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DirectAdmin VS cPanel – Which One Is Right for You

updated on Sep 15, 2014
DirectAdmin VS cPanel – Which One Is Right for You DirectAdmin and cPanel are both renowned and leading control panels among the best web hosting control panels, and they have gained widely and overwhelming popularity from a multitude of webmasters. But they also differ from each other when taking many aspects into considerations including cost and interface, expandability and usability.

For the sake of convenience and simplicity, we make a detailed and unbiased comparison between DirectAdmin and cPanel according to our long-standing hosting experience and the real customers' voices and votes. Keep on reading the following parts.

Overall Rating

At the first place, having accumulated and summarized a large number of feedbacks and votes from our readers, we make out the following rating table of DirectAdmin and cPanel from the aspect of reputation, cost, interface, expandability and usability. Now, let's have a quick look at the table as follows.

Plan in ComparisonDirectAdmincPanel


DirectAdmin VS cPanel - Cost Founded in 2003, DirectAdmin a paid control panel with a license included. It is a favourable and reliable option for you to take absolute control on the account or files. Speaking to the cost for using it, DirectAdmin charges for $29 and $200 for monthly and yearly license. Furthermore, it claims that the yearly license's purchase can make you save up to 20% fees than the purchase of monthly license and it endows automatic updates or upgrades, unlimited technical support and domains, protection against the increases of price and free installation.

Likewise, cPanel is a paid control panel with a license required. Besides, it is widely-used by quantities of people dreaming for quick and simple supervise on the content and it is acknowledged as the most user-friendly control panel. Therefore, many big web hosts offer cPanel in their high-quality and trust-worthy packages under this circumstance.

Speaking to the cost, cPanel bestows 1-year, 2-year and 3-year billing cycles which charge for $20 monthly and $200 yearly for VPS cost and $45 monthly and $425 yearly for Dedicated cost. Note that although the mentioned price which is charged for the directly purchase from the cPanel is a little bit expensive than DirectAdmin, you can get the reasonable price of $15 to $20 by purchasing the license from one distributor.


DirectAdmin VS cPanel - Interface DirectAdmin provides you with a simple access to admin options, webmail, the file manager or more. In addition, DirectAdmin offers one combined interface or home menu to enable you to easily find out and control everything by using the administrative area. However, to be frank, if you are not familiar with DirectAdmin previously, it will take you some time to get accustomed to the interface as it just supplies you with three main sections including Email Management, Your Account and Advanced Features.

Comparatively, cPanel is always easy-to-use whether you are beginners or not as it classifies the features into many categories, which is more considerate and easy-to-navigate than its competitor. In details, cPanel endows those categories like mail, files, security, domains, preferences, logs and so on. Note that all of the mentioned categories are expandable and collapsible and you are capable of searching the needed options by using cPanel.

Expandability and Usability

It needs to point out that both DirectAdmin and cPanel are expandable and use phpMyAdmin for the advanced management of database. However, the former charges for higher fees for adding the additional functionality than the latter. What' more, the latter make you able to add your favourite modules and plugins by directly customizing code options into its system.

DirectAdmin VS cPanel - Usability Furthermore, although DirectAdmin and cPanel are rich in features and user-friendly, the former just provides you with the most basic features and the latter not only offers the essential features but also provides more plugins and features than the former.

In details, the mentioned core and basic features consist of the FTP, statistics, DNS, email and subdomains menu, MySQL databases, error pages, file manager, site backup and directory password protection. In addition, the advanced features which are only offered by the latter are Perl module, PHP peak packages, Image Manager, Network Tools, Site Software, CGI Center or more.


Based on what we have analysed and discussed, we reach the conclusion that cPanel, which is the better choice for managing your site, is more user-friendly and rich-featured than DirectAdmin, not to mention its affordable price. Moreover, we have the following recommendations on the best web hosts offering cPanel.