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Drupal Commerce Review – Is It A Good Option for eCommerce

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Drupal Commerce Review – Is It A Good Option for eCommerce As an open source eCommerce framework, Drupal Commerce is designed to build flexible eCommerce websites and applications based on Drupal. But this software is not as familiar and acquainted as Drupal by the public. And it is common that people hosting online business would get confused about whether it is a good option for eCommerce.

To clear the mist and to see that it is really a good choice for eCommerce, we make the following in-depth and unbiased analysis on Drupal Commerce. Read the remained part and know more about the reasons to choose it for hosting online business activities. Or you can get more of its relevant information on the official site.

There are multiple convincing reasons as follows for hosting eCommerce with Drupal Commerce.

Open-Source and Free Project

Drupal Commerce is indeed an open source software so that you can get access to all of its included features for free. Besides, as licensed under the GPL and focused on community, it can be reached by merchants worldwide.

Drupal 7-Based Functionality

Drupal 7 Based Functionality This software inherits the greatest and newest features of Drupal 7 as well as the main contributed modules, such as rules and views. And it means that you are able to make full use of the same other useful modules in Drupal to expand your website's functionality over hundreds and thousands of websites.

Easy-to-Handle Installing and Configuration

This software can be easily and quickly installed or configured by adopting the Commerce Kickstart – one of the most important distributions of Drupal Commerce software. Moreover, it includes the newest version of Drupal Commerce and Drupal core. Kickstart offers you bountiful options to build rich-featured and out-of-box demo store with the attractive themes, catalogues and search configuration involved.

Rich and Useful eCommerce Features

Drupal Commerce makes you capable of creating your own eCommerce solutions by making as few hard-coded assumptions as possible about your business demands. The core systems of this software can provide you with an overall product administrative system, checkout form and shopping cart. Besides, it is multi-lingual and multi-currency with more available usability enhancements and eCommerce features.

Customizable and Continuously Expanding Support

This software is able to adapt to your growing business needs. It means that although your website is built up by configuring interfaces and modules, its business layout and logic are right to change going along with you all the time.

Furthermore, this software adopts the same methods as Drupal uses for some heavily trafficked sites, such as and It means that it even allows your business websites to process millions of transactions one day.

Social and Constantly Innovative Property

Social and Innovative Property Drupal Commerce allows your website to be easily integrated with main social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or others. By using those social methods, you can get to know where your customers are once they login and share as well as promote your products with their friends over the Internet.

As is known that only the change will never change, Drupal Commerce is no different. To keep competitive and cutting-edged, every new version of contributed and core modules are always open to constant changes and innovations in architecture or the UI.

Various Themes and Flexible Interface

By using this software's theme layer, you can have a complete reign on the look of your store. It endows a large number of free or premium themes for you to choose. Moreover, this software does not make any assumptions on your product display needs, and you can manage the data objects, business logic, layouts and page by using its flexible and core interface.

Professional Support Team

Its support team – Commerce Guys, always provides professional support for your Drupal Commerce sites with co-operating with Delivery Partners. They can be contacted 24x7 for any business enterprise problems or requires.


Based on what we have discussed above, we can reach the conclusion that Drupal Commerce is really a wise option for eCommerce as it has many noted, useful and rich features for you to host online business.

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