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How to Create a Coupon Site with WordPress

updated on Sep 20, 2016
How to Create a Coupon Site with WordPress Almost everyone likes coupons. In the modern world where online shopping is popular, many people have already been used to looking for coupons before buying, and that's where the potential of coupon sites lies.

When built and optimized properly, coupon sites not only help the visitors save money when buying the products they want, but also enable you (the site owner) to make money, too. If you have participated in affiliate marketing, you will probably receive commissions each time a person uses your coupons when making a purchase.

It is undeniable that coupon sites are profitable. However, creating a coupon site and making it a success require a lot of works. In below, we will show how to complete the first step of your coupon sharing business – to create a coupon site with WordPress.

Note that two situations are discussed, including creating a completely new coupon site, and adding a coupon section to an existing blog or eCommerce site. You can read the detailed instructions now depending on your own condition.

Create a Dedicated Coupon Site with WordPress

If you want to create a website that only focuses on coupons, just like RetailMeNot or MightyDeals, you are suggested to install a coupon theme after setting up WordPress. Such a theme not only provides you with a professional appearance, but also comes with many useful features for adding and managing coupons, viewing the statistics, and managing the commission.

Create a Coupon Site

There are a lot of free coupon themes in the WordPress theme directory, as well as many paid ones on the popular theme marketplaces like Elegant Themes and ThemeForest. However, to make sure you can get a great experience, we'd suggest you install a premium theme which has the following features and pages built-in.
  • Coupon category support.
  • An easy-to-use coupon submission system which allows businesses to submit coupons on your website. The system should include commission options.
  • A search form with filters.
  • A time counter that reminds visitors of the expiry time and encourages them to make a purchase.
  • A contact form that allows businesses to reach you for exclusive deals.
  • Support for the popular payment gateways like PayPal, and Google Checkout.
  • A blog or FAQ section where you can offer content.
  • Email notifications when purchases are made with the use of your coupons.
Considering these features, the ease of use, customization options and popularity, we'd recommend the following WordPress coupon themes if you are planning on creating a dedicated coupon site. You can try their demos and read more reviews before making the final purchase.

Since all these themes come with dedicated support, you can contact support easily if you have any trouble using the features or customization options.


Couponer is a fully responsive premium theme for coupon and discount sites. It has clean code, a complete membership system for member-only coupons, daily offers, and an advanced search system. Besides, the theme is fully integrated with MailChimp, and it includes a clean coupon submission form. 9 pre-made widgets are also available.

Create a Coupon Site with Couponer


Clipper is one of the best-selling coupon themes due to its simple yet powerful interface. Besides the common features like coupon submission form, category pages and statistics system, this theme also includes advertising support, a dedicated blog section, link cloaking and tracking, and multiple color schemes. It is priced at $69 for a lifetime license.

Create a Coupon Site with Clipper


Deals is responsive, advertising ready, and easy-to-customize. It enables you to handle coupon codes, printable coupons and vouchers easily. Besides, the theme comes with custom navigation menus, widgets and logo graphic. There is also a user rating system which can be used to increase and decrease certain coupons' visibility based on the user feedback.

Create a Coupon Site with Deals

Create a Coupon or Deals Section on Your Existing WordPress Site

If you have already been running a review site or a niche blog, you may not want to start a separate site in order to offer coupons. And in this case, adding a coupon section to your site is a better idea. If you are interested in this solution, you will need a coupon plugin which fits in your existing design while providing the coupon management features you need. Coupon themes are not suggested here.

Since multiple coupon plugins are available, the one we recommend most is Coupon Creator, a popular plugin with good user ratings. After installing the plugin, you can follow the steps below to use it.

Configure the plugin's settings

Coupon Creator comes with some customization options which help you display coupons in the way you want. To access these options, you need to visit Coupons > Options in WordPress dashboard.

Under the "Defaults" tab, you can enable or disable the coupon expiration option, and select the expiration date format. Besides, you are able to choose the default color of the inside border, deal background and deal text.

Configure the Default Settings

Also, you can add custom CSS to coupons by clicking on the "Display" tab.

Add Custom CSS

For the other settings, you can leave them alone since the default value is suitable for most sites. But if you need tutorials for using the plugin, you can try reading the help articles under the "Help" tab. Note that most of the help articles are exclusive to the users of the pro version.

Read Help Articles

Add coupon categories

If you have planned categories for different types of products or holidays, you can achieve this because Coupon Creator is built with a category feature. To create new categories, click Coupons > Coupon Category. On the new page, enter the name, slug, and description of a new category and then hit the "Add category" button.

Create a Coupon Category

For the categories you have added, you can edit them, delete them, or make them the sub-categories of some other categories if there is a need.

Edit Coupon Categories

Add a new coupon

When all categories are created, you can start adding your first coupon by clicking Coupons > Add New. On the creation screen, you need to enter the coupon name, the deal, terms, and permalink. Also, you can select a category for the new coupon.

Add a Coupon

If the coupon is a limited-time offer, you will have to open the "Expiration" tab and add the expiration date.

Add Coupon Expiration Date

In the case that you have created a coupon image, you can use it as the coupon instead of presenting text content. This could be done by simply uploading the image. However, you should always remember to resize the image to meet the requirements in size.

Add an Image Coupon

After dealing with all these options, publish the coupon. Now you can see it in the coupon list. Also, you will notice a shortcode exclusive to the coupon.

Coupon List

Display coupons on your WordPress site

If you want to add a coupon section to your site, you first need to create a new page and name it as something like "Coupons" or "Deals". In the post editor, you will notice an "Add Coupon" button. Clicking on the button will show the shortcode generator in which you need to select "Coupon Loop", a coupon category and the alignment. At last, click on "Insert Coupon". A shortcode will be generated automatically.

Coupon Shortcode Generator

In addition to the button, you can also insert coupons by adding their own shortcode in the post editor. After the page is published, your coupons will be displayed in the colors you selected.

Add a Coupon Section to Your Site

At last, we'd suggest you add the page to the navigation menu so that it can be noticed by all your visitors easily.


Getting a coupon site set up is only the first step of a coupon sharing business. To achieve a real success, you still have a lot of things to do. As the competition is fierce because some well-known coupon sites are already there, the following two suggestions should help grow your business.
  • Narrow down the niche – With highly focused target audience, it could be easier for you to attract users. Besides, for the selection of the niche, you have to consider the competitiveness as well as the future of the industry carefully.
  • Build a presence on social networks – Making a good profile on the popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sharing useful coupons to the target audience on these platforms help a lot in driving traffic to your coupon site.