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Best Drupal Calendar Modules for Organizing Events & Activities

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Best Drupal Calendar Modules for Organizing Events & Activities The basic benefit of utilizing content management systems is their ability to amend the functionality by adding more add-ons. Drupal is the most amazing content management system that has around 24,000 modules. For those who do not know, a module is a term that is used for add-ons and plug-ins in the community of Drupal.

These modules can carry out a large number of tasks for backing up the database in order to provide UI tools to the users. This way, they can easily repair the outlook of the website without changing the codes. This article contains a list of Drupal Calendar Modules which can be utilized for arranging activities and events.

In addition, we have selected 5 of the best Drupal SEO modules that work for good search engines. Besides, we have worked out a step-by-step tutorial to teach our readers how to install Drupal modules before. Now, move on to learn details on the Drupal calendar modules and choose one you like best.


Download Calendar Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - CalendarThis module displays the view date field in the formats of calendar. This also includes CCK fields of dates, updated dates and nodes that are created. It also provides next and back navigation to all the viewers. Most of the functionalities of Calendar are obtained from Date module. Therefore, if you want to update the Calendar module, you can also have to update the Date module to the latest version to get the benefits.


Download Date Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - DateThis module consists of flexible date/time field type Data field as well as a Date API, which can be used by various other modules too. The D5 and D6 versions of Date field needs CKK module. However, the D7 version of this field functions with core functionality of the field. This module is considered necessary for the functionality of a calendar module. It needs to be updated when the calendar module is updated in order to get the utility.


Download Scheduler Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - SchedulerThis module permits the nodes to get published and unpublished on certain dates. Dates can be easily incorporated in the form of calendar pop-ups, or they can also be entered in the form of plain texts. You must install the module of date pop-up in order to utilize the calendar pop-ups. It is a part of Date module too.

The updates of this module consist of extra features, improvements in the usability, enhancements and bug fixes.

It is important for you to know that Scheduler is not the work of a single person. It is used by many people. Scheduler contains translations, Thomas patches and screen casts in it.

Event Calendar

Download Event Calendar Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - Event calendarThis module allows the users to add and edit the events in pop-up by clicking on the box that is present in the option of "event calendar view". Calendar display format is utilized by this module and provides the users with its own kind of content and view. The module manages the colors of these events on the basis of their status, which can be easily set on the pages of configuration. This module also provides the webmasters with the ability to change the mailing systems and event status.

You do not have to incorporate the kind of content and import views to the events. This module has a very simple user interface for the webmasters for managing the mailing system. This module also makes use of the format of calendar for creating “event calendar view”. Therefore, it depends on the Calendar module.


Download Event Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - EventThis is the simplest module among all the Drupal calendar modules, which helps in keeping the track of events. It also shows these events to the users in the display of variant calendars. It further provides event API, which allows the other modules for storing and working with the date data.

Various versions of this module have been rewritten by various web experts. Basic event module is also included in the contribution directory. This enables the module to give an event node without using CKK.

Calendar Tooltips

Download Calendar Tooltips Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - Calendar TooltipsThe basic purpose of this module is to display tooltip, balloon and pop-up when you drift over a period of the day on the blocks of calendar. This tooltip consists of events lists that keep on occurring on that specific day.

Generally, you can override the theme functions and write the custom codes of PHP for accomplishing this work. The module needs CKK, Calendar, Views and Date modules. It is also dependant on the Beauty tips module in order to draw the tooltips.

Open Atrium Events

Download Open Atrium Events Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - Open Atrium EventsThis module adds up to the Calendars and Events to the Open Atrium 2 distribution. The features of this module include event content type, full support to location, and full support to Date, etc. It also utilizes Full Calendar module for improving the usability of the calendar. It provides color codes to the calendar events through Color module.


Download Agenda Module

Best Drupal Calendar Modules - AgendaWith the help of this module, you can display a list of events from Google Calendar in the form of a block on the website. It downloads the events automatically and then the events are cached from the IDs of calendar that are specified in the page of Agenda administration. You can add an infinite amount of calendars and colors for all the calendars that are easily specified in the file of CSS.