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eHost VS InMotion Hosting on Quality Web Hosting

updated on Nov 30, 2016
eHost VS InMotion Hosting on Quality Web Hosting eHost is a shared hosting provider enjoying increasing popularity in these days. It always focuses on a single shared hosting plan, wishing to meet all kinds of needs. InMotion, however, has been maintaining a large group of loyal customers for a couple of years, and it offers multiple hosting solutions, such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, reseller hosting and managed hosting.

The background information tells that a big difference between the two web hosts is the ability to scale. With eHost, you don't get any choice other than the all-in-one plan, while InMotion allows you to scale at any time based on then-current demands.

In fact, many other differences also exist between them. And in this comparison, we will analyze them one by one. The ratings below are given based on those differences.

RatingeHostInMotion Hosting
Read ReviewseHost ReviewInMotion Review

eHost Advantages over InMotion

The advantages of eHost are mainly the low costs and rich resources. eHost maintains a small edge over InMotion in these aspects.

A little cheaper price

eHost plan comes with quite low prices. When you choose the 3-year term, the current cost is $2.75/mo only instead of the original $5.5/mo. The 50% discount is applied automatically. What you should pay attention are the renewal fees which are $5.98/mo for 3-year terms, $7.98/mo for 2-year terms, and $13.98/mo for 1-month terms.

InMotion has 3 shared hosting plans which don't require high hosting fees, either. Priced from $6.99/mo to $15.99/mo regularly, these plans now can be purchased at $2.95/mo to $7.49/mo only. Up to 57% discounts are available for all new customers. Generally speaking, InMotion charges a little more for the initial term.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Pay attention that InMotion offers many freebies, including a free domain, free website transfers, $250 ads credits, free SSDs, and daily backups. Besides, the refund period is 90 days, 45 days longer than that of eHost.

More websites on one account

For the single plan, eHost allows hosting an unlimited number of domains, and creating unlimited email accounts, databases, and subdomains. InMotion, however, allows hosting 2 sites for the Launch plan, and 6 sites for the Power plan. Besides, the number of subdomains and databases are also limited.

Here is a more detailed comparison between eHost plan and InMotion Launch plan. Pay attention that "unlimited sites" is not always a good thing, because too many sites on one server mean low performance.

FeatureeHostInMotion Hosting
PlanShared PlanLaunch
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited2
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Advertising Credits$250
Full Refund45 Days90 Days
Regular Price$5.5/mo$6.95/mo
Current Price$2.75/mo$2.95/mo
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InMotion Advantages over eHost

Being more experienced, InMotion has many edges when compared with eHost. Besides the scalability, it also offers more advanced features, a longer trial period, faster speed, and better support.

Support for more useful features

Both eHost and InMotion offer cPanel as the control panel, which makes their shared hosting plans easy-to-use. The normal programming features are also available in all the plans. However, InMotion still wins a lot, which you can see from the following features.
  • The common features: PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby, Cron Jobs, .htaccess and SSH.
  • Features exclusive to InMotion: PHP 7, PostgreSQL, WP-CLI, and safe application rollback.

Much faster hosting speed

So far, InMotion has been the fastest shared hosting provider among all the ones we have reviewed. Its strategic data center locations, the free SSDs on all servers, redundant networks with high capacity and unceasing network monitoring all contribute to a fast speed. With no disappointment at all, we find that the company's server response time is no longer than 250ms, and the page loads take about 2 seconds only.

eHost does well in speed by locating its well-configured servers in a reliable data center in Houston, TX which features fast connections to multiple network carriers. However, its server responses and page loads are still over 50% slower than those of InMotion.

Better support

Both eHost and InMotion provide a knowledgebase for quick resolving of the common and simple issues, and they have a real-human support team which is reachable through email, online chat and phone. However, despite the similar information, you may have completely different experiences when asking for support from the two web hosts.

Concluding from various user reviews and our multiple times of trials, we find that InMotion offers much better technical support. Below are the reasons.
  • Its knowledgebase includes thousands of articles covering almost all the basic hosting topics and a lot of advanced tutorials.
  • It provides education channels and many useful tools.
  • The YouTube channel includes helpful video tutorials.
  • Both customers and non-customers can ask questions in the community, and a support staff will reply the questions within minutes.
  • InMotion support team is responsive, answering phone and chat within half a minute, and replying tickets within an hour.

The Similarity Between Them – Good Uptime

eHost places its servers in a Houston data center to power the users. InMotion, on the other hand, houses two self-operated data centers with Dell servers. All the data centers are claimed with redundant networks and power supply.

After searching around on the Internet, we find that there are few complaints about the uptime of either eHost or InMotion, which sounds great. To further confirm that the two web hosts can provide reliable shared hosting, we have been monitoring their services, and the results are the averagely 99.9% uptime for eHost and 99.95% uptime for InMotion.

You can now read the monitoring results of InMotion.

eHost or InMotion?

Our answer is InMotion, not only because it offers much more developer features, but also due to the more helpful support and faster speed that contributes to a better user experience. The hosting cost is also cheap, especially for the renewals. Besides, you can get 90 days to try InMotion, which is quite a highlight.