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eHost VS JustHost - Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Oct 24, 2016
eHost VS JustHost - Shared Hosting Comparison eHost has been there for a couple of years, while it only became widely known for cheap shared hosting in the recent one or two years. Comparatively, JustHost has enjoyed a reputation in the shared hosting industry for quite a long time and it now offers various other services in addition to shared hosting, including VPS, dedicated server, and SSL certificates.

These facts remind that the first thing you have to consider when making a choice between the two web hosts is the planned growth of your website. If your site is expected to consume excessive resources soon, you'd better sign up with JustHost.

If the website growth is not your concern, then you can learn the following edges of eHost and JustHost before making the choice. The service ratings are of help.

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eHost Advantages over JustHost

eHost provides a shared hosting plan which includes ample resources but can be purchased at very low rates. And this is where the company's competitive edge lies.

Cheap price for the initial term

The shared plan from eHost is considered as one of the cheapest offerings in the industry. Its regular price is $5.5/mo, while a 50% discount is always available, reducing your cost to $2.75/mo only. $100 Bing ad credits and one free domain are included.

The only thing to pay attention is the renewal price of the plan. Depending on your billing cycle chosen in the initial payment – 1/12/24/36 month(s), you have to spend $5.98/mo to $13.98/mo for the renewal.

JustHost has 3 plans which are priced a little higher. As each plan includes different features and resources, the prices range from $7.99/mo to $23.99/mo. However, special discounts are provided now for those people clicking the promotional link below, so that you can enjoy much lower rates starting from $3.49/mo.

All of JustHost plans include a free domain, and the more expensive plans also come with up to $300 ad credits, dedicated IPs or SSL certificates.

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One plan for all

The single shared hosting plan of eHost is designed for users with all types of needs, so they include rich features, for example, cPanel control panel, auto script installer, unlimited disk space and unlimited email accounts. The common programming features, such as PHP, MySQL and Python, are also available.

JustHost provides all the easy-to-use features offered by eHost, and it even supports more programming features like PostgreSQL. However, for the sake of performance, this company limits the usage of disk storage and the number of databases and email accounts more strictly.

You can see the differences between the two web hosts' features in below.

PlanShared PlanBasic
Disk StorageUnlimited50 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited5
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
One-Click Installer
Free Backups
Cron Jobs
Refund45 DaysAnytime
Regular Price$5.5/mo$7.99/mo
Special Price$2.75/mo$3.49/mo
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JustHost Advantages over eHost

JustHost, with rich experience in offering hosting services that are really needed by webmasters, has been putting lots of emphasis on optimizing the performance of its servers as well as the network. Besides, the company's technical support is great.

Slightly higher uptime

Both eHost and JustHost are reliable shared hosting providers that have been doing very well in uptime. Their data centers are equipped with full redundancy in all the key systems including power supply and air conditioning, so that the maximum availability can be achieved.

Monitoring tells that eHost is able to offer 99.9% uptime in some months, while at most times, the uptime floats between 99.85% and 99.9%. Comparatively, JustHost is much better by guaranteeing 99.9% uptime and keeping this promise fulfilled.

Here you can see the uptime of JustHost.

Faster hosting speed

Fast speed is the most significant factor that differentiates JustHost from eHost. Due to the high-performance networks, custom built and optimized servers, as well as the CDN enabled for all accounts, JustHost provides 50% faster page loads at the normal times.

The server response speed of JustHost, according to monitoring, is even 60% faster. The recent monitoring records are as follows.

More responsive and helpful technical support

If you take a look at the official information, you will see that eHost and JustHost provide the same support methods, such as a knowledgebase, live chat, helpdesk tickets, and phone. Besides, all the support resources are available 24x7.

However, after trying each support method for several times, we finally found the following big differences.
  • The support team of JustHost is more responsive. Most tickets are replied within half an hour, and live chat is answered in seconds. eHost, however, almost triples the time.
  • The support agents of JustHost are more helpful. They are trained to be more patient, answering nearly any question you may ask and providing many hosting tips and suggestions.
  • The company's help articles in the knowledgebase are quite useful, with millions of views.

eHost or JustHost?

eHost offers a cheap and feature-rich shared hosting plan. However, considering the unsatisfying speed and uptime, we don't think it is a better choice than JustHost. The hosting performance is critical to any website, after all.

Therefore, if you value your online presence and don't want to sacrifice the SEO benefits simply for a lower cost, you'd better try JustHost prior to the competitor.