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How to Embed and Share PDFs in WordPress

updated on May 10, 2017
How to Embed and Share PDFs in WordPress Though you are able to insert or upload PDF files into posts and pages, you may prefer to embed PDF files into your WordPress site. Certainly, there are some benefits you can get from that. For your better understanding, we will explain the detailed reasons later. Then, we will focus on the method to embed PDF files into a WordPress page or post. For your convenience, we mainly recommend a plugin named PDF Embedder due to the ease of use and the free version.

Benefits of Embedding PDFs

PDF, a file format, can be a collection of text, images and other information. When running your WordPress site, you may be faced with some situations where you want to or have to display your content in PDF form. Generally speaking, there are two methods for you to share PDFs with your visitors. One is to insert a link to a PDF file and the other is to directly embed it into your WordPress site.

It is a fact that you can make no efforts to insert a PDF document because there is an in-built system inside WordPress. However, your visitors have to click the text link and download the PDF file to view the content, which means that they will be taken away from your website. As a result, your page views will be more or less influenced.

In this situation, it is wise for you to look for a new method to avoid the bad influence by embedding the PDFs into your WordPress post and page. By making the PDF document readable inside the post or page, you can improve the using experience and increase your page views. In this way, your visitors do not need to download PDF files every time and they will remain longer on your WordPress site.

How to Embed and Share PDFs on a WordPress site

Since WordPress is not able to embed PDFs, you need a workaround to achieve your desired effect. In our experience, we recommend the PDF Embedder plugin to work as your helpful assistant. With 90,000 users and 4.5 out of 5 stars, the plugin is absolutely a popular plugin to embed responsive PDF files into a WordPress site.

PDF Embedder is a unique plugin which uses Javascript instead of third-party services and iframes. Since there is no reliant on third-party services, you do not need to worry about their reliability. Unlike iframes, Javascript allows you to have a full control over the appearance of your PDF files. Therefore, this plugin distinguishes itself from others via Javascript.

In order to take advantage of PDF Embedder, there is no doubt that you need to install the plugin at first. You should login to WordPress as an administrator, go to Plugins > Add New page, input "PDF Embedder" in the search bar, and then press "Install Now" button.

PDF Embedder

Upon activation, you only need to embed PDF files in the same way as you add images into your posts or pages. On the existing post or page you want to edit, you need to click on the Add Media button and then upload the PDF document into your Media Library.

Add Media

As long as you insert the PDF file into your WordPress post or page, it will be automatically embedded with the viewer of PDF Embedder.

Insert Media

Though the plugin will automatically display your PDF file in a natural appearance with a proper size and shape, you can also override the default appearance and create a custom one on the screen of Settings > PDF Embedder.

If you make no changes to the width and height, however, the PDFs will maximize the width and height within your page. When you make some changes to the width and height with a number of pixels, the shape will be regulated according to your settings. If you have no idea about how to customize the viewer, you can follow the instructions to configure how your documents display.

For better using experience, you are advised to place a toolbar with Next/Prev buttons at the bottom of your PDF documents and show it only on hover over documents.

PDF Settings

All the above flexibility should attribute to the use of Javascript. At last, do not forget to complete your settings with a click on the save changes button.

Generally speaking, PDF Embedder can help you reach your goal for most mobile browsers. However, you need to know that it is difficult for PDF Embedder to fully display PDFs for small-screen users. If you don't need more advanced features, you can only use the free version of PDF Embedder to meet your needs. If necessary, there are premium versions available for you to present responsive PDFs for all the devices and add a download button to your PDFs.

Final Thought

From this article, you should have found a solution to embed and share PDFs on your WordPress site to increase your page views and gain a better using experience. If you are not satisfied with the default settings of PDF Embedder, it is easy for you to make some changes to the settings by following our guide.