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DotNetNuke vs WordPress – Web CMS Comparison

updated on Feb 06, 2017
DotNetNuke vs WordPress – Web CMS Comparison DotNetNuke and WordPress are among the largest content management systems being used out there. These systems are booming over a period of time because of the effective benefits they render to the users. If you are trying to select one among them, you have to survey the differences and similarities which are shared by both of them.

By carrying out a detailed comparison of DotNetNuke vs WordPress, you can surely be able to make an accurate decision. This article is going to help you in comparing the two content management systems on some basic factors including ease of use, popularity, technical requirements, theme & plugin, and using experience.

Ease of Use
Business Use
Theme & Plugin

Ease of Use

The interface of DotNetNuke (DNN) has been created into the website design directly. You just have to navigate through your website in order to make your required changes. The more you navigate, the more you can understand. On the other hand, WordPress consists of an intuitive interface for an administrator that can be used and managed with merely no learning curve. DotNetNuke is considered to be less easy to use as compared with that of WordPress. Most of the users claim that they find WordPress easier to be used.


WordPress is more popular as compared with that of DotNetNuke. As researched online, even a new blogger who enters into the website building field for the first time is aware of the existence of WordPress. On the other hand, most of the web users and bloggers are not aware of DotNetNuke. It is a less popular content management system among the web users. This makes WordPress better to be used than DotNetNuke.


DotNetNuke VS WordPress on Platform DotNetNuke has been written in VB.NET language on the basis of platforms that further include Cloud and ASP.NET. On the other hand, WordPress has been written in PHP language and is on the basis of MySQL for data storage. MySQL is a very recent platform for content management systems which is being preferred by most of the web designers and developers these days. This is how, WordPress is much better to be used than DotNetNuke.

Operating Systems

WordPress is a cross platform. On the other hand, DotNetNuke is used on the Cloud or the OS of Microsoft Windows. WordPress has a better user interface and has a lot to offer to the users.


The sole purpose of the development of DotNetNuke is content management. All the webmasters who only require to manage and to administrate their website’s content can use this software easily. On the other hand, WordPress is not only used as content management system but it also serves as a perfect tool for blogging. Webmasters can use this opportunity for attaining excellent ROI.

Themes & Plugins

DotNetNuke VS WordPress on Design DotNetNuke does not have any free plugins and themes for the users. The functionality of these themes and plugins can only be expanded with the help of modules that are obtained from third parties. Whereas WordPress contains a large sum of premium themes and plugins which are free to be downloaded. These themes and plugins could be easily downloaded from the official website of

Browsers Compatibility

The best thing about WordPress is that it can work well on all the browsers. On the other hand, DotNetNuke can only be used on Internet Explorer. This makes WordPress better and more compatible to be used as compared with DotNetNuke.

Social Networking

DotNetNuke VS WordPress on Social Networking You cannot share pages and posts on social media networks when you are using DotNetNuke. It does not allow you to share links, pages, and words on your websites that are coming from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and many more. WordPress, on the other hand, allows you to share posts and links on all the social media networks. Even, you can create Facebook ads, add Google Plus button, add Facebook comment box, auto-tweet your blog posts, and carry out many other social activities using WordPress.


DotNetNuke requires a whole year to get updated, which makes it inferior than WorPress as it gets updated frequently, both for the minor update and the major update. Whenever there is any problem in the WordPress, it gets updated in order to settle these issues.

Business Use

If you want to use a content management system on enterprise level, then DotNetNuke can be considered perfect for you. On the other hand, simple, small and personal website development requires an easy platform and no other system could be better than WordPress in this regard. DotNetNuke is more specifically used for business use. Besides being used at the enterprise level, WordPress can be easily used for other purposes too.

User Experience

DotNetNuke is clunkier to be used than WordPress. Alternatively, WordPress is flexible to be used with the availability of WordPress plugins and the open source nature. It contains an easy to use interface for the administrators. It also contains an uncluttered bar for admin when it comes to seeing a public website.

Both of these content management systems are usable and helpful for bloggers and website owners. However, if you are still confused, then it is recommended that you choose WordPress for blogging and website development, for it is easy to use, offers a lot of plugins and themes and provides an amazing user experience to the users. DotNetNuke is only recommended for ASP.NET geeks, read this post for more information.

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