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DreamHost VS WebHostingHub - Which is Better for Personal and Small Business

updated on Oct 13, 2017
DreamHost VS WebHostingHub - Which is Better for Personal and Small Business DreamHost and WebHostingHub are 2 web hosting providers specialized in Linux hosting, but which one is better for personal and small business in terms of the web hosting price, features, reliability, performance and technical support? This question might be haunting those people who cannot decide which to go with due to the lack of comprehensive knowledge about them.

To solve this problem, we have made an in-depth comparison between them, aiming at helping readers have a clear idea that which company provides the things they need.

Editorial Rating

At this time of writing, our editors have been hosting a sample site with the web hosting plans from both DreamHost and WebHostingHub for more than 3 months. Based on the real hosting experience, we have had ratings for them on the aspects of overall service, reliability, control panel and support.

Editorial RatingDreamHostWebHostingHub
Plan in ComparisonHappy HostingSpark
Control Panel
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Web Hosting Price

Both of the 2 web hosts have prepared affordable shared web hosting plan for personal and small businesses. Regularly, the price of DreamHost shared hosting plan starts from $10.95/mo, but new customers can get a discount and cut down the cost to $7.95/mo.

WebHostingHub offers 3 shared hosting plans. The regular prices start from $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $10.99/mo regularly. However, WebHostingHub is now offering discounts for new customers, thus the effective price is actually as low as $3.99/mo. Read the detailed price information in the following table. Note that all the prices are discounted.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Both of the 2 companies offer attractive extras in the web hosting plans. DreamHost provides a free domain for life, free domain privacy and $100 Google AdWords credits. WebHostingHub prepares a free domain for the first year, $100 Google AdWords credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo search credits and $50 Twitter advertising credits.


DreamHost and WebHostingHub have a large number of similar features, such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby on Rails and SSH. There are also differences between them, like the control panel and the script installer. WebHostingHub uses cPanel with Softaculous, while DreamHost adopts a custom contorl panel which includes a feature-limited script installer. With WebHostingHub, there is also a website builder available for you to build your website without spending much time. Therefore, it is clear that WebHostingHub ensures easier hosting experience.

For the information about some other features, read the table below.

Plan in ComparisonHappy HostingSpark
Control PanelDreamHost Control PanelcPanel
Hosted DomainsUnlimited2
Custom PHP.ini
Custom Cronjobs
Website Builder
Money Back Guarantee97 Days90 Days

One of the reasons why you hesitate to go with a new hosting provider is to worry about your money security. Both DreamHost and WebHostingHub provide you with an industry leading full money-back guarantee. The worry-free time is as long as 97 and 90 days during which you can have a better understanding of their service quality. What's more, WebHostingHub also reduces your risk to try their service with the support for a pro-rated refund after 90 days. In our reviewing history, WebHostingHub is one of few web hosts who make an anytime money back guarantee.

Reliability & Performance

DreamHost hasn't invested any dedicated data center. Instead, the company keeps partnering with a collocation provider for server and networking service. As we monitored in the past 3 months, the uptime of DreamHost averages 99.92% which is good.

Being different from DreamHost, WebHostingHub has 2 data centers located on the east and west coast of the US, both of which are utilizing 100% high performance Dell servers and 24x7 server monitoring. As a result, WebHostingHub delivers an average of 99.95% real uptime.

In terms of speed, the 2 companies have almost the same good performance, although WebHostingHub has a slight edge in this aspect. According to our monitoring results, the server response time of DreamHost is 500ms on average, and that of WebHostingHub is 400ms. Read the statistics of the past 30 days in the following chart.

Technical Support

Subscribing to the web hosting plan offered by DreamHost, customers get access to free support via email and live chat. The efficiency and accuracy of the email support have gained the company a lot of praises. However, you should note that there is no free phone support.

WebHostingHub provides US based 24x7 support free of charge via email, live chat and phone. The support staffs are guaranteed to make a response to customers' requests within 90 seconds even in the middle night. We have called them and contacted them online for several times, and their responsiveness and courteous manner impressed us.

Our recommendation

Due to the fact that WebHostingHub has slightly better performance and cost-effectiveness, we would recommend this company more for hosting personal websites and small businesses. The cheaper hosting fees, feature offerings, better hosting environment, and technical support should be the reasons why WebHostingHub is the better hosting provider. Also, the anytime refund policy is an encouragement for you to take the fist step towards this web host.

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