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Great Inspirations for E-Commerce Website Design

updated on Nov 16, 2017
Great Inspirations for E-Commerce Website Design Setting up an e-commerce website is not a hard thing now. There are a lot of e-commerce related software you can use to make the starting just a breeze. The common options include WordPress + WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and Shopify. All of these can help the even first-users to start selling something without much hassle. However, running a successful e-commerce is not just the selling of the products or services. You also need to focus more about the overall design, which is a core point to boost your conversion rate and improve the user experience. It is true that you can choose among various pre-designed themes for website decoration. But the following great inspirations for e-commerce website design still can help you a lot.

Image Is the King

Unlike the common blog sites that view the textual content as the top priority. Most e-commerce websites should regard the product photography as the king. Surely, there are some exceptions like the online stores selling the virtual items.

If you need to show people about your real products, you must make sure that there are clean and clear spaces to display the high-quality product images. Human beings are the visual creatures. The HD images can catch people’s eyes automatically. And also, the great images can showcase and prove the trustability and professionalism of a website.

In this case, you should make sure that your website has a proper layout to portrait your images in a beautiful way. Even, people can get the information needed from the image showcase directly.

Here is a minor tip we need to mention that do not only showcase the image of your products. People want to know what they can get after making the purchase. In this case, you can also show some images demonstrating the products in action. For instance, if your site sells clothes mainly, only the image for the cloth itself is not enough. You can also show the photo-shoot of some models wearing your cloths.

Image Is the King

Fast Navigation

The navigation system is important for any kinds of websites. Here, you should make sure that your navigation bar is fast ans easy. In this case, your potential customers can be shown around different products, services, tags and categories easily.

Especially, if your website is content rich that sells plenty of items, you'd better categorize them into different groups. And then, you must put these categories into your navigation menu intelligently so that people can find their targets easily.

When designing a navigation bar, if the least smart person can go through your site easily, then, all your readers can.

Match Your Niche

The overall design you develop or the theme you choose should be able to reflect your niche and industry. For instance, if your store sells some IT products, you'd better not to make your website a pink one. If your site sells jewellery, you’d better design it with some luxuriant elements but not the cute rabbits.

Try Simple Design

Now, many webmasters prefer the complicated website design that has some great details. It is true that this kind of website design is interesting and eye-catching. But for an e-commerce site, less is more. After all, your customers will face tons of information - product images, prices, introduction and many more. Having too many design details may overwhelm them. In this case, you can try the minimalistic design that is still rich enough to show your efforts and professionalism.

Simple Design

Advanced Search Bar

To make your e-commerce site user-friendly, you need an advanced search bar. Sometimes, people have no time or patience to go through your whole site or some categories to look for what they want. They just want to search for the keywords to find their targets and to decide whether to make an online deal. In this case, the search bar is really important, which can be found at any page of your site in an obvious location. Personally, we think the “above content” location and the “top sidebar” section are the good places to display the search bar.

Mobile Optimization

A responsive design is really important for the e-commerce site, especially with the fact that more and more people prefer to purchase using their phones. In this case, you have to make sure that your website showcases properly with the mobile version. Here, we cannot deny that it is hard for you to make the mobile version exactly the same as the desktop version. What you need to do is to adjust the design to achieve the smooth visiting and purchasing experience for your customers.

Mobile Optimization

Add Some Special Elements

You should give your customers the easy way to figure out whether the products on your site are worth purchasing or not. In this case, you'd better leave some areas for adding the following minor aspects.
  • Product review - This is the evidence to tell customers how quality your product or service is.
  • Ads section - This is an optional option. If you want to sell ads to earn money, you'd better leave a special area.
  • Login and signup - This is the must-have section. Considering the security point, you cannot give people’s right to make a purchase without the profile login.
  • Related items and hot items - This section is useful for new customers, from where they can know what is hot on your site and what is new.

Logo, Title and Brand Image

You should tell people who you are and help them remember you easily. If they feel what you sell is great, they can go back to you easily. For this, the clear display of logo and title is useful, which can build up the brand image quickly.

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