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DreamHost VS iPage – Which Is Better for Personal Hosting?

updated on Oct 23, 2017
DreamHost VS iPage – Which Is Better for Personal Hosting? As DreamHost and iPage both are big brands with a large customer base, we have made a comparison between them to figure out which one is more suitable for hosting personal websites. To ensure that this comparison is unbiased, we have personally used the shared hosting service from these 2 companies for more than half a year and kept monitoring their performance.

In the following parts, we have compared the most important aspects of the 2 companies – web hosting price, feature, uptime, speed and technical support. Here are the brief ratings of them.

Plan in ComparisonHappy HostingEssential Plan
Loading Speed
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Green Hosting

iPage is one of the green web hosts with the purchase of renewable credits to offset the pollution their data centers, servers, and office produce. In addition, their customers are provided with green badges to better protect our environment. Thus iPage is a good choice for those who also want their website to be eco-friendly.

In contrast, DreamHost focuses on providing web hosting services, ignoring their social responsibility to fight against global warming. On the official website, we have not found what measures DreamHost has taken for the environmental protection. From this perspective, iPage deserves the greater reputation in the hosting field.

Price & Features

There is a similarity between DreamHost and iPage – both of them offer only one package in terms of shared web hosting. The package from the former company is priced from $10.95/mo regularly, including free domain registration for life and $100 Google AdWords credits when the subscription fee is over $25. However, a promotion is going on now with which the price is reduced to $7.95/mo.

iPage all-in-one package named Essential Plan has the similar regular price as its competitor which is $7.99/mo. However, as the company is now offering a limited-time 75% discount for all customers singing up through the promotional link below, the price is as low as $1.99/mo.

The Essential Plan comes with a large number of free features and extras with over $500 value, including $100 Google AdWords credits, $25 Bing/Yahoo search credits, $50 Facebook ads credits, free YP Business Listing, ShopSite ($20/mo value), and add-on SiteLock. Also, an anytime money back guarantee is available to secure customers' payments.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

When it comes to web hosting features, both of the companies are outstanding as they both provide unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, MySQL 5 databases and email accounts, and allow hosting unlimited domains on a single account. The largest difference lies in the control panel they utilize as DreamHost uses a custom web-based account control panel while iPage adopts cPanel to ensure an easier way to get started. The comparison of some other features is as the following table.

Plan in ComparisonHappy HostingEssential Plan
Control PanelDreamHost Control PanelcPanel
Free Domain
Site Builder
1-Click Script Installer
Secure FTP
Current Price$7.95/mo$1.99/mo
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On the evaluation of their price and feature, it is clear that iPage comes with a higher price value. iPage is more perfect for those who have a tight budget. And we are going to check their ability on uptime, speed, and support. In this way, you will have a clear idea which one is better for personal hosting.

Uptime & Speed

Performance DreamHost commits to provide 100% uptime. That sounds impossible for shared hosting, but you should know the guarantee excludes the downtime caused by previously announced scheduled maintenance.

As a large company with over 1 million customers, iPage has taken reliability very seriously. Operating 2 data centers, the company equips both of them with uninterrupted power supply and diesel backup generator. Besides, the company hosts all customers' websites in a pooled server environment which ensures websites are still accessible even when they meet server failure as every server in the data centers is backed clustered with another one.

We have kept monitoring the uptime of the 2 companies since we began to use their services, and the results of the past 30 days are as following.
  • DreamHost: Averages 99.92%.
  • iPage: Averages 99.95%.

Besides uptime, we have also monitored the server response speed of both companies and found that DreamHost is slightly faster. The reasons for this result vary much, while the most important one, according to our review, should be the utilization of SSDs and CDN. Read the detailed monitoring statistics in the following chart.

Technical Support

Technical Support iPage surpasses its competitor a little in communication channels as it offers a toll-free phone number as well as live chat and a ticket system. The support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DreamHost also provides email and live chat support for free. For email support, DreamHost has done a good job by ensuring the responsiveness and accuracy. We have submitted several tickets and each of them was responded within 2 hours. The support representatives are also professional and kind enough. But for phone support, you have to pay $14.95/mo to enjoy the service.

Which Is Better for Personal Hosting?

From our judgement, iPage, considering the cost, reliability and web hosting features, is more suitable for people who own or plan to set up a personal blog or some other small websites with a low cost.