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updated on Feb 16, 2017 VS HostGator on Linux Web Hosting and HostGator are two well-known names among people hosting blogs and online businesses. However, there is a difference between their fames. The former was initially known as a domain registrar and released web hosting several years later, while the latter was launched as a web hosting provider and it is now recognized as one of the largest hosting companies worldwide.

After conducting a comparison between and HostGator based on years of monitoring, personal trials and user feedback, we have found that HostGator is a much better choice when it comes to web hosting although the two companies have several similarities. The reasons and the details about their web hosting offerings are revealed in below.

More Background Information was started as a domain registrar in 2000, and now it is one of the top players in this field. To expand the business scale, the company has also released several other services besides domain registrations, including email, SSL certificates and web hosting. But in fact, is far away from being a top web hosting provider yet.

Since 2002, HostGator has been offering web hosting as the most important service. Due to the great quality and reliability, the company has received numerous awards from the industry. This company also provides domain registrations – as an add-on service. Currently, there are over 9 million websites hosted on HostGator servers.

Below are the ratings of the two companies' shared hosting services.

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What Do They Both Do Well in?

Both of and HostGator offer good uptime and various support channels.

99.9% uptime

The hosting infrastructure is what decides how secure and reliable your website will be. Fortunately, the two web hosts power customers' websites with world-class data centers featuring redundant power, HAVC and network. Besides, all the data centers come with advanced server, router and firewall equipment which guarantees the reliability and security. does not guarantee the uptime of their Linux web hosting services officially, but the company has achieved an average of 99.91% uptime in 2015. Comparatively, HostGator promises 99.9% uptime for anyone using any of its hosting packages, and it has succeeded in keeping the promise, too.

You can read the records of HostGator in the constantly updated chart below.

Green hosting

Both of and HostGator are committed to offering sustainable web hosting. To fulfill this commitment, the two companies are using highly efficient servers which are upgraded constantly, and purchasing renewable energy credits to offset their power consumption. All these measures make sure that the web hosting services you purchase from either company are environmentally friendly.

Multiple support methods

When the professionalism and response speed are put aside, and HostGator are considerate in technical support as they offer multiple channels for customers to gain assistance. Currently, both of them have the following support methods and resources available.
  • Live chat. There is an easy-to-recognize live chat button on their sites which leads you to a live chat system managed by real staff.
  • Toll-free phone calls. They provide phone numbers on their official sites with which you can reach the sales or support team within seconds.
  • Ticket system. This is the primary and traditional way for asking for support. It is preferred if your issue needs time to investigate and resolve.
  • Knowledgebase and user guides with solutions to simple or common hosting issues.

Why HostGator Is Better than for Linux Web Hosting?

Although the two web hosts both do well in uptime, HostGator beats its competitor when other factors are considered, such as cost effectiveness, web hosting features, speed, and support quality.

Good prices and flexible billing choices

Both of and HostGator offer three Linux web hosting plans and are releasing discounts for all of them. plans, which are called Basic, Deluxe and Ultra, are priced at $3.75/mo, $6.75/mo, and $13.75/mo in the current promotion. Free setup is included in each of them.

What you have to pay attention is that these prices are valid for the initial term only, and renewals almost double the costs. What's more, the company does not state the renewal prices of each plan clearly. In addition, the shortest billing cycle offered by is one year. No shorter terms are allowed.

HostGator plans, Hatchling, Baby and Business, are now 45% off for new users using the coupon HG45PERCENT. So the current prices start from $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo.

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There is no big difference between the two companies' pricing, while HostGator supports more billing terms, including 1/3/6/12/24/36 month(s), which gives new customers better choices for trial.

45-day refund

With HostGator, you are able to request a full refund when you sign up with this company for the first time and cancel your service within 45 days for any reason. Such a long time is enough for you to decide whether this provider and the service are suitable for you. also offers a refund guarantee which enables you to request refunds for any hosting plan cancelled within 30 days of signup. The refunds exclude setup fees, domain registration fees and any fee for the add-on services purchased during the first 30 days.

Since HostGator provides a longer refund period and the choices of shorter terms, it should be more risk-free.


Knowing that control panel is crucial for the ease of use of a web hosting plan, HostGator offers cPanel for all shared hosting users. cPanel, the well-known #1 Linux hosting control panel, guarantees that you can set up domains, add email accounts, upload website files, create databases and complete many more tasks with ease.

However, loses some scores in this aspect because it provides vDeck, but not cPanel. vDeck is good to use for some people with a certain level of technical skills, but it indeed lacks some advanced features and a good design. As is known, vDeck is a little bit old-fashioned in today's market, and currently, there is no demo for it.

Support for more features

The web hosting features are also what HostGator wins over Although it is undeniable that both providers offer the normally-seen features like 1-click installer, DNS management, custom error page, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and analytics tools, HostGator does much better in control panel, database support, etc.

In the table below, we have presented some of the available features included in the two web hosts' basic web hosting plans for your reference.

Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosted Domain11
Email Accounts100Unlimited
MySQL Databases10Unlimited
Control PanelvDeckcPanel
1-Click InstallerSimpleScriptsQuickInstall
Ruby on Rails
Mailing Lists
Advertising Credits$200$200
Promotional Price$3.75/mo$3.82/mo
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Outstanding web hosting performance

According to our monitoring and user complaints, the slow hosting speed is one of the most serious reasons why is not among the top providers of web hosting. The server response time could be longer than 900ms, and page loads may take more than 5 seconds. The possible reason might be that the company hasn't paid enough attention to web hosting.

In comparison, HostGator has been delivering much faster speed by building their own network featuring Cisco routers and utilizing speeding-up technologies like CDN. The monitored server response time is less than 500ms in most times, which you can see in below.

Knowledgeable and professional technical support

Besides the poor speed, technical support is another huge reason why lags behind when compared with HostGator. We have seen many readers complaining that the technical support offered by is slow, and the support staff does not seem knowledgeable about web hosting. Sometimes customers might be refused for help.

HostGator is much more professional as it is among the leading hosting providers known for responsive and quality technical support. The technicians are usually willing to help and are glad to give extra tips about website management and optimization. What's more important is that they know what they are doing. Also, HostGator has prepared video tutorials to guide beginners through setup.

HostGator Is the More Worthwhile Hosting Choice

From the comparison above, you may have already known the similarities and differences between and HostGator. Personally speaking, the latter is better due to the richer experience and higher customer satisfaction rate. You can give a risk-free try of HostGator web hosting plans since there is a 45-day money back guarantee.