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How to Create Custom Facebook Feeds in WordPress

updated on Aug 15, 2016
How to Create Custom Facebook Feeds in WordPress Facebook feeds allow you to display Facebook posts on your website, and by creating custom Facebook feeds, you can decide the posts on which Facebook page or group are shown to your website visitors.

There are multiple reasons for adding custom Facebook feeds to your WordPress site.
  • It increases your social engagement and helps improve the results of your social media marketing.
  • It enhances the use of Facebook retargeting pixel, so that you are able to see an increase of your blogging income.
  • You can easily get more likes to your Facebook posts.
Creating custom Facebook feeds is not hard, as you can use a good WordPress plugin. For the tutorials below, we will take advantage of a plugin named Custom Facebook Feed which is responsive, customizable, and easy-to-use. Most importantly, the Facebook content added by the plugin is crawlable, so those keyword-rich posts can help improve your WordPress site's SEO.

Now you can learn how to use the plugin to create custom Facebook feeds.

Create a Custom Facebook Feed on Your WordPress Site

Custom Facebook Feed is a popular plugin that is actively used on over 100,000 WordPress sites. To leverage its power, you have to install the plugin from the WordPress dashboard, and then activate it. A new Facebook Feed menu item will appear. And you now need to click on the "Settings" submenu to configure the plugin.

On the settings page, you first need to deal with the "Configuration" section where you are required to enter the Facebook page or group ID and your access token.

Plugin Configuration

Find the ID you need

If you want to create a custom feed for a Facebook page, find the page, and then look at its URL. If the URL appears like "", use "bhs" as the page ID, and if the URL is like "", enter "1234567890123" in the page ID field.

In the case that you want to display the posts from a Facebook group, you can visit this website and enter a group's URL, which will get you the numeric ID of the Facebook group. Copy the ID and paste it to the plugin configuration page.

Get your access token

For the plugin configuration, you should enter your access token. This is not required by the plugin, but it is highly recommended. If you don't have the needed access token, you need to get one by visiting the Facebook developers site. On this website, click on the green button to add a new Facebook app.

Create an App

In the popup, you will be faced with four options of the platform, make sure the select "Website". On the next page, enter a name for the app, and create a new app ID.

Create a New App ID

You will then see another popup in which you need to enter a contact email and select a category. After completing the required information, confirm the app ID creation.

Create App ID

After the app is created, you can access its dashboard. Find the "Tools & Support" link on the upper right of the page and click on it. And on the new page, click on the "Access Token Tool" link.

Access Token Tool

Now copy the token of the newly created app and paste it to the plugin configuration page.

Copy Access Token

Plugin settings

In the "Settings" section of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin, you should deal with several settings which include:
  • Selecting whether you will show a group, page, or profile.
  • Selecting which Facebook posts to be shown on your WordPress site.
  • Selecting the number of posts to be displayed.
  • Choosing the frequency of the new post check.
Feed Settings

After doing these things, save the changes. The plugin will create a custom Facebook feed for you automatically.

Display the custom Facebook feed

To display the feed on your WordPress site, you can create a new post or page, and then add the shortcode [custom-facebook-feed] in the proper place. The shortcode will fetch the latest posts on your Facebook page or group and display them on your website.

Display Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress

Customize the Display of the Facebook Feed

By clicking on the "Customize" submenu under Facebook Feed, you are able to get various options to customize the display of your custom Facebook feed. With these options, you can:
  • Configure the width, height, padding and background color of the feed.
  • Change the post style and decide which content to be shown on your site.
  • Customize the feed header, post text, post author and media description.
  • Show Facebook like box with custom width.
  • Customize the texts in the feed.
Customize Feed Display

Create Multiple Custom Facebook Feeds

From the plugin settings, you can only create one custom Facebook feed because the plugin allows you to add one group or page ID. However, there may be cases that you want to create multiple custom feeds and display different feeds on different WordPress pages.

In such cases, you can simply use the shortcode mentioned above in a post or page, and then manually add a group or page ID to it. For example, if the page ID in the plugin settings is "bhs" but you'd like to show the posts from a Facebook page whose ID is "wpstore", you can use the following shortcode.

[custom-facebook-feed id=wpstore]

Also, different access token is allowed with the parameter accesstoken='newtoken'.

In fact, the plugin supports a full series of parameters, which you can learn on this page.