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Does Dedicated IP Address Help Search Engine Ranking (SEO)?

updated on Sep 16, 2014
Does Dedicated IP Address Help Search Engine Ranking (SEO)? It has been a controversy for over a decade whether a dedicated IP address helps websites get a better search engine ranking from some major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some people hold the opinion that a dedicated IP address can certainly help achieve good rankings, while others believe that it doesn't benefit in this field.

Maybe you are confused and cannot decide whether to buy a dedicated IP for SEO. It doesn't matter, because we have made the answer for you in below. Now we have a look at what a dedicated IP is at first.

What is a dedicated IP address?

Just as the name indicates, a dedicated IP address is somewhere you can place any websites as you want. You have full control over it and know clearly who is using it. You might think that is good, but you should know that dedicated IP addresses are often used in VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

If your website is on a shared server, it's probably that you share the IP address with dozens or hundreds of other people, which is called that your website is on a shared IP address. There is no need to worry about the sharing, because the web host usually has mature technology to handle requests for each website on the same IP address.

Does a dedicated IP address really help search engine ranking?

Search Engine Ranking As we mentioned, this question has been a debate for a long time. Now we want to give our answer to cut through the confusion. A dedicated IP address actually doesn't boost your search engine rankings in any way.

Craig Silverstein, who was Director of Technology at Google, said in Matt Cutts blog in 2003 that Google treats virtually hosted domains and their links in the same way as domains on dedicated IP address. If your ISP has no misconfiguration on the virtual hosting, you will see no difference on the rankings of the 2 kinds of domains.

3 years later, Matt Cutts affirmed that the statement was still true, and it is a misconception that there are any differences between domains hosted on shared IP addresses and those on dedicated IP addresses. Even the Google Webmaster Guidelines doesn't include dedicated IP addresses as one of the best practices to help Google find your website.

Besides Google, a large number of web developers and SEO professionals have also claimed that using a dedicated IP address has no advantage in increasing page ranks.

You should notice that if your website is on a shared IP address, it could be negatively affected in the case that it has many neighbors that are considered as "spammers" by Google. On the shared server, your website might be penalized for sharing the same IP with a group of websites with poor quality and violations.

But as Google knows shared web hosting, you don't need to worry much about the problem. Unless spammy websites dominate your IP address, your website, along with other normal websites on the same IP, will not be distrusted.

When should you consider a dedicated IP address?

Dedicated IP Address A dedicated IP address cannot help your website load faster or get a better search engine ranking, but there are still reasons to get one. If you run a shopping cart site requiring SSL certificate, you'd better purchase a dedicated IP address to ensure the security of your customers' data carried on each transaction.

Except for the e-commerce needs, having a dedicated IP address is not something to concern.


There is no need for most webmasters to worry about that having no dedicated IP addresses will have negative effects on their SEO. Some exceptions do exist, of course, but generally speaking, a dedicated IP address is not a must just for SEO purpose.

To make good SEO for your website, we suggest you to closely follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to help your websites be indexed easily.