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DreamHost VS InMotion Hosting - Small Business Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 19, 2017
DreamHost VS InMotion Hosting - Small Business Web Hosting Comparison We have to admit that DreamHost and InMotion Hosting both are popular among the public, but which one of the two is better for small businesses? The DreamHost vs InMotion Hosting comparison will answer this question in a professional manner.

Based on our real hosting experience and careful analyses of the two companies' community reputation, price, features, reliability, speed and technical support, we have made the following comparison to help you choose the right hosting to achieve a faster success.

Note that the results are 100% objective, coming from our personal experience with these two web hosts and the real feedbacks collected from verified customers.

RatingDreamHostInMotion Hosting
Plan in ComparisonHappy HostingLaunch
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews611258
Customer Rating
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Community Reputation

Both with 10+ years' web hosting experience, InMotion have always enjoyed high reputations in the community. However, according to the real customer reviews we have received by now, InMotion gains a slightly better customer satisfaction compared to DreamHost.

Based on the 1258 InMotion real customer reviews, InMotion is rated 4.92 of 5. 98.9% of the customers are satisfied with InMotion overall performance and 98.6% of them have no complaint about InMotion reliability.


DreamHost offers only one shared hosting package to meet the demands of personal users and small businesses. The plan is originally priced from $10.95/mo, but now you can get up to 27% discount for $7.95/mo if you have not opened any account with DreamHost before. To be honest, these prices are a little bit higher than the industry average.

As for InMotion, its shared Business Hosting includes 3 plans called Launch, Power and Pro whose prices start at $6.99/mo. But for visitors going through the following promotional link, InMotion will give up to 57% discounts with which the effective prices start at $2.95/mo. $250 marketing credits are also included.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation


The aspect of hosting features is pretty essential for comparing DreamHost and InMotion Hosting. In this case, we have made a deep insight of their feature lists to figure out whether they can ensure all the services and tools you may need to set up and control your site without much hassle.

If you sign up with InMotion Hosting, you can surely enjoy an unlimited volume of monthly bandwidth and disk space, multiple websites hosted on a single hosting account, free services for website transfer and backup, up to $250 vouchers for online marketing, e-commerce compatibility with almost all the shopping cart solutions, SSH access, cPanel control panel and all the programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl. To be frank, no matter which kind of website you are going to set up, InMotion Hosting can ensure you the most effortless and easiest hosting experience.

If you choose to go with DreamHost, you can also get a large number of useful features. However, we have to mention that DreamHost does not offer the cPanel branded control panel, but a custom option. After trying these two kinds of control panels, we can conclude that the cPanel one is much more user-friendly, along with more features and functions to help you manage everything easily. In addition, DreamHost offers less free extras as compared with InMotion Hosting. For instance, they only include $100 advertising credits for Google search engines, and do not ensure the free integration for all the Google applications and the risk-free service of script roll-back.

FeatureDreamHostInMotion Hosting
Plan in ComparisonHappy HostingLaunch
Operating SystemUbuntuCentOS
Control PanelCustom Control PanelcPanel
Ruby on Rails
Data Backup
Uptime Guarantee100%99.9%
Money Back Guarantee97 days90 Days
Ads Credits$100$250
ConclusionNot RecommendedRecommended


DreamHost is among the few web hosts we have reviewed that guarantee 100% uptime. It seems that the company is more than confident in the reliability of the servers and network it utilizes. As we monitored, DreamHost uptime in the last month was 99.92%, good but not as excellent as what promised.

InMotion's 2 data centers in Los Angeles and Virginia are utilizing the first-line Dell servers which were tested for multiple times before coming into use. Besides, InMotion uses multiple layers of redundancy and carrier-grade network core from Brocade to guarantee the best possible uptime. Since we began to monitor the performance of InMotion, our sites hosted with the company have rarely suffered from any latency or downtime.


