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DreamHost VPS Hosting Review - You Must Read Before Go

updated on Sep 06, 2015
DreamHost VPS Hosting Review - You Must Read Before Go As a renowned and high-quality shared hosting provider, DreamHost now offers several VPS packages for webmasters dreaming for more advanced hosting features and server resources. To spotlight the quality of this company's VPS hosting plan, we have kept careful monitoring for no less than six months and analyzed the real customers' reviews.

In below, we will take a profound and comprehensive review on DreamHost VPS hosting from the aspects of cost, features, reliability, speed as well as technical support. At the first place, we would like to show the company's reputation, VPS feature, reliability, speed, price and customer support. More detailed information is displayed as follows.
DreamHost VPS Hosting Review
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What's in the Deal?

Like many other VPS hosting providers, DreamHost has released multiple VPS hosting packages for webmasters who are experiencing heavy website traffic, rapid growth and running sophisticated online applications.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Plans and Price

There are 4 plans which charge for different fees depending on the amount of RAM and storage included. The plans include at least 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD storage. For each of the other plans, it doubles the previous plan in both cost and resources. Check more details as below.
  • Start Here - The primary plan, which comes with 1 GB RAM and 30 GB storage, is now available at $15/mo for new subscriptions.
  • Most Popular – The most popular plan with 2 GB RAM and 60 GB storage, which is now pricing at $30/mo.
  • Go Bigger – This plan includes 4 GB RAM and 120 GB storage, pricing at $60/mo.
  • Max It Out – It is the most resourceful plan great for the websites with high demand of hosting resources, including 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage, which is pricing at $120/mo.

Purchase a VPS plan by going through the following promotional link.

DreamHost Promotional Link Activation

Besides, the plans are more cost-effective than most of VPS hosting companies on the market because DreamHost supplies customers with up to $100 AdWords credits for Google. Furthermore, it needs to point out that both of the VPS and shared hosting plans support the 97-day full money back guarantee.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Resources Allocation

DreamHost offers a large number of essential hosting features. In addition to sufficient RAM and SSD storage, some other resources are allocated to each hosted site without limitation, including domains, monthly bandwidth, email accounts and FTP/sFTP users. Besides that, there are more possibilities available for customers.
  1. This web host offers its unique web-based control panel with which webmasters are allowed to configure the accounts, modify the MySQL databases, create email aliases, and accomplish many other tasks.
  2. DreamHost provides a one-click auto installer on its VPS hosting server, which means that customers are capable of quickly installing and upgrading some popular applications, such as photo galleries, calendars, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress, MediaWiki and Joomla or more.
  3. This company supports countless useful programming features including anonymous FTP accounts|, daily access statistics, free data back-ups, password-protected directories, .htacess and SSL secure server. When it comes to the domains, DreamHost endows free domain WHOIS privacy and unlimited domain forwarded or mirrored as well as custom DNS, not to mention the unlimited hosted domains and subdomains.

In-Depth Review on DreamHost VPS Uptime and Speed

DreamHost makes good on the promise of excellent uptime

As an outstanding representative of quality web hosting provider, DreamHost claims to provide customers with the most excellent web hosting experience they have ever had by making a solid and firm commitment of providing 100% network uptime. What's more, this company promises to offer one-day free hosting for each one hour of the server interruption and guarantees to assess the users' support ticket for reporting the problem within a few minutes.

According to the monitoring result in the past months, we find the average uptime of DreamHost is 99.99% which seems a little lower than what this company has promised. But if the maintenance is not calculated into the downtime, the uptime should be very close to 100%.

DreamHost can achieve high performance

In terms of the speed, this company is able to supply customers with satisfying and high-performance hosting experience by making use of first-rated network infrastructure and world-class servers with SSDs. Our day-and-night monitoring result on the server response time has approved the conclusion.

Whether DreamHost Can Offer Award-Winning Technical Support?

The customer support is a top concern for hosting a site, especially for many beginners who have not acquired enough professional skills and knowledge.

Communication Method

DreamHost supplies its users with free support through ticket system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. What's more, this web host gives quantities of documentations and frequently asked hosting issues.

The only pity is that DreamHost does not offer free phone support. If you want a call from the support team, you will have to pay extra $14.95/mo. But according to our experience, in most cases, there is no need for a phone call, as most web hosts mainly offers solutions through emails.

DreamHost Wiki Page

DreamHost experts keep publishing anything useful on the wiki page. That helps webmasters search for an answer without the need to contact support staffs. The wiki page includes categories of beginner's guide, popular articles and advanced tutorials, in terms of control panel, WordPress, account setup, and so on.

DreamHost Forum

DreamHost sets a forum to collect any questions and answers posted by users. Webmasters are encouraged to initiate discussion or express their opinions. That is a great way to exchange experience with some professional webmasters.

Summary – DreamHost VPS Hosting Is Worth Going

Having analyzed the VPS hosting of DreamHost, we find that its price is affordable and its features are rich and outstanding. The uptime and speed are so powerful for webmasters hosting big eCommerce sites. Therefore, for people looking for reliable and affordable VPS hosting plans, DreamHost is quite a good choice.