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3 Best Educational Software for Starting e-Learning

updated on Sep 14, 2014
3 Best Educational Software for Starting e-Learning Nowadays, a great many of people try to find the best educational software for carrying out e-learning activities that can occur in or out of classroom. But many people get confused when they are faced with numerous choices on the market. To relieve hassle, we figure out an overall review to outline three of the best e-learning software on the basis of real customer satisfactions and our dedicatedly-made researches.

We now present more explanations on the specific functions and advantages of the 3 best e-learning software as follows. Read the following part and know more information.


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Moodle, the acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is a free e-learning software and a course management system. It is mostly used by the education theorists and programmers, and is also referred to a verb that gives a description of the process of meandering through something lazily. Besides, anyone using Moodle is called as a moodler because Moodle can be applied to the way it is developed and to the way a teacher or a student approach teaching or studying.

There is a brief list below to display the core features of this software.
  • General Features-Modern and easy-to-use interface that is easy to manage on both mobile devices and desktop; Personalised dashboard which offers a clear view on the current message and tasks; Collaborative tools and activities including working and discussing together in wikis, databases, forums, or more; Simple and intuitive text editor which supplies medias and images as well as exquisite format text.
  • Administrative Features-Customisable site design and layout that allow easily customize a Moodle theme with individual logo; Secure authentication and mass enrolment which enable people to enrol and add users to their courses and site; Multilingual capability that permits users to learn and view course content in their own language; Regular security updates that verify the security of the site with the latest security patches.
  • Course Development and Management Features-Direct learning paths which allow designing and managing courses so as to make classes self-paced, instructor-led, or blended; Embed external resources that consist of teaching materials and materials from other sites; Peer and self-assessment endow built-in activities, such as workshop and surveys which is prepared for learns to grade, view and assess themselves.
Educational Software - Moodle


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As an open source e-learning and content management system, Claroline allows teachers to hold effective online courses and to manage collaborative and learning activities on the web. What's more, it is supported by the Chamilo Association whose goal is to promote the software and keep maintenance of an easy-to-access communication channel. It is translated into 35 languages and owns a large amount of users worldwide and developers' communities.

Claroline is built on the basis of a flexible instructional model and it owns a wide range of tools for teachers and learners to establish or operate a pedagogical method which promotes learning. Moreover, it is an open to all and stable platform which offers easy-to-use space for collaboration or training without any special technical skill required.

In addition, this software is mainly developed in PHP and runs on a WAMP or LAMP system on the server side. In terms of its client side, it requires a modern web browser and alternatively requires the flash plugin to acquire advanced features. Likewise, the main highlighted features of the software are listed below.
  • Management of documents and links, creation of online exercises and development of learning path.
  • Coordinate group work, chat and forum discuss, agenda and announcements organize.
  • Assignment and wiki procedure, users' and statistics' supervise.
Educational Software - Claroline


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As a modern and robust platform for e-learning, eFront is made up of essential enterprise functionality which ranges from branch management and skill-gap analysis to tailor-made reports. Additionally, it offers alternative options for people to choose among three categories including Enterprise, Educational and Open-source.

In terms of its specific functions, there are many useful and helpful features available as follows.
  • Enterprise-Branch management which works to reflect the organizational hierarchy; Skills management with which people can create, use and assign skills to confirm whether everyone knows; Skills-lesson correlation which is used to assign skills to employees to successfully accomplish their lessons or courses; File manager and digital library that enable uploading, using, organizing and sharing files with any other system user.
  • Educational-Archive that permits moving old users and lessons without deleting them; Skill gap tests helps to identify the skill your students need and personalizes the training paths for them; Payments with support for discounts, recurring payments and user balances.
  • Open-source-User management where users' roles can be re-created on the basis of individual need; Glossary whose descriptions can be merged to the real content; Projects responsible for assigning projects with deadlines to end-users and record their progress.
Educational Software - eFront

Trust-worthy Web Host for the 3 Software

As a reliable and user-friendly web host can add more favorable and additional features to the 3 software we have discussed above, we also recommend some of best hosting providers for users based on our long-terms investigations and experience.