Hosting Tutorial & Guide VS GoDaddy - Are They Doing Well in Shared Hosting

updated on Aug 30, 2017 VS GoDaddy - Are They Doing Well in Shared Hosting The vs GoDaddy comparison will show you whether the two web hosts are doing well in the shared hosting. If any of them meets your requirement, there is no need for you to look for a quality hosting service. It does not matter if both fail to provide a quality shared hosting service because we will make some recommendations in our experience.

To reveal the fact, we dig into the details about and GoDaddy whose main businesses are domain registration and web hosting. We take a close look at the official website, get first-hand statistics with a monitoring tool, and read users' feedback for reference. Then we are able to produce an unbiased rating table which is used for you to have a quick view on the Linux shared hosting.

Read ReviewGoDaddy Review Is More Budget-Friendly

With and GoDaddy, you are given full freedom to select a proper hosting plan according to your budget. Though both web hosts have launched three Linux shared hosting solutions, there are some pricing differences between them.
  1. fixes the starting price at $3.75/mo regardless of your billing cycles while GoDaddy requires you to sign up for 3-year contract to get the best value $3.99/mo.
  2. It seems nice for GoDaddy to support 3-month payment which will reduce your upfront investment. However, the monthly plans only come with a 48-hour full refund policy which will increase your risk to try GoDaddy.
  3. An attention should be paid that only accepts payment through credit cards, which may mean some potential threats to your money security.
3-Month Payment$7.99/mo
1-Year Payment$3.75/mo$4.99/mo
2-Year Payment$3.75/mo$4.49/mo
3-Year Payment$3.75/mo$3.99/mo
Full Refund Policy60 Days48 Hours/45 Days

Both Lack Some Features

To your delight, you can get a new domain name for free and manage your account in an easy way with vDeck ( or cPanel (GoDaddy). What's more, you don't need to worry about that you will reach the limit of the disk space (more than 100 GB) and bandwidth in most cases.

However, both web hosts lack some important features, which may be the sources of your troubles. For example, does not offer free SSH, Ruby on Rails, cron jobs, etc. and GoDaddy does not include free extras, free templates, advertising credits with the shared plans.

Both Have a Good Uptime

To ensure a reliable hosting environment, and GoDaddy have more than one data center which is equipped with uninterrupted power system, diesel generators, climate control, water detection systems, fire suppression systems, 24 security guard, etc. As a result, both web hosts are able to have more than 99.9% uptime. It is worth mentioning that is a green hosting provider who powers the data centers with wind energy.

Both Need to Improve Speed

However, our monitoring and real users tell us that neither of them can deliver a fast speed. consumes about 600ms to answer each server request in most cases while it needs more than 900ms in peak time. Averagely, the server response time of GoDaddy is about 780ms. As a whole, you will shoulder a high risk to lose customers and get a bad using experience no matter which web host you choose to go with. Both web hosts still need improvement in speed.

Both Provide Poor Customer Service

When faced with general inquiries, you are advised to find solutions from the knowledgebase. Or you can get real-person help through multiple contact methods. It is easy for you to take it for granted that you have no problem to get a responsive customer service from and GoDaddy. In fact, you will get a headache because there is a long way for you to address problems with effective solutions.

With, you need to fill out the forms before you make a question through the live chat. In addition, makes a slow response to the live chat and shows its unprofessionalism in the answers. It is more difficult for you to get problems solved with GoDaddy who not only sets time limitation for the chat support but also does not offer free phone support in some areas.


To sum up, and GoDaddy are far from good shared hosting providers because they fail to offer some important features, shape a fast hosting environment, and provide quality customer service. Therefore, we stick to the idea that you should stay away from them. If you lose your way, we would like to help you find a way with our rich experience.

So far, we have reviewed many web hosts among which InMotion, HostGator, and JustHost leave us a deep impression. All of them have built its reputation in the hosting field because they have the ability to offer highly cost-effective hosting solutions which are backed by rich features, fast speed, and good customer service.