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How to Create a Gorgeous Restaurant Website with WordPress

updated on Aug 01, 2016
How to Create a Gorgeous Restaurant Website with WordPress Since the online world includes unlimited business opportunities, many restaurants have built up their own websites to make it convenient for the existing and potential customers to find them, know about them, and book reservations.

It is easy to create a restaurant website with WordPress because you can complete the task simply by installing a restaurant theme. However, to make your site good enough to deliver a good browsing experience and attract sales, you will have to provide some more features. A well-made restaurant site should include all of the following things.
  • A good about us page and contact page.
  • Comprehensive menus with price, pictures of food, recommendations, etc.
  • A reservation system that allows visitors to book reservations easily.
  • Maps that help customers find your restaurant.
Some other things like social media integration, newsletter signup form and galleries are also needed for making a restaurant site stand out.

This tutorial includes instructions for adding all these necessary things. But before finishing any of the tasks, you have to get your restaurant set up with WordPress.

Start a Restaurant Website with WordPress

Before tailoring a site for your restaurant, you have to start a new WordPress site at first. To do this, you will need the following things.
  • A domain name that is relevant to the name of your restaurant. Such a domain helps your customers find and recognize you.
  • A good WordPress hosting package that offers high performance and all the tools you need to manage a website.
  • A fresh WordPress install. You can install WordPress with one click by using the auto installers offered by your web host.
  • A responsive restaurant theme which works well on mobile devices.
After getting WordPress installed on your domain, you can log into the new site with your username and password. And as soon as the theme is installed by following the theme's instructions, you can start customizing your site and adding the necessary features to it.

Start a WordPress Site for Restaurant

Add an About Us Page to Your Restaurant Website

The about us page is one of the most important pages for your business because those readers who are interested in your restaurant or food will want to know more about you before deciding to visit your restaurant. Below are some suggestions for making a good about us page on your restaurant site.
  • Tell your origin stories and other interesting stories during the growth of your restaurant.
  • Add a timeline with great pictures and texts if your restaurant has been around for a couple of years or it has gone through some important events.
  • Add a call-to-action button to encourage readers to book reservations.

Add a Contact Page

Contact page is another page that your website must have since people will need some valid ways to connect with you if they have any question about your restaurant or want to place an order. Besides, contact details make your restaurant site more credible. On the contact page, you need to offer the following details.
  • A business phone number and fax.
  • The physical address of your restaurant.
  • An email address with your domain name or a contact form.
  • The opening hours of your restaurant.
  • Maps that show your location and the driving directions.
Besides the contact page, you can also show your opening hours in a sidebar widget to make it more convenient for potential customers to arrange their time.

Add a Contact Page

Add Your Menus

Menus are the most important section of a restaurant website because they are the information that visitors want to read most. Providing good menus can certainly help you get more reservations and visits to your restaurant. And for suggestions, good menus should include price, detailed descriptions and high-quality photos for each item. Recommendations and specials are also suggested.

The best way to add and manage menus is by using a WordPress plugin. Food and Drink Menu is exactly a good choice. It enables you to create unlimited menus and unlimited menu items, and allows menu display in posts, pages and navigation menus. It also includes a widget for displaying a menu in the sidebar. Each menu and menu item comes with a shortcode that you can paste anywhere depending on your needs, which is helpful for offering special promotions and recommendations. If you have a lot of items in a single menu, it is suggested to break up the menu into several pages for a better browsing experience.

The plugin is very easy-to-use that anyone can create menus and menu items without difficulty. Besides the free version, there is also a pro version which supports discount prices, suppliers, sources, specials, sales and custom icons.

Add Menus to WordPress Restaurant Site

Add a Reservation System

If you plan to accept reservations on your restaurant site, you will need a reservation system. The key element of the system, then, is being easy-to-use. If booking a reservation on your website is time-consuming or difficult, many potential customers are likely to turn to another restaurant.

Restaurant Reservations is a great plugin for adding a reservation system. After installing the plugin, you should first create a new empty page on your WordPress site, and then access the plugin's settings in Bookings > Settings. Under the "General" tab, you need to select the new page as the booking page, select the max party size, and then customize the success message. At last, save the changes. The booking page can be added to navigation menus to make it easier to be found.

General Settings of Restaurant Reservations

Also, you have to open the "Booking Schedule" tab to add the schedule rule, add exceptions for the open hours on holidays, and configure the early and late bookings. All these things are easy to do because each setting comes with explanations. It is important to make all times right.

Booking Schedule

As the plugin sends notifications when a booking is made, accepted or rejected, you can also customize all the email templates to make them more user-friendly.

After the plugin is set up, visitors to your site will be able to book reservations by using the automatically-generated booking form. For those bookings, you can accept them or reject them manually.

Book Reservations

Add a Photo Gallery to Showcase Your Restaurant and Food

Pictures are more attractive and convincing than words when talking about a restaurant or food. Therefore, we suggest you show off your restaurant and your good food in a photo gallery and add the gallery to the navigation menus.

This could be done by using the built-in WordPress gallery feature, or you can make use of a photo gallery plugin if you need more features like lightbox. One thing to note is that all the photos must be beautiful and professional. Never use a photo taken by phones or with poor lighting. If it's possible, hire a professional to take the photos for you.

Add a Photo Gallery

Insert Maps into the Restaurant Site

People who are interested in your restaurant will want to know where the restaurant is located. It's true that you have provided your address on the contact page, but visual maps are much better for showing where your business is and how far you are from their locations.

Google Maps is the solution to this issue. For your WordPress site, you can either add Google Maps to it manually, or by using a plugin like WP Google Maps. You are suggested to place the maps on the contact page, while your can still insert them to any other place you like.

Insert Maps into Restaurant Site

Integrate Social Media with the Site

Making your restaurant site shareable is always a good thing. By allowing your satisfied customers to share your menus, foods and their experiences to their friends via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social networking sites, you can get many more business opportunities. Those messages are free promotions for your restaurant.

To get such benefits, you can use a social media plugin to add social sharing buttons to your restaurant site. Social Media Floating Icons is a good choice in its kind that supports multiple popular social networking platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. The plugin is easy-to-setup.

Integrate Social Media

Allow Reviews and Showcase Testimonials

Before trying a new thing, many people like to read reviews to see others' experiences. If you receive a lot of five-star reviews, they will more likely to choose your restaurant. Besides, reviews make it easier for your potential customers to find the most popular food offered in your restaurant.

Good Reviews for WordPress is a great solution for adding reviews and testimonials to your restaurant site. With this plugin, you can even display testimonials in sidebar widgets.

Add a Newsletter Signup Form

If you offer new foods on a regular basis or provide special discounts on holidays, you can add a subscription form on your WordPress site to collect users' emails. By building up an email list, you are able to send the subscribers emails when a new food is revealed or a discount is offered, which helps much in attracting sales.

Building and managing an email list is not hard. You can place a signup form on your site by using MailChimp, and then encourage visitors to subscribe by providing some benefits like a discount on a certain food or a free dessert.

When all the tasks mentioned above are completed, you have successfully built up a fully functional restaurant site with WordPress.