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Create a Great Landing Page That Increases Conversions

updated on Aug 21, 2015
Create a Great Landing Page That Increases Conversions A landing page is the webpage which visitors are directed to after clicking an advertisement. This page usually includes focused information dedicated to the audience. Technically speaking, it is not suggested to connect all ads to the homepage of your website. If you have multiple ads, you should tailor separate landing pages for each of them to cater to the specific demands.

A good landing page is necessary for successful online marketing. If it is persuasive and can offer exactly what the visitors need, there will be more possibility for the visitors to complete a conversion.

Besides, a good landing page should not only meet your business needs, but also make it a pleasure to read the contents and view the design. In below, we will introduce the best practices that you can try to create a great landing page that contributes to incomes effectively.

Where to Start?

Before taking actions to create a landing page, you should spend some time thinking and working out a strategy. Find out the answer for the following questions.
  • What do you want the landing page to achieve? Think about it seriously – what you want visitors arriving at the page to do. Do you need them to buy a product, to fill in a form or to subscribe to a newsletter? The first task is always to make clear of your goals.
  • Who is the target audience? Your landing page cannot be tailored for everyone, so you must decide the target audience, and then investigate their needs. Only in this way can you provide persuasive content that encourages the conversions.
  • How do your competitors succeed? One of the best ways to gain experience is to analyze your competitors and apply the effective points into your own campaign. Never stop learning from the good examples.
Where to Start

What Should a Great Landing Page Include?

Successful landing pages include some common elements. These elements have been tested and proved by numerous online businesses. No matter which kind of purpose you want to achieve, you will need to consider including all of the following elements in your landing page.

An eye-catching and meaningful headline

The headline must be closely related to your product or the purpose of the page. Do not distract visitors with useless phrases or hypes, and do not leave anything confusing, either. Just keep things focused and straight-forward.

Unique and concise content

The content is an important component that should be taken good care of. To make the information sufficient for visitors to make a decision but no cluttered, you should follow the rules below.
  • Let visitors know what they will get. You need to state clearly what your offering is. It can be a traditional coupon or discount, while you can still offer some other benefits like an e-book or a free trial. Also, think like you are a visitor, which is a creative way for figuring out what your visitors really want from you.
  • Make all texts focused, so visitors do not need to take time to know what the page is able and what the purpose is. You should know that more text fields mean lower responses. After writing the first copy, you should review and edit it again and again to make sure there is no grammar or business mistake.
  • Build brand awareness and increase product knowledge. Good landing pages are highly interactive and can impress visitors with your brand. To provide better insights of a product, you can try graphics to list the cool features of your product and tell visitors how these features can help them.
  • The content should match the ad text. Do not go too far from the keywords displayed in the ad for which the landing page is made. For example, if you claim to offer a free trial of product A in the ad but focus on selling product B on the landing page, visitors would feel confused and hesitated.
Unique and Concise Content

A clear call-to-action button

Call-to-action buttons like "Try This Product for Free" and "Buy Now" not only tell visitors what you want them to do, but also provide them with a way to get what they want if they are interested in your offerings. Interactive landing page call-to-actions can bring the conversions to be several times more. But, do you really know how to make an effective call-to-action button?

There are several principles for making a good call-to-action, among which you must remember the following two.
  • Value. The call-to-actions must be valuable enough to convince the visitors to click on it. Use strong ones like "Get Started Today" and "Try It for Free Now" and avoid the less useful ones including "See More Details". The text must impress the visitors instead of just telling them to read other pages.
  • Relevancy. The button text must be easy-to-understand, especially when there are more than one call-to-actions. By reading the text, visitors can know exactly what they will get. Each call-to-action should be given a clearly different purpose/benefit.
In addition, you must pay attention to the design of the call-to-action buttons. The font size, font color, button size, and the placement all need to be tested. Besides, make sure that the buttons are displayed in a visually centralized place for emphasizing. Always make it compelling for visitors to take actions.

A Clear Call-to-Action Button

Clean and organized design

The look and feel of the landing page have a large impact on how good the conversions are. Since the landing page is created for conversions, the primary goal of the design is to make it easy for visitors to convert. Below are some suggestions that contribute to this goal.
  • Be clean and minimal. Try to keep a clean page with obvious navigation and no distractions. Also, minimize the length of text so that visitors are not stuck into endless scrolling-down. Offer the important content only, and do not ask your potential customers to be patient.
  • Make a simple navigation. If the navigation bar is not necessarily needed, get rid of it, or at least minimize it visually.
  • Make use of contrast. Between the button color of the call-to-actions and the background design, there should be a strong contrast which makes it easy to recognize the important things.
  • Use valuable and quality images. Eye-catching images make a better user experience, so you'd better use one or several quality images to improve your page. But remember that the images must be relevant to the content and with the proper size (not dominating the text).

Clickable social share buttons

When finishing a great purchase or finding something helpful, people are likely to share the resource with friends on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Adding social share buttons on your landing page gives a chance to let visitors bring your business to a large audience, which means more opportunities. The best practice for adding social share buttons is to put them on a thank-you page which is created for visitors having completed certain actions.

Clickable Social Share Buttons

Trust icons
The credibility of your business and products should be reflected on the landing page if you are dealing with direct product selling. You can put trust icons to increase customers' faith, such as the awards you have received, the logos of the famous companies you have done businesses with, and the associations you have participated in.

Simple and short form

If your conversion requires a form on the landing page, be sure that the form is short and concise. Usually, people do not have enough patience to complete a form which is long or asks for much personal information. It is good to just require the name, email, and the answers to less than 3 valuable questions. In the case that you do need other information from them, ask more questions on the thank-you page.


The importance of responsiveness does not need to be emphasized more. By ensuring a good user experience on mobile devices, you can even double the conversions. In fact, every modern website should be mobile friendly, which can be easily achieved by using responsive themes or plugins.


Excellent Landing Page Examples

There are a large number of great landing pages on the web. In below, we'd like to showcase three examples which come with different designs but do the same well in encouraging conversions.

Landing Page Example - Pocket

Pocket has made a good example in landing page. When visiting the page, your eyes go straight to the call-to-action button. Other good elements are:
  • The design is clean, and there is no cluttered text. All contents are kept to the minimum.
  • Features are listed clearly and simply.
  • Trust signals are displayed, including the number of users and the icons of well-known social networks including Twitter.
Landing Page Example - Fast Track

Fast Track serves as an agent for selling houses. It is good for the following reasons:
  • The benefits are stately clearly, without offering many distractions.
  • The form is simple. Only three lines are required.
  • The information is quite rich. And the call-to-action button is obvious.
Landing Page Example - Chili's

This is a simple but effective landing page that concentrates on the most important information only. Images are good, and the headline is also functional. Besides, social share icons are available. If there is anything that needs improvement, we would like to say that brighter colors might be better.