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Does DreamHost Use cPanel as Control Panel?

updated on Dec 08, 2015
Does DreamHost Use cPanel as Control Panel? Founded in 1997, DreamHost has been famous for providing reliable hosting service for more than 10 years. However, does it use cPanel as control panel? If not, is the control panel this company provides as easy-to-use as cPanel? The answers can be found in the review we have developed based on our comprehensive review on DreamHost control panel. Learn the detailed information in the following part.

DreamHost Control Panel

cPanel and Plesk are 2 of the most popular control panels, both of which have been adopted by thousands of hosting companies. However, DreamHost DOESN'T USE these readymade control panels, but the unique control panel developed by themselves. This is to, certainly, save $425/year for licensing each server. If you're experienced with cPanel, check this cPanel hosting list.

In fact, the DreamHost custom control panel allows users to be able to manage their accounts in an easy way and do the things as following,
  • Domains: Manage domains & DNS entries, register new domains, transfer their registered domains to new registrar, set up secure websites using secure certificate, change the mapping of directory, and allow anonymous FTP access.
  • Mail: Create new email address, bulk edit email addresses, set quote for mails, manage webmail settings, announce subscription lists &discussion subscription lists, create different email filters, and set up an auto reply for users' email addresses when they are on vacation.
  • Goodies: Manage MySQL databases, Quick Time streaming & subversion projects, install many popular applications on single click, set up regular Cron Jobs to automate the task, use Amazon CloudFront content to delivery network, create Instant Messaging service on users' domains and set up Chartbeat analytics.
  • e-Commerce: Set up CafeCommerce in the hosted websites.
  • Users: Create new user, modify user accounts, give privileges to another user for some or all domains, manage 50 GB of backup space using the backup user and create Unix groups for advance users only.
  • Status: Edit website stats related settings, check bandwidth usage for each of the hosted websites, check disk usage for domains, mails & database, and track MySQL disk and connections report.
  • VPS: Mange the CPU and memory of VPS, activate CPU/memory isolation from users' accounts, configure & reboot the VPS server, create admin users' of their VPS, and manage public SSH keys.
  • Dedicated Servers: Manage their dedicated server, create admin user for dedicated server and manage public SSH keys.
  • Storage: Manage DreamHost's Ceph based cloud storage.
  • Billing & Account: Manage their account, change hosting plan and manage users, domains and emails, make due payment, check old invoices, and manage web ID password.
  • Support: Open a support ticket and check support mail archives.

DreamHost cPanel - ConclusionFrom all the aspects we have listed above, we are able to learn that the control panel DreamHost uses is user-friendly, coming with all the needed features that are required for managing accounts. Through DreamHost, whenever webmasters register a domain, they don't need to worry about DNS changes, because this company takes care of all DNS entries and gives customers a full access of their domain through the control panel.

What's more, having a separate section where customers can request a new feature in the control panel, DreamHost can implement customers' requested features. Moreover, this web host even allows customers to create a new Web ID, assign limited privileges and give this Web ID to any person that will be able to access only resources that are assigned to that Web ID. Therefore, this panel enables users to take full control over the account.


The DreamHost control panel is quite feature rich, allowing the provider full capability for customization. However, for those who are new to it, there might be some technical obstacles. The completely new interface is not really good for people accustomed to cPanel.

After reading the details above, now you should have made your decision. If you are certain that you want cPanel, you can try an offering from the following web hosts.