "ID", "Title", "Alias", "Intro text" and "Status" aspects. Once you've saved all changes and added it to a menu item, you will be able to watch your YouTube video from the frontend.

Joomla Embed YouTube - Preview of Your Video