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CoolHandle VS InMotion Hosting - Who Offers Better Web Hosting

updated on Apr 18, 2017
CoolHandle VS InMotion Hosting - Who Offers Better Web Hosting There are some instances when you have your own mind, but you still look for more information to confirm your choice. In such an event, you are wise to have a reference to this comparison between CoolHandle and InMotion.

In fact, you are likely to ignore some core factors which will directly affect your choice. Therefore, it is not a waste of time for you to review more about the two hosting provider, such as the price, performance, support, and control panel.

RatingCoolHandleInMotion Hosting
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Company Information

There is a big gap in the business size and customer base between CoolHandle and InMotion. Starting the hosting business in the year of 2001, the latter one has achieved much higher customer satisfaction rate and served much more webmasters. CoolHandle is a small-sized company while InMotion is one of the leading hosting providers.

In terms of the business scope, we can obviously learn that CoolHandle targets at individuals and small businesses since it does not provide VPS and dedicated hosting service. Compared with CoolHandle, InMotion can keep the clients who have growing needs for more resources with much more hosting choices. If you run a medium/large business site, there is no doubt that you should go with InMotion. However, things are more complex if you run a personal blog or small-business site.

CoolHandle VS InMotion – Common Points

During our in-depth exploration, we find that CoolHandle and InMotion have something in common: affordable shared hosting plans and rich hosting features.

Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

CoolHandle charges the three shared hosting plans from $3.95/mo to $8.95/mo and InMotion sets the prices for the three Linux shared hosting plans from $3.49/mo. We have no idea about the CoolHandle renewal prices while we definitely learn that the InMotion renewal prices start at $7.99/mo. Therefore, we cannot make sure whether you can enjoy the CoolHandle low prices after the first term.

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Rich Hosting Features

All the shared hosting plans are cost-effective because the low prices are covered with rich resources, such as unlimited disk storage, data transfer, and many more. After our investigation, we find that the two web hosts are generous in the amount of resources a single client can use. And if you pay a close attention to the environment, you will be pleased to learn that InMotion is a green hosting provider. What's more, you can get $250 marketing credits from InMotion.

FeatureCoolHandleInMotion Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Addresses5Unlimited
MySQL Database(s)51
PostgreSQL Database(s)1
Free Website Builder
Marketing Credits$250
Green Hosting
Current Price$3.95/mo$3.49/mo
Renewal PriceUnknown$7.99/mo
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InMotion Edges over CoolHandle

The following text will show InMotion is still a better choice if you want to purchase a shared hosting plan due to the more reliable refund policy, better hosting environment, and more responsive customer service.

More Reliable Refund Policy

In normal conditions, most hosting providers allow their clients to have a 30-day free trial, but CoolHandle and InMotion are two exceptions. The former one sticks to that all sales are final, not offering any cash refund for any hosting services. However, the latter one is in support for 90-day full money back which is much more considerate than a 30-day one.

Better Hosting Environment

Both CoolHandle and InMotion take advantage of some facilities, such as more than one data center, redundant power supply, and many more. However, InMotion stands out in the competition because it adopts some advanced technologies, such as DELL servers, SSDs, BGP route optimizer, 20 gigabits of connectivity, Cisco systems, RAID 10, and so on.

As a result, InMotion performs about 230ms server response time and gets 100% uptime in the past 30 days, which is hard for other competitors including CoolHandle to keep pace with. Though sometimes the result is not proportional to the efforts, your users will benefit more or less from your efforts. In other words, CoolHandle needs to take more measures to improve the mediocre performance.

Below are our records for InMotion.

Better Customer Service

Generally speaking, InMotion wins CoolHandle via chat support and a solid team. It is a fact that both of them support ticket system and phone call, but InMotion also allows you to ask for help through live chat. That's the main reason why InMotion can make a quicker response to issues. In addition, you are able to get a more professional solution from the InMotion well-trained technicians.

Who Offers Better Web Hosting - InMotion

At this moment, you must have a clear idea about which one offers better web hosting. InMotion can not only meet your current needs with the quality hosting service but also meet your growing needs with VPS and dedicated hosting service. Now you should have made up your mind.