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How to Create a WordPress Learning Management System

updated on Dec 20, 2016
How to Create a WordPress Learning Management System WordPress is a flexible and versatile tool for you to set up any kind of website and online platform. For instance, it helps you set up a business site to establish your brand image, start a blog site to share your daily events, run an online store to sell your services and products, build a gallery for image display and many more. At present, due to the popularity of e-learning, you can even create a special Learning Management System using WordPress. With it, you can sell online courses, start online tutoring, manage your students and classes and check the progress of some special projects with ease.

In the following, we'd like to share the detailed steps about how to create a WordPress Learning Management System successfully. Also, you can use these responsive themes for the better design.

Install and Set Up the LearnPress Plugin

If you are not an experienced programmer but are looking to turn WordPress into the Learning Management System, you need an extra solution that can handle all the complicated coding and programming effectively. After searching for the available options, we think the LearnPress plugin does this job well.

It is a scalable and flexible LMS solution that allows you to create quizzes, lessons, courses and questions easily. Its user interface looks like the interface of WordPress, so you can get used to it quickly for starting your online tutoring.

Based on the successful installation of this plugin, you firstly need to finish some general settings of it by clicking the LearnPress button from the WordPress Settings area.

General Settings

To begin with, we highly recommend you to check the boxes for the registration of instructors and the automatic update for post names. The former setting allows you to better manage your e-learning platform. As for the latter setting, it can update your post names when the titles of quizzes, lessons and questions are changed in the course curriculum.

LearnPress General Settings

After that, you need to decide the currency and the currency position if your online courses charge some money. Also, you can decide the number and the separator of decimals.

Currency Settings

Course Settings

Now, you need to create a new page for your online course and assign it as your courses page. As for the category base and tag base for the course, we recommend you to leave them as default, unless you have some special requirements.

In addition, to ensure the successful e-learning without any error, you'd better enable the review function so that all the courses must be reviewed by you before it can be published online. Also, you can achieve an effective course update. After that, the instructors on your site can update the courses and publish the changes without further review.

Even, the thumbnail size and single course permalink can be decided by you freely.

Course Settings

Pages Settings

In this part, you can leave the sections of Endpoints and Quiz unchanged. What you should do is to publish two new webpages and assign them to the Profile page and Hiring page respectively. The former page is used to showcase the general information for you while the latter page is used to recruit new teachers.

Pages Settings

Payment Settings

With this plugin, you do not need to insert a complete e-commerce system into your site. Instead, the payment can be made via PayPal directly. You simply need to enable the PayPal payment and offer the email address that you use for the registration of the PayPal account.

Payment Settings

Checkout Settings

It is possible that your students want to purchase multiple courses at one time. Here, you need to enable the Cart function, along with the redirection feature that automatically redirects people to the checkout page right after they add new courses to the cart.

For better management, do not forget to publish two new pages that act as the Cart Page and Checkout Page.

Checkout Settings

Create Courses, Questions, Quizzes and Lessons

As this plugin is configured based on your needs, now, you can start the creation of online courses, questions, quizzes and lessons. We’ll discuss these steps one by one.

Create Courses

Generally, an e-learning platform has several courses, each of which is divided into multiple lessons and quizzes. To create a course, you need to click the LearnPress tab and hit the Courses button. Then, you can edit the information of your newly added online course.

Here, for the easy management and clear categorization, we highly recommend you to create the course categories and assign the courses into the corresponding groups.

In fact, the creation of online course goes the same as the publishing of a blog post. You simply need to give your course a title and enter some course content if needed.

Next, you can modify the Curriculum that is used to outline your course with multiple sections. Note that you can create as many Sections as you want, each of which contains multiple lessons, quizzes and questions. If you already have created some lessons and quizzes, you can add them into your Section directly from the dropdown. Otherwise, you can add some new lessons with the titles only, no detailed content available. In addition, to help people better learn this Section, you can add some descriptions.

Note that you can easily remove or change the order of the curriculum based on your needs.

Course Curriculum

After outlining your course, you need to finish some course settings as discussed in below.
  • Decide the duration of your course on a weekly basis.
  • Determine the maximum number of people that can be enrolled for this course.
  • Decide how many times people can re-take your course.
  • Enter the number of students who have taken this course.

Course General Settings

This plugin offers two methods to assess the result of a course for each student - evaluate lessons and evaluate the result of the final quiz. You can choose either of them based on your true situation.

In addition, you need to decide whether this course is a private one that requires students to enroll, and whether it is a paid one that charges some fees. If this course is not free, you should set the price.

Now, you can publish this course and check it in your Course page.

Course Sample

Create Questions

The questions can be used to test whether your students have understood the information in your course. To create a question, you simply need to click the Questions button from the LearnPress dropdown and enter the question title along with the detailed information.

As all of these must be the choice questions, you need to choose answer types among the options of “True or False”, “Multiple Choices” and “Single Choice”.

Answer Settings

Create Quizzes

The quizzes can gather a large number of questions to start an online testing for your students. Here, after entering the quiz title and content, you can add the previously created questions into this quiz or add some new options by entering the question name. Note that you can add as many questions as you like.

Create Quizzes

As for the general setting of the quiz, you need to decide the valid duration in minutes and determine whether allow students to re-take it. Also, if people pick up the wrong answer, you can choose to showcase the correct one along with the explanation.

Create Sample

Create Lessons

All the courses are divided into different lessons, presenting the core content of what you are looking to teach your students. With this plugin, you are allowed to create lessons using text, videos, photos and many other types.

After entering the key information, you need to showcase the length of the lesson in minutes and to decide whether to turn on the Preview function so that people can view the content without the need to take the course.

Create Lessons

Monitor Your Learning Management System

Now, you have showcased your online courses successfully. Then, you can wait a few days to get some statistics analyzed by this plugin.


You can keep an eye on your online courses, figuring out who have purchased what courses, along with the total charge for each order.

LearnPress Order


From this part, you can know the number of students enrolled your courses in the past days or months. Also, you can know how many courses you have created, along with their status of Pending, Publish, Free and Priced.

LearnPress Statistics