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11 Creative Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

updated on Jun 14, 2016
11 Creative Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Whether you are working on a personal blog or a business site, a consistent flow of visits is essential to your online success. However, getting traffic doesn't only mean to optimize the website design and content, and in most cases, it requires some other strategies.

If you are striving to increase your website traffic and want to see a quick change in your Google Analytics reports, then you should read the tips in this post carefully. Even if not all of them suit your needs, some will certainly make a difference.

Essential Things to Do to Increase Website Traffic

There are some essential works that every site owner should do to gain traffic. If you have made some researches, you would probably have found the following pieces of important and standard advice.
  • Release quality content regularly. As content is the heart and soul of every single website, you need to concentrate on creating great contents that solve your readers' pain. Writing good headlines that draw the target audience's attention is also necessary.
  • Optimize your website for SEO. By utilizing healthy SEO tips and practices, such as optimizing links, speeding up your website, and optimizing images, you can expect a steady growth of traffic brought by increased search engine rankings.
  • Use long tail keywords. Such keywords have a smaller search volume compared with single keywords. However, your content can be ranked for them more easily, which in return brings more traffic.
  • Promote your website content on social media. Popular social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have millions of users, which makes them great potential sources of website traffic. Therefore, you'd better share your posts on as many platforms as possible. To save time, you can even automate the sharing with tools like IFTTT.
  • Take advantage of email marketing. By building a valuable email list and making an actionable email marketing plan, you can develop loyal readers who visit your website regularly, and get more people involved when you host an activity online.
These are great methods that help you grow your website traffic gradually. However, as they are so well-known, everyone is utilizing them. Then, how can you stand out to draw attention and gain traffic?

The solution is to try some creative tactics that are not already known to everyone while utilizing all the proven methods mentioned above. In below, we have listed about a dozen of them. If you have been working on website promotion, you might be familiar with some of the tips.

Essential Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Tip 1: Create Comprehensive Resource Pages

If you have had extensive knowledge about the topic of your website and tried a large number of tools and services that are probably also useful to your readers, you can make a resource page to list those tools and services. A description about the tools and the reasons why to use them should be included, too.

For those tools that are especially useful or require a level of skills, you can even write independent pages for them to explain how to use them to reach certain goals. When these pages are combined into a series of helpful guides, they become great traffic-driving resources.

Tip 2: Run a Contest or Giveaway to Attract Traffic

If you own a business site and sell products on it, you can create an offer like a special discount for a popular product and then run a contest or giveaway to encourage people to visit your site and participate in the activities. Giving away a certain service package for free in a limited time is also a good idea. Besides, you can ask your customers and visitors to share your offers to their social media accounts to give your site more exposure.

If you run a regular blog without selling anything, you can create an eBook and offer it as a freebie to attract more visits. But remember not to ask for too much personal information from those who download the eBook.

Tip 3: Host Webinars

Webinars provide good opportunities for you to share and for your audience to learn. So if there is a chance, you can try hosting a webinar to attract attention and raise your audience's awareness of your brand.

To get the maximum possible traffic from webinars, you can make full use of social media marketing and email marketing to spread your words out before the webinars start. Make sure to share the information about any webinar on all your social media accounts and send everyone on your email list an invitation email.

Increase Website Traffic by Hosting Webinars

Tip 4: Add a Forum to Your Site

There are many benefits of having a forum on your website. For example, a forum makes it easier to build a community out of your visitors, increases the time that visitors stay on your site, and reduces the bounce rate. Besides, the threads in forums can be ranked for long tail keywords, which in return increases your traffic effectively.

If you are hosting a WordPress site, adding the forum functionality to it is a simple task. You can make a choice from the best forum plugins and install it quickly without any difficulty.

Tip 5: Create Videos and Optimize Them

Videos, in many cases, are much better than plain words. As YouTube videos are usually ranked quickly in Google search results, you can take advantage of the opportunity and add videos to your marketing strategy. When created properly, YouTube videos can bring you an unimaginable traffic increase.

To make the best out of YouTube videos, be sure to follow the tips below.
  • Add a description to videos and include the long tail keywords and your website URL in it.
  • Encourage viewers to visit your website and show them why to do this at the end of your videos.
  • If you are willing to cost some money for promotion, use the YouTube Call-to-Action Overlay to send the targeted audience to your site.

Tip 6: Allow Readers to Subscribe to Comments

Readers who leave comments under your content are usually either needing help or appreciating your efforts of providing good content. For the former type of readers, sending them email alerts when their comments are replied would easily bring them back to your website.

Since email alerts can be enabled by allowing them to subscribe to your comment feeds, you can add the subscription functionality to a WordPress site by following this tutorial.

Allow Readers to Subscribe to Comments

Tip 7: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

It is a common mistake that most people don't pay much attention to their social media profiles. But in fact, an effective and targeted profile can help much in drawing traffic.

For each account on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, you have to optimize the profile to achieve the best possible results. A good practice is to add a link to a relevant landing page on your website. For example, on your Twitter profile, you can link to a certain page that contains tools and tips that have helped you manage Twitter effectively. In this way, more people will be encouraged to visit your site. In addition, adding a call to action is also necessary.

Tip 8: Participate in the Groups on Social Media Platforms

Many social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, come with a feature of "groups". To reach out to a larger audience, you can search for the groups in your topic, participate in them, and keep active. If you are able to provide deep insights in the groups, more people will click on your profile and visit your website.

Also, you can take a further step to create your own groups in which people can get access to you, ask questions and attain support on their troubles. In those groups, make sure to point the members to your website when appropriate.

Tip 9: Make Use of Quora

Quora is a popular place where people ask questions on all kinds of topics. With numerous new questions submitted daily, you can locate the topics related to your website content, look for the questions that you are good at, and then provide concise and accurate answers. In the answers, you are able to add a link to a post on your site that includes detailed solutions and instructions. The more upvotes your answers gain, the more potential they bring to your traffic.

Increase Traffic with Quora

Tip 10: Offer Affiliate Programs with Attractive Commissions

For those business sites selling products or services, one of the best ways for increasing website visits and sales is to offer an affiliate program. With more people involved in your affiliate program, your products are introduced a larger audience and you gain more referrals. As a result, a large number of potential customers come to your site for details about your products and make purchases.

To increase the appeal of your affiliate program, you can offer generous commissions to encourage your readers to participate in it and earn money.

Tip 11: Promote Your Old Posts

The old posts on your site are also great sources of traffic which might have been neglected. In fact, by taking some simple steps to promote them, for example, sharing them on social media or sending valuable content to email subscribers, you can see a quick boost of your traffic. If you need more detailed instructions on this topic, read this tutorial about promoting old blog posts.