We have tested the server response of DreamHost and InMotion. Actually, DreamHost performs well, but its performance is not yet as good as that of InMotion. We are not surprised at this result at all, because InMotion applies many more advanced technologies to ensure the sites hosted with it can be shown to visitors in the shortest possible time, such as Max Speed Zone technology and peering with more than 4 tier-1 ISP's via BGP. Note that both companies utilize SSDs on their shared servers.

Technical Support

DreamHost doesn't provide free support via a general support phone number. Instead, the company offers support mainly through email and live chat. If you'd like a real support staff as soon as you are stuck in a technical problem, you need to pay an additional plan named Premium Support priced at $14.95/mo which includes several phone callbacks.

In comparison, InMotion allows customers to easily contact the professional support team within 90 seconds via live chat, email and toll-free phone number. Another highlight is that InMotion has kept an extensive knowledgebase which includes multiple education channels and useful video tutorials.

DreamHost Advantages over InMotion

The two web hosts have similarities in some aspects like uptime and refund guarantee. However, they both possess their own personality and offer something greater than the other. Generally speaking, DreamHost is doing well in the following perspectives.

All-in-one unlimited hosting plan

DreamHost web hosting plan comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, sub-domains, etc. Besides, it allows users to manage unlimited domains at one time without paying additional fees. For InMotion, the cheaper Launch and Power plans set limits on the number of hosted domains, and only the Pro plan includes unlimited websites and databases. Pay attention that InMotion offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for all plans.

97 days refund guarantee

DreamHost provides one of the longest refund periods – 97 days although the industry standard is 30 days. This ensures a trial period which is long enough for trying the services. InMotion is still excellent by allowing 90 days.

With both companies, the domain names, SSL certificates and any third-party services are non-refundable.

Multiple billing allowed

DreamHost allows both yearly billing and monthly billing for its all-in-one plan. This is convenient for newbies who only want to have a try on the hosting solution with a one-month purchasing.

InMotion Hosting, however, only allows the yearly billing for the popular Launch Plan and the Power Plan.

InMotion Advantages over DreamHost

To be honest, InMotion owns many more advantages in the comparison. Below are the most obvious ones that could convince most webmasters to choose them instead of DreamHost.

Cheap offers with upgrade options

InMotion offers 3 shared hosting plans while its competitor only has one. The more plans are available, the more choices users will have. With InMotion, beginners can purchase a cheap plan at $3.49/mo first, and then make an upgrade when the needs grow.

In addition, All of InMotion plans include a free domain, free website transfers and $250 advertising credits, which not only reduces the cost, but also saves the trouble in transferring an existing website.

Easier hosting experience

cPanel is the #1 Linux web hosting control panel because it comes with the best interface and features. That is why InMotion adopts it for all web hosting plans. As for DreamHost, this company develops their own control panel and installer which are tested to be not as easy-to-use as cPanel. With cPanel, you can better manage various hosting service without the need to master technical skills.

Since InMotion knows how big of a pain it can be to manually install scripts, this web host enables you to install more than 400 applications with the free 1-click installer. There are online shopping carts, CMS platforms, and more available for you. With DreamHost, however, you have access to fewer applications.

Besides, it is kind for InMotion to offer preinstallation service. You just need to select the applications you want to install on your website during the checkout process. Then InMotion will install them for you so that you take no time to make use of them. And if your updated application breaks the desired layout, InMotion also enables you to easily roll the current version back to a previous one. However, DreamHost lacks these offerings.

Super-fast hosting speed

As is illustrated above, InMotion is over two times faster than DreamHost in the server response. Websites, especially online stores, will need a fast speed to succeed since a slow site has no value.

Free 24x7 phone support

DreamHost charges a high rate for phone support, while InMotion does not. Moreover, InMotion has added another support method – Skype – on their website. Users can click on the Skype button to call the sales or support team with ease. This new communication method brings much convenience for those who like staying in contact on Skype.

DreamHost VS InMotion hosting > Which Is More Suitable for Small Business

Based on what we have discussed above, we can naturally draw the conclusion that InMotion is the better hosting option for small businesses. The availability of cPanel, Softaculous installer, faster speed and better support are all the convincing reasons.

Go with InMotion Hosting